Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 Ep 08 – 2nd Apr 21

Mahi, please forgive me. I know you got upset on me closing the door that day. Maybe that is why you left without telling me. look, I am here now, let go of your anger now. Are you out of your mind? Why have you come? I am surprised, I thought when I would come here maybe you would apologize to me, that you came here without telling me, and now you are scolding me. Apologize for what? I didn’t have to live there all my life, I had to return so I came back. The question is, why did you come here? To meet you. You returned back without telling me, I got really worried. Whatever was in my heart remained unsaid. Yes. With what relation? With the relation of friendship, you called me your friend, and I had considered you my friend, so can a friend say to another friend…. No, lets bygones be bygones.

I spoke to you nicely in the function of the wedding, you are after me. What are you doing? Get out of the car, I want to talk to you. Are you out of your mind, Farhad? How can I get out here? If someone sees me, then? I don’t care about anyone. What you are calling infatuation, its become love for me. After all, seeing the car from your home out in this open area, people will talk. I am not a driver. I am working here as a driver for you. Naseebo. Hello. Go and tell Fakeera that I have dropped junior Saeen, and along with that tell madam Mahi that its time to go to the university. Madam Mahi left a long time back. Who did she go with and on which car? She went on her car, she went with the new driver that came from the city.

Did she go alone or did any woman from the mansion go with her to drop her. No, I saw her going alone. Fakira would know, should I call her? Leave it, I will go check myself. Give me the key. What do you want? Don’t you know what I want? Don’t you know why I left everything and came here? Or have you forgotten? Why don’t you understand? Whatever we talked about in Lahore was limited to there. You have seen the environment of my home, there is no place for such friendship over here. I don’t become friends seeing cities, like you. If you were this helpless, why didn’t you tell me there, clearly? I told you, all that was a joke. It may be a joke for you, but I have loved you. Don’t be mad. If you cannot have mercy on me, then have mercy on yourself. If my brother has the slightest doubt for what you have come here for, then your dead body will leave the mansion. I am not afraid of death Mahi, I am afraid of your separation. Just say it once that you love me and you are afraid of your family. I swear, I will fight the world for you. Love? And you? I am not suffering that badly. You are constantly being stupid and misunderstanding my sympathy.

I don’t have a treatment for this, Farhad. This is madness. I am being stupid. Then fine. So be it. I will not leave from here, till the time I’ll become completely mad. You are in your senses, congratulations to you on that. You shoot your arrows, I will try my best. You will ruin my family’s respect, don’t do it. I will not come in your way after today. You are getting late for university. Mama, today I have a tough exam, you pray that it goes well. Okay? Okay. What is this okay? You don’t love me that you will pray for me, you will just pray for brother Farhad. What is the meaning of this? For a mother, all children are the same, and for you all my prayers are with you. Come on go, you are getting late. You will miss the bus. Papa, bye. Bye. Mama. Papa. Congratulations, Farhad sent money, and he has sent a good amount. Here you go Pari, all your wishes will be fulfilled now. I will go get the money. Okay brother, drop me to college too. Yes, come on.

Lets go. Come on. We will be back. I am surprised. I was going to take a loan from the office for their expenses. This is great, my son has taken care of half of my responsibility. I will go now. Bye. Even when there, my son is still worried for them. I don’t know what condition he will be in, himself. Is he back? He still hasn’t returned. I don’t know where he is. This Mahi will get us insulted. I shouldn’t have listened to him. Has the younger Shah returned to the mansion? I didn’t see, if you tell me, I will go and see. No, leave it. Listen, did anyone see him take Mahi alone? The maids are all around, they have to do madam Mahi’s work. Now God knows if someone would have seen her. Pray he brings Mahi back from university soon, that’s only when I will be fine. God be kind. I will go and see. Remember one thing, this is our last meeting. After today, I don’t know you and neither do you know me. I have tried to explain to you as much as I want, rest is up to you. But now I don’t have anything to do with you living or dying. Think that you are dead for me, and I have been buried for you. There may have been a time when rich people would be able to kill and bury any relation within a blink of an eye. I still haven’t learned this art, but I will learn slowly. Now I don’t have to test you, I have to test myself. But the voice of this heart is so weak, that it couldn’t touch your heart, then it should die.

Wait. Where are you coming from mister? I went to drop the younger madam to university. You shouldn’t have gone alone. If younger Shah finds out, it will be an issue for everyone. All hell will break loose. I was ordered and I followed it. I asked Fakira about you, she said you are out. What should I have done? Should I have said no to taking her? This Fakira, she has gone mad, she has lost her mind. She has spent her life in the mansion, but she still doesn’t know what to do. Just like you take her. What is the issue? Hey mister, I am different, I have lived here all my life, I have become an old man, from being a young boy, still I think a thousand times before going to the female section. You are a young man, there are a thousand reasons. You tell me, what should I have done? I will talk to Fakira. And if you have to go suddenly like this, and I am not there, then surely have a female in the car. Be careful. I will be careful. What has happened to him today? Mister, you are back. Where were you? I have not seen you since morning. They have sent a lot of men to call you.

I have met him. Was everything fine? It was fine. He was also telling me some new rules of the duty, I heard them. Mister, can I say something, don’t mind. At times, I feel that you are hiding something from me. Like, on the inside you are different, and you are different on the outside. Look, if there is any worry, tell me. Dilawar is a great friend, and then I really liked you from day one and then how you cared for me, like someone of your own does. If such a time comes, Dilawar will not step back. Take care of yourself Dilawar, there is nothing like that. And if there is something, you will be the first one to know. Promise? Yes. I will get some strong tea made for you, something you wouldn’t even have had in the city. Okay? Fine then. Love? And you? I am not suffering that badly. Remember one thing, this is our last meeting. After today, I don’t know you and neither do you know me. But now I don’t have anything to do with you living or dying. Think that you are dead for me, and I have been buried for you. Yes, mama? You called me? Yes son. I have a good news for you. what is the good news? Tell me. We have received a response from the elder Peer, they have invited us to meet. Really? This is really a good news. Mama I was really worried that they might say no. Why would they say no? can their daughter get a prince like son like mine? All the neighboring homes are waiting with hope for your proposal.

God protect you from the evil eye. Okay tell me, did you tell brother or not? No, I will tell him. once your bride comes home, I will fix him too, I will not listen to him. once you two are settled, I too will be peaceful. Fine, when do we have to go? What is the hurry? Everything will be done. Thank God Mahi you came early, here I was worried. Sister in law, I was so worried, that I couldn’t understand what was happening in the class? Leave the class, tell me, did you talk to him? what did he say? When will he return? He has gone mad. I don’t know what new dreams he has made in his mind. What do you mean? He says he is in love with me and to test his love, he has left his city and come far over here. And he will not leave from here till he tests it. I knew it. The condition I saw of him in Lahore, I had understood that he wont give up that easily. He will die himself, and also ruin us too. Not an issue sister in law. You will see, how I will remove this love from his head.

I have had enough. No Mahi, for God’s sake, don’t even think of doing something like this. You know they are talking about your proposal, those people are coming tomorrow. I will not allow you to do this madness, or stupidity. Once this issue is sorted properly, once he finds out about your proposal, he will return disappointed. Sister in law, why are papa and mama in a hurry to get me married? Is the proposal going away? I am already worried so much because of this, and then this proposal, I don’t understand anything. Its possible, there is something good in this proposal coming for you right now. Look Mahi, you have to try to keep your mood good. Here no one should have doubts because of your worries. Okay? In the name of God. Keep this jewelry box in my car, okay? Careful. Don’t keep anything in the flower car, they shouldn’t get ruined. Madam you don’t worry, we will do it as you have ordered. Mama, you got flowers from all over city? So much arrangement? Son, we are going to the girl’s family for the first time, we cannot go empty handed.

There are a thousand customs that you need to live upto son, you have to give the girl’s family a lot of respect. Okay, this is good. You will have a daughter in law at your home, you will be busy and your beloved will also stay home. Yes. Taimur’s bride will come by the will of God, but my heart will be at peace, when both my sons are settled. Listen to me, select a girl. God have mercy, my Rafia was a good daughter in law, but son, we are helpless in God’s work. When I see your children and you, sad and alone, then my heart is really hurt. Listen to me. get married. Mama, I got married once, that is it. It was done. After all, a step mother is a step mother. She will never be able to give Rafia and my children like her own. then what will happen, worries will increase, problems will increase, I don’t want to make a decision that I regret in future.

As far as the children are concerned, a new daughter in law will come to this home, they too will get busy, they will also be attached. Come on. The children will get attached, but I cannot see your loneliness. Four cars must be ready at all times, we will have duties from 5 am till 6 pm and then you will fix the duties for the evening. The guests are going to come, I want no complaints, okay? Hey, what are you doing there? come here. Come and listen to me. Did the flower guy come? Okay. Then tell him we surely need white and red flowers. You will have to get the lights fixed. You too got it, right? I wont get any complaints, right? Yes, you too go, do your work. Where is Dilawar? Did he get better or not? If he is better, send him with us. He is better. Fine. Tell him that he might have to go with us, we have a lot of work today.

Fine, I will send him, or if you want, you can take me along. No, I cannot take you, there are orders for you to stay here, its possible sir may have some work at any time, so you stay here. Why is there so much movement today? You don’t know till now? A proposal is coming for younger madam from Multan. They are influential feudal lords. Okay listen, you stay here, I am going to come after explaining work to everyone. Don’t leave. Hey, my princess Mahi is not ready? Those people must be coming. I cannot get ready mama. Mama, don’t you think all this is too soon? ”Every girl feels this way like she spent very little time at home, and the groom’s family came over to take her. But the truth is, sooner or later, you have to get married my daughter. But mama, I am surprised at those people. Without knowing me, without understanding me, they are bringing a proposal so soon. Who does this nowadays? You don’t worry, I will prepare her myself with my own hands. If the girl’s mother doesn’t go into shock seeing our Mahi, then you can change my name.

I know, our Mahi is this pretty, they will be really lucky whoever makes her the princess of their home. Come on. Come on, be quick. Don’t be late. Okay? What is all this? Sister in law, don’t you think all this is happening too fast? This proposal? This boy? Mama. Look at this girl Mr. Shah, she is still not ready and the guests are almost here. She will get ready, you don’t worry. They are coming to our home for the first time, you prepare to welcome the guests, nothing should be lacking. How is that possible? Everything will be as per their standards, firstly, they are the groom’s family and then our daughter’s future in-laws. they will find our doors huge and hearts open. Yes, I hope for the same. Inform Nazim Shah too, to be here before time. Okay? Sure. Oh wow, God bless, God protect you from the evil eye. You are looking gorgeous. I guarantee one hundred percent, those people will say yes. Sister in law, please, I am already worried, you don’t joke around.

What is the point of worrying now? I had told you not to flirt from the start. Anyway, what had to happen, has happened, but Mahi, after the wedding is fixed today you will have to take every step carefully. A small negligence of yours can lead to a big storm. And you know this well Mahi, that even if things remain hidden here, still the walls hear everything. Younger Sarkar. Younger Sarkar, the guests from Multan are here. Okay, you go downstairs. Okay. Hey, we don’t know the moves of politics. This is Nazim Shah’s courage and hobby that he is attracted towards the country’s politics. Its like putting your hand in a beehive. And you see, nowadays anyone would come on TV and insult respectable people in the name of dialogue. You are right Mr. Shah. I have also heard that those who get into the habit of politics, they cannot let go of it. What do you say, Mr. Nazim? Papa, Mr. Sikandar, I don’t know why you have made a big deal out of politics, its just a profession just like any profession. Like people become doctors, engineers, scientists, just like that few people who become politicians are part of our society, this world. No? Yes, but these few people are considered really special in our society.

Anyway, leave this political discussion, tell me, what are your hobbies nowadays? Mr. Shah, what can keep a feudal busy? The same land, responsibility, business matters, court and that is it. Bibi Saeen, I will not leave untill my Taimur’s wish is fulfilled. I have come to you with a lot of hope. Its your own home madam feudal, you can come as many times as you want. Come a hundred times. Call daughter Mahi, I cannot wait anymore. Yes. Yes. Fakira. Go, and bring Mahi. I am really sorry to hear about your elder daughter in law. How can children live without their mother. Whatever God’s will. I have asked my son Sikandar to get married again, but I feel that his heart is broken after Rafiya. He has got himself so busy with the land matters, wealth issues, that he doesn’t have time to focus on anything else. God will be kind. By the will of God.

Mr. Sikandar, I have heard about your land and land management. Papa, for a hundred miles, he has left no opponent of his land. Yes, they say, land management is like ruling, you have to make big decisions. Yes, so what is Taimur doing nowadays? Taimur? Mr. Shah, he is far away from these matters, he says he is a misfit in this. In fact, I feel he will not stick around here for long, that is why I think mama has decided to get him married. You know I have heard that foreign education and water, both of these, let you go really late. Anyway, slowly and gradually, he will be colored in the color of our land. You will see. By the will of God. By the will of God. You tell me, is the hunting season on? Are you bringing the trophy home this time too? Take me along some day. Yes, by the will of God. I am going to try my best. God bless you. You are so pretty. Bibi Saeen, she is not the piece of a moon, Its like you have hidden the entire moon of the fourteenth in your home. Come my daughter. Come. God bless you. You look like a doll. What was the need of this Bibi Saeen? Why is there no need? This is how you put it on, in the necks of daughters. That’s it.

One thing is decided, Mahi is my daughter from today. Okay? Mother loves you, does my daughter have an objection? What? I? That’s it Bibi Saeen, you too come and meet my Taimur once. I will leave his picture, By the grace of God it will be a companionship of the sun and the moon. This is all in fate, relations are made in heaven, God will be kind. By God’s will. So, Bibi Saeen, get me some sweets. ”Yes, yes. I will get it. Did my daughter like it? She is so pretty. First I will give sweets to my daughter. I spoke to you nicely in those wedding functions, you are after me. Love? And with you? I am not going through such tough times. This is our last meeting, after today I don’t know you, nor do you know me.

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