Man Ke Awaaz Pratigya

Fine, you go. Fine papa, bye. Ms. Afreen Siddiqui. Yes? Look, I didn’t expect you would come. I didn’t want to come, but my papa asked me to meet you. I have bad memories from the office. I am really embarrassed for what Mr. Shahvaiz did with you, I cannot do anything but be embarrassed. Whatever it is, I want to forget. You don’t need to forget it, I would say remember these painful things. What? Yes, I want you that whatever Mr. Shahvaiz did with you, instead of forgetting that, make it your strength and bring it in front of the world, expose him. Ruining someone’s respect is not an ordinary crime.

This person should be hanged. Look Mr. Rehan, he may be step but also your father and your mother’s husband. I know that, I know that, but the sinner should be punished. I think you want to ruin your mother’s home. You want to take revenge, but I cannot do that. cannot ruin my sister’s home. Whatever Mr. Shahvaiz did with my mother, I cannot forgive him, he will get punished, and your sister will be affected too. I just wanted that your pain can also be paid for, or else what I will do, I will do. I just want that you file a case of harassment against Mr. Shahvaiz. Look Mr. Rayan, I don’t want any case.

Fine, up to you. I have a request from you. Go ahead. Your father is my sister’s husband, my sister is not involved in any of this, so she shouldn’t be punished. Look, she will be affected. I am sorry Ms. Afreen, I cannot promise this to you. Ok listen, Ms. Afreen, I have kept Kashif on the job again, if you want you can come join on your old position, I will be happy. Thank you but I don’t want to work here. As you wish. Ms. Afreen, if you need my offer, do come over, you will not get Mr. Shahvaiz but colleagues that respect you.

Thank you but I cannot change my decision. Thank you. I don’t know I called him a lot but he didn’t reply, I think he is not home. What happened? The son doesn’t care about the injured father, Afreen said he has changed, what has he changed? Here you used to pray for the children that they live long and have a good life, one is abroad , the other doesn’t care for us being here. Its better Rashda, that you would have given me two daughters like Afreen. How was I to know that our sons would be like this and not only men wish for sons, even men want that.

They want that they have sons so that they can be their support, take forward their generation. If that was not true then men would never be sad if they had daughters. You are right. I think Afreen is here, I will go to the clinic with her. Yes, go with her. Hello sir. Hello, how are you Rasheed? I am fine. I got fresh fruit for you. Don’t do that Mr. Rasheed, you embarrass me. You get fruit and you don’t take money. You keep the fruit that is good for me, I am a normal man, not even respectable.

No, a man is judged by character not by his business. I did wrong. Really wrong. You forgive me. Forget my sarcastic remarks. What are you saying? If you said something to me, I didn’t stay quiet either. Leave all this, will you get the bandage. Yes, I was going. Come, I will take you, I have a motorcycle. No, why do you bother. I won’t be bothered, I will take you. No, son. You called me your son, now I will take you.

I will keep this here, t hen we will go. Come on. Shehla, Can we go home now? Don’t you see the condition of my mother and sister and you want to go home? Shehla, you look at your condition, and you staying here is not right. Azhar, go if you want to, I will not leave my sister in this condition and go. Who can do this? No matter who, may they be destroyed, he killed my sister, I don’t know how she will live her remaining life. Shehla, my love, be strong, look what you say will disappoint your sister. Shehla, you have to support your mother and sister.

Okay? My child. I am sure one of Seema’s boyfriend did this, she is always on the phone. At times, we make a mistake recognizing each other, we make mistakes. Yes. You must be tired, the doctor is taking time, there is rush. Should I get you juice? No, I am not that respectable. What are you saying sir? You are respectable, your family is respectable. Those who care for others are respectable. I am not respectable. Sir, my father has passed away, my wife left me. If you have no elders and someone you love leaves you, its something painful. If your wife leaves you, you feel that you are disrespected in front of the world. I am all alone. Okay, if you are sad, you can come to me.

I am a retired man, if you come I will also get to spend time. I cannot help someone spend time, I am an ordinary man, with a little education… Education is not taught by books, life does. If you say, I will come to you. Don’t bring this fruit like this, I don’t like it. If you bring it, you will have to take money. This is a tough condition. No, this is a condition you need to agree. Fine. Your turn. Come on. Coming. Papa. Yes? Did you go to the doctor? Yes, I did. I told you Azhar would take you. No child, I didn’t go with Azhar, I went with Rasheed. Rasheed? But papa Azhar said he would take you. He is shameless, God knows where he went with his wife, his phone was also off.

Thank God Rasheed came and took her to the doctor, he got fruits for him too. He is a good man. You are right, brother Rasheed is good. I apologized to him for my behavior, what could I do? I was really wrong, I couldn’t see the difference between right and wrong. Papa, if you would have forgiven sister’s mistake, things would have been different, you would have been fooled by sir Shahvaiz. What did Shahvaiz’s son say? Papa, he wanted me to work for him again. You did right, that place is not worth you. But papa, I have to do a job. No need to work, we have to get you married as soon as possible. That is it. Mama, stop it, I told you I don’t want to get married. You don’t want to get married? You hear that, she doesn’t want to get married. She is mad.

Afreen. How is papa? He is fine. Sorry, I couldn’t take him to the doctor, actually…Don’t give me explanations, go tell this to papa. Afreen, how do I say this to papa? How will I face him? Actually, I was in an issue. Azhar, you could have told papa and gone, you could have shared your helplessness, they called you so many times. You didn’t pick up. He is really hurt. I don’t know what dreams I showed with your name, he had high hopes and you… I am sorry Afreen, forgive me. Trust me, I didn’t do all this on purpose, Shehla’s sister Seema had a bad accident. What happened? Someone threw acid on her face. Half her face is burned.