Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 Ep 07 – 26th Mar 21

Friendship? You know how big of a word friendship is? What does is it mean? You have to stand together in difficult times. Mahi, I wanted to talk to you. Or else what if what is in my heart might remain unsaid. I know you too want to say something to me. I just played a little game, he has come here to turn the tables. What will happen now, Mahi? Hey, mister. Come. Come on. Come. Have a seat. How was your first day of duty today? Just like how the first day is like, you tell me, how are you? Are you fine? Yes, thank God, I am better from before. Actually, the ailment of us poor people is that it doesn’t even stay with us for too long. It too says that if you stay on the bed like that, when will you earn and when will you eat? How long have you been working here? My father was elder Shah’s special driver.

He passed away fifteen years back, he took a bullet on the chest for elder Shah, everyone knows. After that they kept me in his place, I have been here, ever since. I have a mother, and I have a married sister in the village. So whatever I earn, I send there. Thank God. And your wife and kids? You didn’t get married. No, I didn’t get married. There was a girl in the village, her name was Sakina, I don’t know what she liked in me, even my mother wanted to make her, her daughter in law, but things didn’t work out, Everything is up to fate. and you? Didn’t you like her? I don’t know about liking or what it is, you know it was just like, I was stuck on her, but I found out about this, when she left. That how deep she had affected me. So when she left, didn’t you go after her? I’ll go… Then? I went to her doorstep too. But I was a little late, her groom came before me, for marriage. I saw her from a distance, she was crying, I don’t know if it was for me or her family. After that I never liked anyone. Anyway, leave me, tell me about you. Why have you left the city and come here, to ruin your life? This is not your place, mister, go from here. I think I have closed all the ways of my return. You return all that, you tell me, why do you people call me mister? My name is Farhad.

Yes, you look like a mister, clean, well kempt, shining, the way the misters are there in offices, just like that. Here to become a slave, you will take a lot of time, and I have not seen any habit in you that a slave has. Here, to live in the mansion you have to be a complete slave. I have a wish, just like papa, I come in front of elder Shah, or younger Shah, and take a bullet for them. You know what, they remember you for their next seven generations if someone gives their life for their master. We have to die. Will you tell me or not? What are both you brothers planning? I swear mama, even I don’t know the real deal, you younger prince is cooking something, that too without salt. Don’t worry brother, I will keep the spices in the right quantity. Listen, will you hide things from your mother too? Brother, this is not fair, I told you to wait for a day or two, I would tell this to mama myself. You could keep such a small secret. What is Sikandar’s fault in this? No secret of the son is hidden from a mother. I am seeing, since you have come from Lahore, you are restless. Is everything okay? Yes. Everything is fine. Its just that, the thing is, I have liked a girl. Then idiot, what is there to hide in this? Who is she? Where does she live? Tell me. I will even get a girl from seven seas far.

You don’t have to cross the seven seas, mama. You just need to travel till Bahawalpur. There is a big feudal there, Kazim Shah, his only daughter. God bless. God bless. Sikandar, son, it’s a big family, they are Peers for generations. Your father used to visit there every year for hunting. Then we shouldn’t delay, you should send his proposal immediately. They are people of our matching, then what can be better than that? We will not delay, I don’t know how many proposals would have come for that girl. I will send a message tomorrow that we want to come and meet. I love my son, live long. That is why I was telling you not to, get in touch with such boys. See such a big problem has been caused. I don’t know with what intention he has come here. Did I know that he will come this far after me, and sister in law, its still not confirm to us that he came after me or he has some other intention. Don’t be mad, Mahi, what other intention can he have? Did he find just this home to come in such a big city? I don’t understand what is all this. Did you talk to Rida? Did you tell her about this issue? I called her, but her phone was off. Then I spoke to aunty, she told me she has gone abroad with Faris, she will come back after a month. This means Rida doesn’t know that Farhad is here. No, or else she would have been the first one to call and tell me, that leaves uncle, and I cannot share this with uncle, sister in law. What is it that you can’t share? Brother, my exams are near, so there was some issue with my absence, so I was talking about the teacher.

Then let me talk to your VC, who dare create an issue of attendance for you. I have told you a thousand times that end this issue of your education, we have to talk to these poor people for no reason. After all, this education only leads to questions in life, and to find answers a person only needs wealth and power. Something you already have a lot. Get it? Listen to me, it will be done, don’t worry. Here the funeral of life will be lifted, there my life will become her bride. The one who ruined my young age, think what the world will say. Here, my wishes will be covered in a white cloth, there she will have henna on her hands. Here, my wishes will be covered in a white cloth, there she will have henna on her hands. Hey mister, why are you standing there? come on, come here. Come. Yes? Here the funeral of life will be lifted, there my life will become her bride. You are really good. Mr. Shah. Yes? Hey, aren’t you bright and blushing a little more than usual? Yes, the thing is such. Really? The elder feudal from Multan has sent a message, and requested for permission to come here. Really? She can come whenever she wants. But is there any special reason? Mr. Shah, such a message is sent to the girl’s family, when the boys family wants to send a proposal. Great people, have great ways, they have fulfilled all conditions. They are great people, really good. But you also talk to Nazim Shah. The acceptance of the elder brother in such matters is necessary.

Yes, yes, I will talk to Nazim Shah too, and if he doesn’t have an objection, I will ask those people to come next Friday. Yes, fine. Mahi, you didn’t go to university? I was scared that what if I come face to face with him again. I feel that brother has set his duty with Nooray. Yes, but hiding like this and sitting at home is not the solution to the problem. You tell me, what do I do? What do you have to do? I will send him a message through Fakeera to get lost from here, if he cares for his life, then he shouldn’t come here, or he will get killed. But what if someone sees Fakira talking to him? Mahi, we will have to take a little risk, or else we will always be worried. You are right, I kept on thinking all night yesterday that he didn’t have a little fear coming here, seeing so many guards didn’t scare him? I am surprised. He is not afraid, that is something that is scaring me a lot, what if he does something stupid. Yes, yes, yes mama, I know him, but I have never met him, I have heard he has a big name and influence in his area, he has a lot of land, he owns a lot, but what is the matter? Why do you ask? They want to come see our Mahi, what should I respond? Hey mama, its really good that the message has come from them, we have a name in our area, we will get more influence in Sikander’s area, then why delay something so good, you send them the message.

Okay this is great, Mr. Shah had already agreed, now I will send them an invitation to come. Hey mama, send them a message without worrying, they will be welcomed with what they are worth. You don’t worry, I will get the arrangements done. You don’t worry. That’s good. Mahi. How is my princess Mahi? You didn’t go to university, are you feeling okay? Yes mama, I am fine, I just didn’t feel like it. That’s good, I will not have to wait till the evening, to give you the good news. What good news? Elder Maqdooms have sent a message from Multan, they want to come see Mahi. What are you saying? What is the hurry mama? Hey idiot, people wait for such proposals for ages, and you are lucky that the proposal came itself. The boy has gotten a foreign degree and he is your match and the family, it’s has a lot of respect. Elder Shah and Nazim Shah are really happy too, I just pray that everything goes fine. I am sure this boy won’t have an issue with our Mahi going abroad and studying. Our daughter has a great fate, she got what she wanted. Son. Yes, mama? Where is Dilawar? Mama, he is sleeping. Is he feeling okay? Yes mama, he is much better than before. Fine, I got warm oil for him, I will go see.

You? Here? Get inside. Boy, who have you come here for? Did the one who sent you here, tell you? Why are you the enemy of your own life? I am telling you, leave from here quietly. What do you think? I came so far to go back? You want to die? Do you have any idea, your family won’t even find a sign of your grave here. Have mercy on yourself and your young life. If I had to have mercy, I wouldn’t have been here for so long. Fine. The thing I wanted to tell you, I have come to tell you for the last time, I won’t come again and again. If someone finds out, why you came here… pack your bags during the night and leave. That is it. Fakira just left from here, is everything okay? Why did she come here? I think she doubted me for some other servant and knocked on the door. Doubt? But she is aware of every corner of the home. Younger Shah has called you, you have to go with him. Okay. Aunt, listen to me. Have you seen aunt Fakira? Yes, she went to quarters in the back, should I call her? No, leave it, I will see myself. You go, elder Sarkar is calling you. Do your work. I got a chance to see that hero with such difficulty.

Do you feed it or not? Take care of him. Stay with Saeen like the shadow. Come on, go. Yes. Yes, mister, are you ready? Younger Shah will take you along with him. Mr. Shah, the cars are ready. Take care. Come on. Hey, hey, hey, are you blind? Can you not see? Where are you going there for? You know, right? You know that all the drivers and single men live there, so why do you go there? Talk slowly aunt, I was coming to see you. Really? You were coming to see me? I am a young little girl, that you were coming to see me. hear me out clearly, I have a lot of experience, if you try to go there in future, then first I will break your legs, then later I will ask you why you were going there. Oh God aunt, you get so angry. I swear to God, in future even if you die, I will not ask you once. Hah, your drama is done. Come on start moving. Start moving. Fakira, where were you? Why did you take so long? Little Sarkar, I had to go carefully, I went there carefully. You know Noora, he has such tough surveillance that you shouldn’t even ask. Even where he is not there, you feel he is seeing there. Did you meet him? did you talk to him? Yes, I met him, and I also gave him the message. I told him that before darkness of the night strikes, pack your bags and leave, or else they won’t even find a sign of your grave here. But.. But what? I swear to God, I don’t feel that the boy will leave from here. I feel that he has decided to lay down his life. That is why we sent you to make him understand. We are asking him to leave from here for his betterment.

Did he not even get scared, seeing the environment of the mansion? I feel that he doesn’t know brother Nazim’s anger. When he ties him up and put him in the dark dungeon then he will know. Madam Mahi, I feel that maybe he has come here with his hands and feet tied. He is not afraid of death, he isn’t fear of anything , he feels crazy to me. And why would a mad man fear anything? I will see. I feel living in the city, you have not wasted your time boy, you have good control on the car, right Nooray? But I have never driven in the city. Yes, I usually used to go far from the city, for car races, I learned there. You were right, Nooray. The boy is useful for us. Yes. Give him a prize. Yes. Here, keep it mister. No need for this. What is wrong with you? Younger Shah has asked out of his happiness to give it to you. Keep it. You are his special driver from today, your job is fixed now. He likes someone with difficulty, keep it. You have a good fate, have fun. The proposal is really good, your wish to go and study abroad will be fulfilled too. I feel those people won’t have any objections. What is wrong Mahi, you should be happy. Sister in law, I cannot take any further tension at the moment. Farhad has already put me in a lot of tension, that I feel worried thinking of any other tension.

I wish he returns to Lahore soon, so that I can have some excitement for this proposal Yes, its something worrisome, but what can we do? Fakira has threatened him enough, just pray that he goes back now. We will have to make him go away from here as soon as possible, or else I will be worried, and what impression will that have on the boy’s family, mama can have doubts too. Then what is the solution for this problem in your eyes? There is just one solution. I will have to somehow meet him and force him to return from here. Do you know what you are saying? How will you meet him? that too under so much surveillance? Farhad is a stubborn boy, he will die, but he will not leave from here without meeting me. So we will have to take this risk. How Mahi? How will you meet him alone? There is one way. I will tell Fakira that instead of the driver if he drops me to the university then I can talk to him on the way. No, no Mahi, how can this happen? No, what if someone sees you, then? We have no other way, sister in law. We will take Fakira into confidence.

You will get me killed Mahi. Hey, why do you bother yourself? Brother has left, will he return with you crying? Some things are not in your control, since he has left, it feels time has stopped. He used to be here and we used to fight all the time. You are right. The house has become sad since brother left. You know mama, I don’t know how many times she has cried in secret, and brother Sajjad has gone quiet, and papa doesn’t show it, but I know even he is not happy. Then why didn’t he stop him, they shouldn’t have left him go. They should have forced him to find some work here. Pari, since he left, my heart is really scared, like something wrong is about to happen. I have heard you have impressed them on the first day and Shah has given you a great prize. So then there should be a feast for everyone, no? what do you say? Pray that I can come up to his expectations. However, I got a big prize, junior Shah gave me a lot of money through Nora.

I had thought you would have left in a day or two from here, but you have settled here. Tell me, how much money did you get? You got so much money, did you count it or not? I am surprised. I have never had the habit of counting. You keep it, and count it too. Its your right, you keep it. I was just pulling your leg to see your heart. You have a big heart. Then do one thing, keep half of it, then feed everyone else with the rest from me. Then whatever is left, then if possible, I will give you a number, transfer it at home. This is fine, I will transfer all the money to your home on the number you give me, as far as food is concerned, I will get it from me in the celebration of your job. Just like you I don’t need a lot of money. Can I say something else? When younger Shah called you in the morning, I swear, I prayed that you fail in the test. Why? Because, mister, this place is not worth you, there are so many slaves like me who got turned into sand, I don’t want you to get lost in the dirt of this land. That is why. Keep this money, and give it to me with the number, I will send it.

If there is anything, tell me. okay? Come on, chill now. Boo… Come on little one, come over, the female section is calling you, they need a driver. Where is Noora, Ms. In-charge? Nora must be there too, Fakira gave me a message to call a driver, so I am calling you, I like your obedience. Look, I am giving you a big responsibility, don’t ruin my respect. Don’t worry Ms. In-charge, we live on what you give us. Move away, idiot! Come on. Here take the car keys and take it out. you don’t have much time. I take her? Noora, has taken little Saaen, Nazim Ali, so you will have to take her. Hurry up. Hurry. Be quick. Put on your veils.

Put on your veils. Mahi, please forgive me. I know you got upset on me closing the door that day. Maybe that is why you left without telling me. look, I am here now, let go of your anger now. Are you out of your mind? Why have you come? I am surprised, I thought when I would come here maybe you would apologize to me, that you came here without telling me, instead you are scolding me. Apologize for what? I didn’t have to live there all my life, I had to return so I came back. The question is, why did you come here? To meet you. You returned back without telling me, I got really worried. Whatever was in my heart remained unsaid. Yes. With what relation? With the relation of friendship, you called me your friend, and I had considered you my friend, so can a friend say to another friend…. No, lets bygones be bygones. I spoke to you nicely in the function of the wedding, you are after me.

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