Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 Ep 09 – 9th Apr 21

By the will of God. What preparations do men have to do? Women have to prepare for a thousand things. Ask them the feasibility, tell them to see what is feasible for them, or else they will blame us men that we fixed the date without asking them. Mr. Shah, as you wish. You have really given us respect. We didn’t bring Taimur along this time, because this was the first time, so we didn’t think it was right but whenever you want, Taimur will come to meet you. Consider this a custom, Sikandar. Both our families have been growing up here for seven generations, we know each other, we recognize each other. The towers and castles of big families can be seen from far. And son, the truth is, only a few families as great as our remain in this whole area, it is right for us to form relations. Without a doubt.

And son remember one thing, if royal blood has impurities then seven generations have to suffer. Papa is absolutely right Mr. Sikandar. All relations that were from around us, where either the boy or girl were of lesser class or position all of those decisions turned out to be wrong. So us families need to try and ensure that no one from a lower class or a stranger is related to our family, so that no impurities are added to our royal blood. You are right, but the new generation of today doesn’t focus on all this nowadays. Yes, that is true. That is why we are in this state, that is why we don’t know about the home or the home owner, we have lost the differentiation between real and fake. The lifestyle of a ruler is different, than those of ordinary people. Madam, this is a small present for you and this for the daughter. Thank you so much. Thank you. Come, come for tea. Yes, come. Come my doll. You people come. Everything will be left behind, when the wanderer will walk the path. Everything will be left behind, when the wanderer will walk the path. I would say that sister, its really late at night. Its not right to travel, leave in the morning. No madam, there Taimur must be waiting for us, restlessly. This is our home, we will visit often. Come whenever you want. Live long.

Come a hundred times. A hundred time. In God’s protection. So pretty. Wow. May God protect you from the evil eye. Just say it once that you love me, you are afraid of your family. I swear to you, I will fight the world for you. What is this? You are sitting here with a sad face, and downstairs everyone is so happy. Sister in law, I feel all this is happening really fast. We should have handled Farhad’s matter first. Hey, just think his matter is handled, I have specially sent Fakira to give the news of your proposal being finalized with some sweets. And Fakira was telling me that upon hearing this news, he was stunned. He wasn’t able to either eat the sweets or spit it out. If he is smart, he will return quietly. I don’t know, my heart is really confused.

You are worrying for no reason. Anyway, leave it. See what I got. Your future in laws have sent a picture of your husband to be, I haven’t seen it till now. I thought you have the first right, so I will see it with you. I am not in the mood. Now don’t be so ungrateful. You will be the only queen of a thousand acres of land. Lets see how your feudal is. I have heard he is really handsome, what if he gets my evil eye. So you look at him first. This is him! Who? Sister in law, the same train guy. What train guy? Oh, yes, he is the one. Okay, so this is your feudal Taimur Ali Khan. Sister in law, you find this funny? Have you thought that when he finds out that he will be married to the same ill-mannered girl from the train, who insulted him, what will be his reaction? What will he think about me? You say no to mama, I do not accept this proposal. Hey idiot, he knows that you are the same beauty from the train, that is why he sent the proposal. What do you mean? Meaning he was in love with you at the station and surely he found out our address leaving from there, and sent a proposal for you. I was surprised that who had sent your proposal from Multan with so much humility.

This matter is also resolved today, now be happy. The feudal lord is your slave even before the proposal being finalized. Really? Yes, really. He turned out to be so secretive. In fact, not just secretive, but someone true to his word too. But, what are the sweets for? Have some sweets we will tell you. Now tell me. I will tell you. I will tell you. Out little madam’s wedding is fixed. At the home of the most affluent landlords of Multan. Senior Shah has told me to distribute sweets to everyone, let them have sweets. You too have some sweets. Here you go son. I will have it, mama. What is the matter, mama? When I returned last night, you two went to sleep and even right now there is a weird silence in the home. Are you people hiding something from me? What is it? What did you people talk about at Mahi’s home yesterday? Sit and have breakfast, we will talk then.

How can I have breakfast, I cannot breathe since last night. Why don’t you people tell me? did those people say no? Sikandar, son, you tell him. Mama, why are you putting it on me? I don’t have the courage to tell him. After all, a man can do nothing in God’s work. Hey, what happened? Why don’t you people tell me? Tell me. They… they said yes. How can they do this? One minute, what did they say? They said yes? They said yes, then why are you people so serious? Its something to be happy about. This means you people were pulling my leg. Brother, I didn’t expect this from you. Mama, you almost killed me. God be kind, may your enemies die. Is there anyone in the whole area who can say no to my prince? They have said yes, taking God’s name.

Wow, great. Live long son. Live long son. Do one thing, go to Mr. Shah’s mansion, and go and meet him someday. Fine, I will go today. No idiot, when they invite you, then go. Mama, this son of yours is a gone case. Hey brother… He will visit their home day and night. Come on sit, have breakfast now. Hey. Get him hot tea. Zainab, Zainab, get hot tea. They are really respectable people, I know well. No matter how much of a hurry they will be in, they will wait for our invitation. I was also thinking that we should send Taimur an invitation for next week, till then I too will be free from a couple of important things. Yes, that will be fine. Yes, that’s fine. You tell me, Dilawar, you have also driven a 22 wheeler truck, you are the driver of long routes. Tell me, if someone comes on the road suddenly, what should you do? Today we will know how big of a driver you are.

Idiot, you have to see who has come in the middle of the road. Child, old man, or young man. What do you mean? Meaning, if a child comes in the way, then you drive from behind him, because a child doesn’t get scared, he will go straight. If an old man comes in the way, you drive from in front of them, because an old man gets scared, so he will turn back. and master, what should we do if a young man comes on the road? We don’t know about a young man, whether they will go straight or step back, that is why, as per my experience, you should drive straight ahead, and press the accelerator. If he is supposed to live, he will survive or he will die. That is why the maximum deaths on these roads are those of young men. Hey, mister, what are you thinking? Is your driving formula different from all of us? Come on mister, younger Shah has called you, you need to go with him. God be kind, nowadays younger Shah is really favoring Farhad. You know what they say, you should stay far away from being close to the master, and the back of the horse. Absolutely. I pray to God its better for him.

Amen. Mahi, end this matter of your university, what will you do with the degree? No, what are you saying? Its her last semester, let her fulfill her wish. After all in future she will do what other wants. By the will of God, even in future, my daughter will do what she wants. Her future mother in law is really humble. Okay then, I… Where are you going? Mama, I have to tour the lands, I am already late. Yes, papa, the boy that uncle Nisar sent…. Yes, yes, what was his name? Farhad. I think his name is Farhad. I have kept him on duty with me. Dilawar is here, if you need him, you can call him. But that boy is new in this area. It will take him time to learn the routes. Anyway, be careful. Okay? Yes, he is new, but really smart. I will ask Noora and get him a good weapon too. He looks educated, he will also control the stupidity and haste of our guards.

If you really like him that much, that you are praising him, then keep him with you permanently. Along with Noora, give Dilawar the duties of my cars. Okay? Be careful, the restlessness is more nowadays. Okay papa. The people in the other area are being violent. Will you take tea, Mr. Shah? Yes, I can have tea. What was the need for you to say this? What wrong did I say? What is this sister in law? We wanted to make him run away from here, brother has given him permanent employment. I feel that he has made himself the need of this home. I didn’t consider him to be so consistent. Not even me sister in law, but I don’t see him leaving from here. What if he tells brother something, then? He will never do that, because he knows that in that situation it will be difficult to live here. Then sister in law, you think something. What do we do? Okay, you don’t worry, I will think of a way. Did you call Rida? Ask her if she returned or not. No. Go and call. I will call her. Elder sir. Elder sir. Dilawar what happened? Elder Saeen, all hell broke loose. The opponents opened fire on little Saeen’s car. What? Nazim Shah is fine, right? I don’t know. Get the men. Call the men, get the cars. Hurry up. Elder Sarkar. Elder Sarkar. All hell broke loose. What happened aunt? Oh, all hell broke loose. What happened Fakira? Is everything okay? I got a really bad news from the men’s section. Oh, oh my God. What happened? The enemies fired on younger master’s car.

Nazim Shah. Nazim Shah. What happened? Is my beloved fine? Tell me, is my beloved son fine? He is absolutely fine, but that boy who has come from Lahore, Dilawar is telling me that he got shot. God be kind, my great God. Did they take him to the hospital? They put him in the car, and took him to the hospital. God be kind, he too is someone’s child. God knows what his family will go through. Yes. My God. Lets see. Oh God, be kind. Find out and tell me Fakira, what are they doing next? Find out and tell me. Elder Shah. You are fine son, right? Did you get hurt? No papa, I am absolutely fine. Absolutely fine. The new driver got shot, he was really courageous or else the bullet would have gone through my chest. Even when he was injured, he got us out of the enemy’s spawn. He is really courageous. Son, I had told you in the morning to be careful. Thank God you didn’t get hurt. Where is the boy? He has bled a lot, he is in the operation theatre. God will be kind. You do one thing, talk to your mother, she is crying. Yes, I will, papa. You two wait here, I will come. Come papa, you come with me. I wish I had gone with youngest Shah, I wish I was shot. You know Dilawar, the bullet reaches the one that it is meant for.

There is one thing, mister is really courageous, pray that he gets fine. By the will of God, everything will be fine. Mama. What happened, mama? Why are you worried? I really miss Farhad. Brother Sajjad let you talk to him. He let me talk. He let me talk, but that was not my Farhad. He was quiet, silent, he didn’t say anything. He was not like that, you remember. He used to bother you, me and your brother. He really used to bug us. Now he doesn’t say anything, he has gone quiet. He just said yes, yeah. He says nothing. Mama, you are worried for no reason, brother has started working, so he has become responsible. To hell with this work and responsibility that my son forgets to laugh and smile. I am really worried, God be kind. Oh God, keep him in your protection. God be kind. May everything be fine. May God protect my son. Doctor. Yes? How is mister? Now the patient is out of danger. Thank God that the bullet teared through his flesh, it didn’t damage his bone. He will regain consciousness shortly. Doctor, can we meet him now? Yes, once he regains consciousness, you can meet him. We will discharge him in a day, yes, but you will have to care a lot for him. You need to be careful, the wound is fresh, what if the stitches reopen. No, you don’t worry about that. Once he goes home from here, I will care for him myself. He is my friend, consider him as my brother. Thank you. Thank you so much doctor.

Dilawar, you don’t worry, the doctor has said that mister is fine. I will go to the mansion, I will inform Mr. Shah. I will send food for you and mister. Send it for mister, I have lost my appetite. A man’s life starts from the call to prayer, for which there is no prayer and it ends on a prayer for which there is no call for prayers. What is life? A journey between a call from prayer and prayer. Then why so much problems for such a small time. Hatred, love, why is all this there? why? God. No, no, mister, lie down calmly. Don’t get up. Your wounds are still fresh. The wounds should remain fresh, if they are filled, they leave a mark. I don’t understand these difficult things you say. You just rest. When will they let us back to the mansion? Why are you in such a hurry to go back to the mansion? Who is standing there to put medals on your chest? You stay here calmly, that is it. You had told me to learn to be a slave. I am learning that. Hey, look at my hands. If you cannot have mercy on yourself, then have mercy on me. The graveyards here are filled with such slaves. And these rulers don’t even come to pay their respects even once. Why are you becoming the enemy of your young age? I don’t care about what the rulers here do or not. I work for him, how could I see something happen to him in front of me? What could I do? Be unfair to my work? Now I am not telling you to be unjust to your work, but, I am stopping you from committing suicide. Idiot, listen to me, go back. You are really stubborn. Saleem.

Yes, madam. How is that mister? I mean that boy. His life has been saved, but is really courageous, he didn’t get scared a little. Elder Sarkar is asking me, I will inform her. Okay. Papa, this is the same damned man’s people, but I will not leave them. Hey Nooray prepare the men, we will respond to them today. Hey son, listen. Listen. This is not the time to be emotional, you need to use your mind. Look, your sister’s wedding is going to be fixed in a few days in this home. And that, Taimur, he is coming in a day or two, so be patient. Be patient. Papa, we cannot sit like this. The whole locality is talking about Nazim Shah’s opponents have attacked him and he is still quiet. Stop child. Stop. You have stepped into politics, then learn to be political. A lot of times, you have to turn around seeing your enemy laugh, for a bigger mission. Its time to be patient right now. Be patient. Wait for the right time. Yes, the boy who got injured, give him some money, its necessary to motivate such people. Yes, papa. As you order sir. Taimur. Yes, mama. You have received an invitation from elder Peer’s home, you have to go tomorrow. Really? This is really a good news. I am thinking and getting excited that I will get to meet her. Don’t get too happy, the girl won’t come in front of you right now. Its possible, she might look at you from behind a veil, dress well and go. Don’t worry about that, your son has a personality.

What is the matter? Why are you so lost? Sister in law, what has happened? My heart is worried. Even I am really worried. I sometimes have sympathy for that stubborn boy, and at times I get really angry at him. but he is tolerating all this because of you. I had told him to go back. But if he is being stubborn, what can I do? I don’t know what dreams he had in his heart coming here. Who knew his death will be calling him. Just pray that he survives. Do you consider me the reason for his destruction? I was a little mischievous. And this mischievousness of your has become love for him. One thing is certain that his emotions are true, or else who would leave their home, their peaceful life, their city and come here to die? We made a mistake in understanding that boy. I am not afraid of death, Mahi. I am afraid of being separated from you.

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