Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil, DekhodramatvMadam Rida, if there is no work, can I go to the shrine? Today is a Thursday, I will go and pray for you a lot. You know, what you go there and ask God for you get it immediately. I have tried it myself. Listen, can I come along too? Yes, sure. Fine, you go, I will come. God is great. Hello, yes, can I talk to Rida? Yes. Zareena, shall we go? Sure, let me put you through. Sister, call for you. Hello. Hello Rida, how are you? Please listen to me once. I know brother has done wrong with you, but loving someone, is not a sin, you please forgive him, he is really upset. Look a person tries at least once to get their love, brother Tauqeer did the same. He is embarrassed, he wants to fix his mistake, if things are not working out with Zeeshan, leave him, we will bring a proposal for brother Tauqeer for you. Shut up! How dare you talk to me like this? You consider me your friend? Is this your suggestion? Don’t you dare call me again, this will be best for you. Rida, listen to me…Rida. Hello? Zareena.

why is Shamila always mistreated, when she was here,

Zareena. Yes sister? Lets go. Asim, you talk to Hatim, what he is going to do is not right. What do I talk to him about? What happened? Mama, listen. Mama, listen to me. There is nothing left to talk about. Will someone tell me what is going on? Mama, you please sit. Please tell me what is it. Brother Hatim, please sit. Hatim wants to marry Shamila. Sister in law Shamila? Brother Hatim, marriage? Yes, I said I want to marry her. How is this possible and why? Hatim, don’t you know the pain she is going through. She is being mistreated there. Hatim, think calmly, why is Shamila always mistreated, when she was here, she was mistreated here, now she is at her mother’s home, she is being mistreated. What is she up to? Think about that. Mama, you don’t know what is happening to her there, how she is being treated. She got tired of the home and decided to go to the asylum, the police stopped her on the way and took her to the station. Brother Haider was there, he called me and asked me to come. She didn’t want to go home, she wanted to go to the asylum, I dropped her home with great difficulty. She is brother Faham’s respect, so she is our respect too. It doesn’t look nice that she has to go on the streets and police station.

I will marry her. Fine Hatim. If you have decided.

I cannot tolerate this. I have had a lot of arguments with her, and I agree she is being treated wrong, but marriage? But I have decided. I will marry her. Fine Hatim. If you have decided then I have one condition. Condition? What condition? I will tell you when the time comes. For God’s sake, say that you lied about the child. Whatever has happened, whatever it was, you are responsible for it. She took away my husband, no one is asking her, she has ruined my home. I wish you had died in place of brother Faham. Zeeshan, get up. Get up son. Get up, you will be late for work. I have kept your tea. God forbid. What are you saying? God forbid that you ever have any sort of sorrow. I know its not my place, but you don’t listen to brother Hatim. What happened? Is all ok? Just think another hell is going to break on this home. Hatim wants to marry Shamila. What? Stop it sister Khadija, or it will be bad. What do you think, can I stop her? Will you agree? Don’t ask a question from a helpless mother like me. Don’t be so helpless, or this home… What will happen? What will happen to this home? Tell him clearly that he cannot marry Shamila. and if he doesn’t listen to me, then? I don’t think he will listen to me.

What is the matter? You look disturbed today. No, I am fine.

Shamila has him under his control, I don’t see a way. Thank God, Zeeshan you have started working hard like before. Yes sir, or I was really worried. If you work like this, you will get promoted soon. Zeeshan, I am talking to you. Zeeshan! Huh? Did you not get happy hearing about your promotion? Happy? Yes happy. I don’t know sir. What is the matter? You look disturbed today. No, I am fine. If you allow me, I have some work to do. Fine, go. Thank you sir. Sir, he is really worried, he stays lost. I think there is some mental tension. Yeah, I will talk to Hatim. We cannot waste someone talented like this. No Ayesha, what is the need of all this, leave it. Ok, if you force me, I will come over in a day or two. Fine, I will come. Bye. There is no need to go to a parlor, you are a widow, people will talk. Dressing up doesn’t suit you. I don’t care about people, but your sister in law will point fingers, mama, you do one thing, the Adaan is on, start praying that I die. So that I get rid of you people too. Give this to Mr. Raza, tell him to increase the value and let me know. Okay sir. Thank you. Thank you. Hello sir. Hello, Mr. Hatim, how are you? I an fine sir, how are you? My heart told me that Mr. Hatim is missing us, so tell me, how are you? The business is fine, right? Sir, after brother Faham’s death, the business went down a little, but I am hopeful that I will work hard and handle it.

Don’t take his name, please. He is my son, I am his mother.

Hatim, I wanted to ask you something, is there some tension in Zeeshan’s family life? Why? Did he say something? No, he didn’t discuss anything, but seeing him I feel that he is disturbed and worried. Sir, you know all homes have family issues, so I think there is some personal issue, it will get better. Hatim, it is your duty to solve these issues as soon as possible. He is a talented man, its not good for him to stay disturbed like this. When you come to work, we will sit and talk. Thank you that you considered me your own and talked to me. I will try to fix it. Bye. Look, you are so worried, here you are like this and there Zeeshan. Don’t take his name, please. He is my son, I am his mother. Seeing him worried I don’t have peace at any moment. He stays out all night, he doesn’t sleep and if he does, he wakes up taking your name. if you don’t forgive him Rida, he will go mad. This is not in my control. Why not? I keep on reminiscing the moments when he ruined me. Talk to your heart. How? Think of the time when he used to love you, express his love. My heart hurts when I think of those, I really respected him, I really loved him, but he ruined my faithfulness in front of everyone. Is my character so weak that he blamed me to hide his weakness? No my love, you are really respectable and clean character. Then why didn’t you tell this to your son? That blaming someone innocent like this can have consequences and punishment.

How are you? Is there a problem?

Fine, its my fault. It’s a mother’s duty to make a man respect women, I couldn’t do it. Forgive me, I think I said something wrong unknowingly, you have no fault. I am at fault, may God forgive me, you too forgive me. Please. I don’t know if God will forgive me or not? Forgetting Faham is impossible. I swear I only love you Faham, but I have to take revenge for your death. I will not let anyone stay happy. Hello. How are you? Is there a problem? I am fine, I was just missing Faham. I have nothing apart from that. Please don’t worry, all will be fine. What do I do, if I don’t get worried Hatim? Whatever possible for us, we will do for you. What will you do? What can you do? No one can do anything for me Hatim. I will live in this home for a few days, I will go mad, I will go to a mental asylum or kill myself. What are you saying? Please be strong. If I don’t say this, then what? You have no idea what is going, they are planning to drag me out. Sister in law Naila is talking about my second marriage, she is bringing proposals for me.

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