Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya

But where will I go sister? You just go to Lahore with aunt, I have talk to her, once you will go there just get prepared for your job and the place you live. But if Rashid will come there then? Rashid do not know about uncle, and they do not have any information about aunt, that is why I said just live there for few days, this is the address of aunt, these is some money, her condition is not so she cannot support you, will you survive in that? yes I will, right now , mother and Rashid is not at home, you can go out , it is a good chance, I am going to take the children from school, just go before I come, just take care of yourself, You with God. I am lucky, I wish I would have asked from God something else. Why did you come here? I am your fiancé, that is why I came here. There is no one in the house, just get out. Will you talk to me while standing on the door? there is no one in the house, just get out, when everyone will come , you can come after that, just now , go out of here, right now, No, enjoy that you have when you are alone, it is not when everyone is you, Are you mad? Just get out now from here.

Just shut your mouth, otherwise, I will make a fuss

No, look, do not do this, if you will be this much angry, I will stand in front of you like this, you know, that your beauty is more breutiful while you are angry, if I will be poet, I would have written the book on you, the person who left you on the wedding night, he is so unlucky, if I would ay his place, I will read the 3 words of wedlock, and I will taek you with me at that time, you will be for me. Just shut your mouth, otherwise, I will make a fuss. Look, just shut your mouth, the whole area knows that you are by would be wife and I I have informed Rashid and is meeting you, we will do one thing I will do the wedlock with you this week, and I will depart you with me, and if you will do this misbehave with me now, it will not be good. just leave my hand No I will not Just leave my hand otherwise, I will call the police, leave my hand, just get back, do not come near me, some one is here, please help me, why are locking the door? Look stay away from me, please go from here, I am telling you do not come near me, I will kill you. you already killed me before, Nageen, mother, saki Greetings, I need to tickets of Lahore train, 3 o clock. the train of 3 is late, it will go at 5. At 5? yes Okay, just give me one ticket, I need your ID card. I do not get it the train is late, what happened? It hurts a lot, I think that my knee is out. I am sorry, I am in hurry, I do not get to know, I am sorry, but I have not banged in you with so much force. yes, I am doing drama. Okay, I am sorry.

just pray that nothing happened to anwar

That is what I am saying, that I am doing drama, if you bang in with me, I will not be hurt, and if I will be, it will only hurt my shoulder, not my leg, common sense, I was just joking, listen. Why have you killed anwar like this? He was unconscious in your room. he came in my room by force, he hold my hand and misbehaves with me, what should have I done? I do not have any other way to get him away. Rashid have taken him to hospital, mother have gathered the whole area, I will take care of everything, you just pray that nothing happened to anwar, otherwise, it will be a police case. But sister, you said that run away. Do not try to come in this house again, father is angry and Rashid will kill you, just get married or do job, just reside there only, do not come back. Where are you? Where have you run away, you shameful women. do not say anything to sister, I ran away by my choice. Because of you anwar is in between life and death, if something happened to him, I will be struck badly, you have not made me anywhere. Listen, your ticket has been dropped there, it is yours, take it, you are welcome. Tahira, I do not know, you do not know. she will not open her mouth like this, you have to beat her, we have to answer her father as well, we have left that area and come here but her sister make us ashamed here as well, only insult is written in our fate, when anwar will come in his conscious, he will make insult us as well, Oh God where we will go, her sister did not make us face anyone. Tea. No.

I am also going Lahore, this is a co incidence

Okay, uncle have tea. You are following me, where ever I go you come there. Me? Yes, because I am a spy, when I see a mystery person, I come after her, when I see you crying there I thought that. you do not have to think about me, to make joke with strangers and talk to them, this is your job? No, we are not stranger any more, we are meeting for the third time, what is your name tell me? You are going Lahore, I am also going Lahore, this is a co incidence, should I give you information, this train is 1 more hour late, 1 more hour late? yes, some technical problem arise, I d on t travel in train, but for a friend I have to go to Hyderabad, shared my friend, he is innocent by name, my house has a bell, but when I come here, I came to know that train is late, I have a bad luck. Why are you telling me this all? Being a friend. I am not your friend, you have helped me some, you think I am your friend. Look, I think you need a friend. you do not need to think about me as well. Okay listen, last question, promise, last question, you come here by running? Tell me, you come here by running? What are you saying? I am a spy, I am a biggest spy of pakistan, I know everything, why do you take my thing seriously, I do not have to joke with this serious girl, I also enjoy that, but I was passing by there so you were talking on phone, so. you listen what I said by hidden? Me? Your talk? By hidden, no, you are taking me wrong, so your talk came in my ear. you come to every place by mistake? Look, do not take me wrong, you came here by leaving your house, you should be worried about that, have you thought, your family must be worried.

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