make sweet dish at home

I will not say yes to marriage right now. He is a good man. So? If he is a good man, I say yes immediately. Mehru, you have a right on happiness too. And my happiness relies on this marriage. Mama, don’t you get tired of this drama again and again. If this was the only drama in our life, I might have said I got tired Mehru, but a lot of other things are attached to this one thing. My health doesn’t stay the same now. I saw the fear on your face when I fell ill. Its easy to say that I will live alone, I have no worries. But there is a fear of living alone.

If something happened to me, then? Mama, I don’t get this logic. How can a husband replace a mother? Yes, I got scared, not because I will be alone, but because you were unwell. Mama, I am not saying no to marriage, but I don’t understand why people don’t let me breath, why don’t they wait for me to prepare myself, then they can start their mission of getting Mehru married. When am I saying that you get married quickly? You should get the time you want and you take that time. To save your heart from being hurt, you don’t lock it up in the safe, a heart becomes strong by living. I don’t know mama. But if you make the reason for no, that I am an ordinary man, I have a typical thinking, and I too will treat you the same, then I will be hurt. Seriously. Mehru made me swear to marry you. If she had not forced me, I swear to God, I would never have married you.

sweets for the whole city

Are you not ashamed that you talk to your lover so late at night, being the bride of a decent home. Do you have no shame ruining the home of a decent man? I in front of everyone, make everyone my witness and divorce you. Divorce you. Divorce you. Papa. Papa. Papa. Prayer of witness. Papa. Papa. Divorcees don’t put heena on a bride’s hand. Is this how sisters are? Is this how sisters are? What did you say to me? What did you say? I will get you what you want Ayat. You left those women behind. Even they have some rules of business. Hello. Is everything ok? You called me today. It’s a big day for me. Yes sir, I called to ask you that what you said to me the other day, are you fixed on that plan, or are you thinking about plan B? I am still fixed on my plan, there is no plan B.

There is a cheesy line on this and I will get carried away and say it. You order me and I will give my life for you. I don’t want your life, I want you to be with me for the rest of my life. Are you serious? If this is true, then fine, I will come to your home tomorrow with the engagement ring, sweets for you, in fact, sweets for the whole city and… No, no, that is not needed, I cannot trust you, you might even bring sweets for the city, just bring enough for our family. Mehru, thank you so much. You have no idea what this means to me. Thank you. You are welcome sir. Bye. Mama has gone to the neighbors, you sit, she will come soon. I came to meet you today, not mama. Its been so long that you have been fighting this useless battle. The two of us had so much love, we couldn’t rest without sharing everything that was in our heart. Then time passed and I fell in love with Shah Jahan.

Everything changed. I started to feel that you are jealous of my happiness. Always. I have always seen you between me and Shah Jahan. It felt like that maybe you are taking revenge from me for something, but I was wrong. I realized this today. You can realize at any time, right sister. You know, I got so scared before coming here. I thought hundred times should I go or not. I don’t know how you would react. I have done really wrong with you. But I think I have done worse with myself. You are my younger sister, I have always loved you. No matter how much I fight with you, do whatever, I have always cared more for your happiness, than mine.

What is happening to me

I know it all sister, I know it all. I can never think of doing anything wrong with you, how did you misunderstand me? You realized your mistake, that is enough for me. Forget whatever happened in the past, forgive me. For God’s sake, please forgive me. Come on, forget everything. Let it be. What did you get? Sweet dish? You made it? Oh wow, how did this happen? Let me taste it. Its really delicious Ayat, mama is right no one can make it better… Ayat, get me some water. Ayat, get me water. It feels like something is stuck in my throat. Ayat, Ayat. What is happening to me, Ayat? It really hurts, right? It really hurts? Mama. Mama. It used to hurt me like this, when you came between me and Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan didn’t look at me, or talk to me, I used to die for him to take my name, it used to hurt me the same way. It hurt the same way. Mama… When I used to hear Shah Jahan take my name, I used to suffer like this. Now its your turn, you will suffer, no one will come to save you.