Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 Ep 06 -19th Mar 21

Come mister, come. Come on. Come. This is your room. Rest for a little while, then I will arrange something for you to eat, if you need anything, then call Basheera. Be strong. Be strong. Oh, I am hurt bad. It’s a small injury, it will be fine. Careful. Careful. You lie down here. Careful. Make him lie down carefully. What happened to Dilawar? He got shot. How did he get shot? He went with junior Shah jee, there were some feudal lords there… I will not leave them. Are you people mad? How did you leave without me? how is junior Shah jee? By the grace of God, Shah jee is fine. I am fine. I am absolutely fine. These damned men, got me insulted. I really want to skin them alive. He got shot! Mr. Shah, you shouldn’t have gone without me, if something would have happened to you, what would I have told Mr. Shah? Are you fine? Yes, I am fine Nooray. Who is this new servant? This mister has come from Lahore, senior Shah jee gave him a job.

Straighten your arm. Okay. Hey, can you drive? Yes, sir. I drive. And what about firing a bullet? Hello little master, elder Shah is calling you. Fine, you go I will come. Give him turmeric milk and bandage him, we need to settle the score, be prepared. Be brave, be quiet. As you order sir. What are you looking at? Get water and the keys. Be careful. I will shoot Bagga myself. Shoot him, be brave, show me. your shoulder is fine, thank God your bone is safe. It hurts a lot. You are young. Oh, oh. It hurts a lot. How are you now? I am fine. I am just fine. Did you take any medication? You have really high fever, did you take any medication? Yes, I have sent someone. Okay, you wait, I will ask someone to get the medication. No, you leave it.

You wait, I will ask someone to get it. Listen to me, mister. Sajal. Hey Sajal. Coming aunt. Come fast, the madam are here, make arrangements. Run fast. Get aside. Get aside.00:06:14.01] Mister, what are you doing here? This is the female portion of the mansion, its forbidden to come here. I was going to get medication for Dilawar. He has fever. Dilawar will get his medication, but do keep this thing in mind, forever. Never step in this portion of the mansion, or you will lose your life. No one will be able to find your bones even. Come on now, lower your gaze and come after me. Madam Mahi, look at him, that man was looking at me with his eyes and mouth wide open, like it was not Sajal, but a circus. I am thinking it would had been better had I slapped him twice, with my slipper, it would have been better. Nora came and dragged him, I am sure it was one of his relative. It’s fine. You are after one person. Why shouldn’t I? Madam Fakeera told me before coming here not to talk to any servant or else they start saying that Sajal is having affairs. To be honest madam Mahi, I am really angry. I want to go talk to him right now. There is no need, why do you want to get into an argument for no reason. Go make me tea. As you wish. How are you feeling now? Now I am much better.

You got worried for no reason. This is daily routine. I had heard that Saeen Kazim Shah is a big feudal here and also a heir too. Then why does his son fight so much? Yes, you heard right, he is a leader, heir and a rich feudal too. There is no one who can be compared to him in the area. When he says its day, then its day, if he says it’s night, then it’s night. Then his opposition? Those who attacked you people? Hey, they didn’t attack, we did. Actually, these are all issues of junior Shah jee, he has stepped in to politics. Now you know politics is a cruel thing, it doesn’t care for anyone, it only desires blood. Now the election is next year, God knows how much bloodshed there will be. This is just the starting. Why doesn’t Kazim Shah ask his son to stop? Why does he not ask him to step back from all this? What city have you come from? So naïve. Hey, why would senior Shah jee stop junior Shah jee? Remember, everyone likes gaining power and losing old age. Now see, if junior Shah jee becomes an MNA or MPA then the senior Shah jee will have respect.

You know, what is the best intoxication in the world? Which one? The intoxication of power. The intoxication of power. All intoxication loses its meaning in front of it. Tell me something, do you do drugs? I have smoked with friends secretly without my father knowing. Hey, cigarettes have no intoxication! Idiot. It just makes the smoke go in your veins and makes you dark. The real intoxication is the one that lights a fire in the chest. A fire in the chest is what I mean. Not just ashes. And the women of his home? They are educated, right? Hey! No. no. They are women who put veils on, you don’t have to talk about them. Nora told me, you went to the female section accidentally. Don’t even go there as a mistake in future. Okay? Those women stay behind seven veils. In future… You people have really worried me. does anyone work properly in this mansion or not? Because of you people, I get insulted so much, do you even know? Mr. Saleem, you are Nora’s nephew, you should make them understand and work diligently. Hey, you are sweeping the place right now, I had told you to sweep the place in the morning, and clean it all. You people don’t understand a simple thing. Hey.

You, come here! Yes, I am talking to you. Come here. Don’t you understand something easily? Who are you? Where have you come from? I am Farhad, who are you? Sajal. My name is Sajal, I am the in charge on the male and female section, what do you understand? I understand, meaning you too are a servant here just like me. What? Hey, talk with respect. Who did you call a servant? Okay forgive me, I made a mistake madam in charge, I am new here, I have never worked in such a big mansion before that I would know what to call whom. Okay fine, no problem, I forgive you, next time be careful. Listen to me carefully, men are not allowed in the female section. Get it? Yes, do your work. Okay, you know, these people really hide their women behind veils, I am sure they keep a strict eye on them too. You are old here, why do they do that? Nothing like that, the management of this home is in the hands of senior Sarkar, meaning the wife of senior Shah. Elder Shah has two children, Nazim Shah and his younger daughter, madam Mahi. Now the wife of Nazim Shah, that is the daughter in law of elder Sarkar, she is called the younger Sarkar.

Do you understand? Fine. Now listen to me carefully, in the female section, they have female servants. Only Noora from the male section has permission to go to the female section. Now Noora has protected the mansion since elder Shah’s young age, and younger Shah, he has played in Noora’s arms. This means, Noora is the special servant. Yes, Noora is the in charge of all of us, he puts our duties, and he is answerable too. Noora is really strict, he is always upset, no one can refuse him. Listen, don’t go and tell him all this. Go now, let the air pass. I have a lot of work. Okay in charge. Listen, you are a good man. An idiot! But papa, this was necessary to do this with them. This is nothing minor. Not something minor.

I didn’t expect you to be so stupid. Even the IG has complained to me about this. Papa, they were messing with us constantly. Now if the enemy instigates me, should I have left from there quietly? No, son, no, this is not politics. There are ways to attack. The enemy instigated you and you attacked, a weak attack. You have made the enemy dangerous. Do you want anything my daughter? No mama, you just come. No one has attention towards food, they are just talking. Look at that. I don’t know papa, I… Mr. Shah, stop it please. You two, father and son talk about the same thing over food, the same political discussion. My heart is worried day and night, till the time politics entered this mansion. Now have food, you two talk about this in the male section. Come on eat food. Okay then, Sarkar, we will not talk. We will not discuss politics now. Okay papa. Okay, so my daughter Mahi, how is your education going? What have you decide to do finally? It’s going well papa, by the grace of God. And you yourself said that I will go to London for my thesis after my finals.

No, no need for it my daughter, you have studied enough, we don’t want you to do a job. Look at your sister in law, she didn’t even complete her BA, I asked for her for my Nazim Shah. I tell the same, but she doesn’t listen to me. Till the time the girls are home, they are the responsibility of their family, now if you want go abroad and study, then make this wish there, where you will get married and go. You know well Mahi, that girls in our family are made to sit at home after school. You are lucky papa permitted you to go to university. I was against this too. Everyone knows this. Leave it. We will see. Come on, come have food. Come. Sit down. Here you go. Are you worried thinking about your son? Obviously, I am his mother, I don’t know what stone you have put on your heart. I cannot stay away from Farhad. He has taken the biggest decision of his life. Honestly, I couldn’t even think he would take such a decision.

Thankfully if he has started to do something, then don’t dishearten him. You know how careless he is. If the buttons of his shirt break, he cant even fix it. How will he care for himself? If he used to get food late, he would get upset, who will care for him there, who will care for him? Time and situation teach a man a lot, he too will learn. Then he has decided to leave home, such a big decision. He didn’t leave the home just like that. Not at all, honestly, he took the decision tired of your sarcasm. Everyone was after him, everyone was after him, what could he do? Now everyone is happy, everyone is at peace, that one person’s share is less now. You surprise me. Are we his enemy? Your son is absolutely fine. Did he not call Sajjad and tell him that he has reached and is fine. Control your heart, for the betterment of children, parents have to put the biggest of stone on their heart. No, I cannot put a stone on my heart, my heart is not that strong. And nor can I act to be happy in front of people. I have told you. I am telling you, I will suffer like this till Farhad return. I will stay restless. I am leaving. Yes mister, will you be able to drive this? Yes, I will be able to drive it.

You don’t just have to drive it, at times you have to make it go fast or even fly. Don’t worry, you wont be disappointed. Well done. This is good about you, you are not afraid of getting into any work and such a man works in our area. The one who fears is dead. Come sit, I will check your driving. Nooray. Hey, Nooray. Order me, Mr. Shah. Mahi’s car will go with mama, so you go drop Mahi to university. Fine? As you order, Mr. Shah. Mr. Shah, if you allow me, can I take him along, he will see the route and I will see his driving. Yes, take him, Dilawar is injured, I could need a driver at any moment. Yes, on the way back, take him to the Kacha, explain the area and work, both to him. Fine, Mr. Shah. Come on. Come on. Move aside everyone. Move aside everyone. Stand properly. Move aside everyone. Move aside everyone.

What are you saying Fakeera? Did you see him properly? Yes, junior Sarkar, I saw him with my own eyes. He was the same man from Lahore, who used to go around with Mahi madam, and he was with Noora and Noora took him along to drop Mahi madam. What? Oh God. Why did that man reach here? That is why I used to tell Mahi not to let that boy get so frank. Yes, true. If someone finds out then? No, no one should find out about this or else all hell will break loose, you know this well. We will be trouble, but that boy will be killed for no reason. Yes, but no matter what, he came after Mahi madam. Now how long can this thing be hidden? They will find out one day. You are right, we will have to find out a solution for this problem. I will do something. When madams or either of the Sarkars get out of the car, then step aside, they consider it disrespect. You will not get a chance to complain after today. Come, I will show you the area, and check your driving.

Yes junior Sarkar, it’s confirmed news, those people have reached Bahawalpur. Really? I thought it would take them some more days to reach. Saeen, I went to Bahawalpur myself. There was a death in Saeen Kazim Shah’s relatives because of which all women of the home had to return immediately. Okay, fine, then we should wait for a few days too, God knows how the environment of their home would be like. Yes, Saeen, I think the same. Saeen, elder Saeen is here, I will leave. Go. Thank you. What is the matter Mr. Taimur? You are talking secretly with my special man, who I feel has become special for you more than me. No, brother, I have not taken away your special loyal man, yes, there was a small task, he did that. Now I am just waiting to tell mama, after that no secret will be a secret. What do you mean? Oh wow, wow, wow. Congratulations. It’s good, you came even if late. This Essa was of no use to me, but if he came in use for you, then I got my money’s worth. Uncle, you play XBOX with us, you say that you will play on the weekend, but you don’t stop talking. Yes, it’s the weekend, but don’t you people have to study? Uncle, there is no studying on the weekend, we will just play X-Box with you and papa. No, your father has work, he has to go. Take your uncle. Come on.

After all, I don’t get your computer games, okay I will go. Be ready, I am coming. Okay, come on. You make me talk to Mr. DC. Yes Noora, you are back. Yes, Mr. Shah, I have checked his driving, the boy is useful. We will see that too. You make preparations, I will visit the area. Yes, the police protocol should be there. all the counsellors from our area, they should be responsible for the preparations in their area. Right, Noora, is it fine? yes, Mr. Shah it will be done. Mr. Shah, should I consider my job confirmed? What happened mister, why are you being hasty? You being here confirms your job, no one can enter here without his permission. Thank you so much Mr. Shah. Come on, it’s done. It’s done. Mr. Shah is busy. Don’t make this mistake again or I will complain to madam about you. Go now, do your work. Okay, so you had your duty on that big car today. Wow, great. Did you see, me putting in a good word for you got you an important duty, now don’t get me insulted. Its your favour on me, madam in charge. I pray to God your kids have a long life. Hey, I don’t have children right now. You don’t? No problem, you will have them soon. There is delay, but no darkness there.

Move on, idiot. You are mad. Sajal. Hey, Sajal! Yes, coming. Friendship? You know how big the word ‘Friendship’ is, what it means? You have stand together in tough times. Mahi, I wanted to talk to you about something. Or else, what is in the heart might remain there. I know you too want to say something to me. I just played a little game, he is here to turn the tables. What will happen now, Mahi?

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