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You will suffer like me and no one will come to save you. No one will come to save you. Ayat. Child, is someone home? Mama, hello. Hello child. Hello. You came to our home after so long. Child, I have a lot of work, then I don’t have the strength. Are you okay? I am fine. Hey. Hello. How are you? I am fine sister in law, how are you? I am fine, you tell me. Sister in law this is some sweet. Sweet? Sister in law, we have fixed Mehru’s wedding, we have a small function I came to invite you. Function? We will do the engagement and then fix the date there too. This is a good news. Who are the people? Where did you fix the wedding? He is Mehru’s boss, I met him at the hospital, he came to meet me. He is a good man, well mannered, sober, I like him.

Thank God, may God give the girl a good fate. When you get free from this responsibility, you rest. Sister in law, I was requesting if Ayat can come a little early. Yes, mama I will come. Okay, I will go now. What did you think? You will close the doors of your home and take me out of your life? You will leave me in the way and I will see everything being a part of a crowd and look at your face? Did you never realize how much I love you, how much I have loved you. You have any idea what you are saying? Are you in your senses? I have always been in my senses. I have always been in my senses. You are losing your senses.

Fine then, lets talk clearly today

Or else you would never have thought of going to someone else’s home like this. Did you not think of me? My love? Did you not realize that if you marry someone else, what will I go through. Don’t forget you are married. I don’t believe this forced relation. Whatever I did, I did it for you, I wanted to see you happy Mehru. With this hope, with this belief that if you call me at any point in my life, then I will break all chains and come to you. I love you a lot, how do I make you believe? I have never made any such promise to you Shah Jahan. I can never think of ruining my sister’s home, her life. Okay, so where am I in your life Mehru? Do I have a position or place in your life? You are Ayat’s husband and my criminal.

Mehru, I agree I am your criminal, I committed that crime by mistake, I didn’t do it on purpose. Is my crime so big that you bury my love under it? Don’t call your guilt, love and disrespect it, Shah Jahan. I will no longer be convinved by anything you say. Go from here. You think my love is coaxing you. Fine then, lets talk clearly today. When it is not about love then… Then? Then I will see how you marry that person. No matter what happens, I will not let you get married to anyone, Mehru. Then you hear me out too, if you try to do anything like this, I will give my life and you will be responsible for it. Remember that.

You know aunt, I cannot believe it. Thank God that he changed her heart. Now you will see how Shah Jahan comes to you. That is the day I am waiting for, when he will return to me. I will pray for thankfulness that day. I just fear one thing, what if Shah Jahan creates an issue. No, he will not do anything like that, because Mehru won’t let him do anything like that. How can you be so sure? Forget all this, you prepare to go to the engagement. And listen, wear your best dress so that Mehru’s in-laws know that you are not any ordinary family’s daughter in law. Yes. Shani, is that an excuse? Don’t be stupid.

He said he will come in the morning

Hey brother, brother, move it far, move it further, no problem, yes its fine, put the other one like this too. What is this stupidity? At least send Minakshi. Hey brother, her phone is off since morning… okay Shani, don’t argue with me, just reach. You are driving me mad. Hey, I am tired, my legs hurt. He said he will come in the morning and he has still not come. Okay, okay, he will come, what is your tension? Be happy, don’t be agitated like this. I like you when you laugh and smile. Show me, how does the sari look on you. Wow. How does this look? Mehru. Hey, come, come. You too come inside.

Hello. You guest, you could have come a couple of hours later. Aunty, she just told me two hours back, I would have come earlier, I rushed. Anyway, I have come, I am here. Thank you. Now see your friend. Pick the veil. Here you go. Come on. You know you are really smart, you told me you are resigning, and you bought the whole company, that too with boss.