Laiye Je Yaarian 2020 | Harish Verma as Sukhdeep Singh

Laiye Je Yaarian 2020 | Harish Verma as Sukhdeep Singh 

Laiye Je Yaarian 2020 | Harish Verma as Sukhdeep Singh
What is the matter mama? Why do you cry? She is the habit of crying. I saw you after so long. Now, she is here, she won’t go. Let me keep this bag. No problem papa, I am used to picking up my own weight. Not just yours, everyone else’s too. This food is so great. Have it. She has been cooking for you since yesterday, she made these kebabs, fish, you are coming from America, what all do you eat? I eat the same, bread, egg plant, I had a lot of meat. Who is here at this hour? I will go and check, where are my slippers. When is your film coming out? Next month, the promotion starts next week, the teaser will be out soon. Hello. Hello. We came from sister Momina’s interview from the TV, newspaper. The same. Interview? Let me ask her. 

Yes, ask her, I will get the stuff. No wait, let me ask. Yes, go ahead. I love doing it. Yes. You didn’t ask what. But to take interviews. Some people have come outside to take an interview, they say they came from a newspaper. Yes mama, call them inside. Okay. Why are they here? Get used to them now. Come on. Come here. Hello Hello. Are you Momina Sultan? Yes. The Hollywood film one? Yes, any doubts? You seem the same, but I didn’t expect this. What this? I thought you would live in a posh area, after you worked in Hollywood. This is a great area, you have no lived here. You want food? We will if you ask us. We are on duty since morning, we will wash our hands. Come with me. Mama, this is for you. See. Child, why did you spend so much. You could have saved. Mama. Papa, got this for you. You should have got this for me, I don’t need these things. I got a vanity box for you too. Here it is. Faisal got married. Okay. You knew about it? I didn’t know of the wedding. Such a big game, he got married somewhere else, engaging you. If he couldn’t convince his parents, he should have told us, I curse him day and night. Mama, don’t curse him. Why shouldn’t I curse him? I left him. Why? I would have taken his favor for all my life, I couldn’t do it. He asked for a big price for a relation. What are you writing? I am trying grandpa. 

What? A story for my film. The relation between God and man, but I have not even been able to find a name. What is the relation of God and man. you are asking questions like my writers. What did you tell them? I didn’t have an answer. Grandpa, what is the relation between God and man, you must know it. Its in God’s name. God and man’s relation. Alif. Alif? This is a straight line like relation on one end is God, the other is man. My Alif is distorted. Straighten it out, its in the lines of your hands, there is a straight line there too. You have become so smart and pretty. Really? Only a few weeks passed, it feels like a year. I missed you. This is for you and Dawood. What is this? Some chocolates and cosmetics. Your favorite. I won’t thank you I will not hear it either. Dawood has gone mad. A journalist or channel calls for your interview daily. I gave another interview yesterday. Did you arrange it? Yes, he was after me. I had asked you to look for a home. 

Yes, I found it, but you are here, we will shift in time. No, I need to shift this week. I am going to America next week. What do you mean? I got a role in an indian film. What? Seriously? Bollywood. I don’t believe it. The money is good. TO hell with the money. You are going to Bollywood. One more dinner is due. Fine, where ever you want. I am so proud of you, I swear, I see myself in you, uncle aunty must be so happy, you have fulfilled their dreams. They didn’t dream for me, they dreamed for Jahangir, he is not there, nor the dreams. They only dream for my wedding. They will be fine slowly, they will get patience. They will have patience, but no one will forget him. How is Faisal? When are you getting married? Me and Dawood will do all functions. I wanted to talk about this. Right now, just food. Some day plan something with Faisal.

 Me, you, Dawood and Faisal. He got married. What do you mean? What a joke. Faisal got married and you are sitting here. I ended the engagement before going to America, he got married a few weeks back. He wanted me to leave everything. My work, papa’s work, mama’s work. He wanted to desanitize us and get married. What can I say? Say nothing. Don’t sadden me. He left is here and I didn’t have the courage to complete it. Whenever I tried, Taha came in front of me. In childhood, I have seen this painting many times. But I never sent you this painting. In my dream. A lot of times. Every time I have seen it complete, not incomplete. I used to see papa , that he is dancing, while dancing he would burn. He would become a fire. I would feel that he became a star, because there was strong light coming out of him. You didn’t give me this painting. 

This is for you, over here. After me, when you come, you will complete it. My name is Kalb e Momin, I not a momin by heart. So don’t have such expectations from me. God change your heart, make you into a believer. just like Husn e Jahan. What did she get? All loss. She became a star, then a candle and went out, she saw her downfall, got married again and committed suicide. What did she get becoming a believer. A position. What did this position get her? She didn’t even get me. You got her married again. Who did you get her married to? What would you do knowing now that he is not there. Its my right to know grandpa. How rich was that man she preferred over me, who she left cause of me. She gave no one preference over you, I got her married, she didn’t even know that man. This day, we got married. How many years have passed? 14. In this weather, there are no flowers in Karachi, but I knew if I don’t get it you would get upset and come in my dreams. Husna, God keep you happy. Hello. Hey Momina, you. When did you come? A while back. Hello. Hello. I actually went to Husna. You go there daily. Yes, but today is our wedding anniversary. Wedding anniversary, death anniversary, her birthday, you celebrate it all. You are a good man. 

I am not good, she was good, Husna or Abdul Ala, I am a sinner, still a sinner. Tell me how was your trip to America? It was good, the film shooting ended. I did a theater at broadway. There is another film offer, I have endorsed a brand, I get work before one end, I get more work. God bless Momina but the heart is the same. Sad? No, thankless. Cheap. No having yourself in this world is a blessing, this is Momina’s heart it will stay that way. Momina doesn’t have a heart, I ended the last journey. Why? Will you not come again? I want to come, but I am caught in travel, I have to go to America, then India, I don’t know when I will come, will I come or not. God will bring you, when he wants to. Okay, you mentioned Faisal to me, you got engaged, right? I ended it. Why? Why child? I don’t know master, being a man’s respect, I might not have eating his earning in my fate. I am my parent’s son, I cannot be their daughter. I am sad to hear that. I was sad too, you said I would get a result. Faisal was the result. I lost him myself. No son, he was not the result or you would have got it.

 A result is not something you lose, what you lose is not result. It’s the test before the result. You say this, it feels like someone is calming my pain. Why can’t the world be like you? Look, what is this. Abdul Ala’s written Quran. You keep it, its yours. Why are you giving it to me? Child, when I was losing my way in fame, it got me here, you are going on the same way, it will show you the way. I won’t get the success you had, but I cannot say no to keeping it, you gave me a precious gift. I didn’t give it, Abdul Ala gave it for you. Mr. Abdul Ala? He said I should give it to you when he came. When did he come? Why didn’t you tell me. The day you came to tell me you are going to Lahore, he was here. You have mistreated me, will you let me meet him. He went back to Turkey, when he comes again, I will surely make you meet him. You have no idea, I am a big fan of his work. Yeah. He is the best calligrapher of this time. After him, there is no one like him. Pray that doesn’t happen. I hope this goes on like this. Amen. You are the limit Momina, is this how you give an interview? Is this how you get a family feature? After working in hollywood.

 How do you do it? You should have called them to a restaurant. A presentable place. They are good people. You think you feed them and they will be loyal, they won’t put out the news that you live in slums. A rented home. They go ahead, I don’t care. Don’t be Nandida Das, I have worked hard to set your career. He got the photos to Dawood, he said no to the interview and the photos or you would have ruined your market after coming to Pakistan. Really? This place is presentable, I will get your photoshoot done here. Don’t mind, but first groom uncle and aunty. Then present them on media or don’t bring them in front right now. and lie to everyone that my family is in Dubai or America. What is wrong in that? The whole industry does that it benefits. I don’t want to lie. We lie, that is why we entertain. Then if you hide your dress, what is wrong in that. The people we entertain like our lies, they want to see groomed, polished, English speaking stars. There jealousy is better than that. You are smart. I am smart and you have a good fate, I will suggest and you rule.

 Stop it, if you want my fate, I will give it to you with a smile. You never came to drop me at the train station. I used to as a child, don’t you remember. I remember, but since I grew old you have not come. Yes, I made a mistake. I should always be with you. Okay grandpa, I guess its time for the train so, bye. Bye. Goodbye my son. If I made a mistake, forgive me. You have never made a mistake grandpa, I have not done anything but mistakes. Bye. We had so many memories here, that will be lost with this home. The new home will have new memories. The new memories won’t have Jahangir. The new home is really nice mama. I am sure, but I am used to this old home. If it was in my hands, I wouldn’t have left this home, but this home is rented. We will be the same everywhere no matter what home, cause you have to leave it one day.

 I will go check on papa. Papa, is the packing done? Should I help? NO, I am doing it, its done. If something would have happened to Jahangir’s awards, he would get upset. There will be place for these things of Jahangir, there, right? Yes, we will have a lot of place. It feels like I am cutting my roots from here. No problem, it is important for Momina’s career. She is a film actress, she should live in a good area like Husn e Jahan.

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