Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 Ep 05 -12th Mar 21

I didn’t expected this from you Farhad, move and never come in my way again. No Mahi, you are taking me wrong, please… Move out of my way. Mr. Munshi, after today’s sunset, you need to give charity at the shrine. Nothing should lack, you need to do it under your observation. Zain will also come with me. You don’t worry madam, everything will be fine. May everything be fine. Careful, keep everything, don’t miss anything. What happened mama? Where are you going? May you live a long life. I have decided to do charity for your sake. Now till your wife doesn’t come to this mansion, I will give charity every Thursday at elder Peer’s shrine. Come on mama, the world has progressed so much, and you are doing all this. Brother too visits the shrine every week, what is the need of all this? No son, you shouldn’t say that, these shrines have done us a lot of favors, God’s devoted men, rest there. But mama, you yourself taught us that profit and loss, all is in God’s hands.

He writes everyone’s fate too. Without a doubt. There is no doubt. Everything is in God’s hand. But son, God’s devoted men can still put your case forward, that’s it, they are a way to get your request to God. Fine mama, as you wish. Yes, but don’t ask me to go there. I went to the shrine once with brother, I met a man there, he was saying something weird. What was he saying? I don’t know he was telling me not to travel. Then he said, if this is your wish, then go travel. Then I don’t know what weird things he started saying, I found him really weird. No, son, no. you don’t call such men weird. You ask them to pray for you. To pray.

Poor thing was so worried, she was crying so much, she said she is missing home, them me and aunty made her stop with so much difficulty, sister in law. Is she mad? What is there to cry about in this? That’s the thing, earlier she kept on saying that she wants to go to her in-laws, I will go to Faris, I will do this, I will do that, she had planned so much, she made me so tired, and now she is crying. What is this? I will never do this sister in law. Everything about is unique, Mahi and don’t talk like this, what if you are crying like her in future. I will never do this, sister in law. Never! Madam. Madam. What happened Fakira? Why are you so worried? Shah Sahab has called from home. Hello uncle. What? Okay, we will leave in a while. Yes. Where are we going and why? I have said so many times that you should wake up on time, but your sleep never ends. Now you are late, you miss your bus every day. Get lost. Damn it. Mama, ask brother to drop us.

Farhad, my son, you are going? If you are going, please drop them to the college, they missed the bus again. Mama, the Seth has given me this car for his work, not to drop them to college. After all, I have to reach the bank at 12 noon. Hey, brother, please take us. All our friends are meeting for the last time, then we will have our exams, how will we meet? I don’t know about the rest, Fari, but I know you two well. You will fail and also keep on studying in the same class. I know your friends and how useless they are. Do you see aunt, how is he showing off on a car he doesn’t even own, like its his own. Yes, I will have my own, and I will still not give you permission to sit in it. Leave it. Come on, brother, drop us, all our friends will see us in the car, they will be so impressed. Please brother. See mama, they missed the bus on purpose, so that they can go in this great car and create an impression on their friends, but I still won’t go. Be quiet, you do what I have told you. Take them and drop them. Mama… Yes, I have said it. Come on.

Yes we are ready, we will just get our bags. You did good, in fact, now that you are going, take me along. Drop me at aunt Sughra’s home, I have not asked how she is for the past two days. In fact, her son got a motorcycle and she was showing off, I will go in a car today, it will be so good. I will go get my scarf. Hey, Fari. Where is my black scarf? Go and give it to her quickly, or I won’t take you. Coming mama. Thank God we got a flight for Multan. Here are your tickets, Kazim will take you from the airport. Thank you uncle. Hey, Rida is calling, should I tell her? No aunty, don’t tell her anything right now, she will not like it. Once I reach, I will call her myself and I know she will understand. Aunty, I would have surely left Mahi, but everyone in the home would mind. Its okay, I understand. Come on, I think we should go, its time for the flight. Come on. Come. I will check the luggage. Fakira, that black bag. Rasheeda, distribute the food to everyone. I will come. Yes, hello. Hello. Greetings. Please pray for me. my son, Taimur, he is naïve and stupid, But he is good at heart, don’t mind anything he says. There is a marriage in your city, the game has started. Everything is an illusion. Whose marriage? The one whose home comes after crossing your home. Learn to keep the doors of your home open, a lot of passengers will come. Some on shoulders and some on their feet.

No, no. don’t say that. You get brides on shoulders. Palanquin will arrive. Palanquin will arrive. Palanquin will arrive. Palanquin will arrive. Palanquin will arrive. Palanquin will arrive. Palanquin will arrive. Palanquin will arrive. Palanquin will arrive. God. Palanquin will arrive at your home. Yes, sister in law, the plane took off on time, they will be reaching soon. Yes, you inform me. God be your protector. Farhad. Hello sir. Hello. Was all the work done? Yes, it was all done. The bank manager cleared all the cheques too. He wanted to talk to you, but I think you were busy. There was an emergency. I spoke to the bank manager. Have a seat. Sir, what is the matter? The home is surprisingly quiet today. Yes, most of the guests left last night, and the guests from Bahawalpur, I just dropped them myself. What do you mean? I don’t get it. No, I mean the reception is still going on. Oh, there was an emergency, a close relative in the family passed away.

So they had to go. So won’t they come back? I mean, those people. No, no, there is no chance. The reception is tomorrow and Shah, I mean Mahi’s father is really strict, I called Mahi here on Rida’s insistence for the sake of my old friendship. He won’t let her come now, now Rida will have to go there to meet her. Fine, I will rest for a little while. I have not gotten a chance to rest in two weeks. You have food, then we will discuss the details of the function in the evening. You also check with the people supplying the boxes, we have to take them to the boy’s family tomorrow. Okay? What, man? She has gone back? Without meeting you? Without telling you? What are you saying? How is this possible? This is the truth, her father called, and he asked her to come and she had to leave. Still man, she should have called you once and informed you about her departure. This is what I am thinking, I don’t know what was worrying her. She was upset with me, so she didn’t call me. You should have at least called her. If she didn’t call, then at least we should know what happened. I have called several times on the number she gave me for some work of hers. Did I not say, she is playing with Farhad, her work is done and she is gone.

Hey. She is not that sort of girl. I have told you, she was upset because I locked the door. She got a call and left. So? Leave it Farhad, Bala is right, if she was really interested, she would have called, if not call she would have left a letter, a sign, she would have talked about her departure. Stop it. I am sure there was something worrisome, what do you know? Your heart is mad. Come on, leave it. If she left, she left. You don’t lack girls. A lot from the locality die for you. Don’t worry, please sit. Sit down. No man, I will go after her. I will look for her, I will look in her eyes, and talk to her clearly. Have you gone mad? Do you even know what family she belongs too, where she lives, how will you meet her? Even if she lives on the seventh sky, or the in the core of earth, my heart says I will meet her. Farhad. Come have food, mama is calling you. Food is served, come on. I am not hungry, I will eat later. Hey come on, and unexpectedly, even papa is calling you, it’s a good chance to be a good son, come on. I am not hungry, and after all, you have the designation of being a good son, you can have it.

I was bad, I am fine that way. Farhad, what is the matter? Is everything okay? Everything is fine. I am just a little unwell, I will eat when I get better. Fine, then come. Shall we be friends? Brother, come and eat. Hey, I said I am not hungry right now! Do I need to tell everyone? I will eat when I am hungry. What happened to him? Why are you taking someone else’s anger on the food? I have made food myself, I made your favorite meat. Hey, congratulations on the meat you cooked. No one can sit in this home without being bothered. Fari, what happened to him? I don’t know, brother has been in a bad mood since evening. Hey listen, have you really cooked meat? If you have cooked it, then give me some, if not brother, we will eat it. Okay, I will get it. Bahawalpur? What happened, that all of a sudden… No sir, not all of a sudden, I in fact always wanted to change my board to Bahawalpur, the thing is marking is really strict here, maybe because the merit is high. So I thought I would get my board changed to a small city, give the exams, then maybe I will pass. I had told you that my father has given me a final warning, I will not be able to tolerate supplementary exams.

So this means your father wants your degree, regardless how you get it. I mean, what is the hurry? I had thought that I would keep you in my office with me, you will be able to support me. Sir, I will come back. Sir, I don’t think I can explain to you why its important for me to go, why its necessary to stay away from home. If I was not in such a dire need, I would never have left you. You had mentioned you have a friend in Bahawalpur, I thought I would mention it to you. If this is a problem for you, then leave it. There is no problem. Look, if you want it so intensely, then there must be a reason for sure. There is no issue in Bahawalpur, he is like my brother, my relative, Mr. Shah. I will call him, you go to Bahawalpur. Thank you sir. I will never forget this favor of yours. There is no favor in this. And listen, you have promised me that when your work is complete, you will come back and join my office. As soon as I come back! You just pray that the mission I am going on, I win in it. God willing.

I will call Mr. Shah right now, when do you want to go? Tomorrow. Oh, hello. Mr. Shah. Farhad, why are you going? Look, you can work staying here too. How will I live without you? No, I won’t let you go. Look at that. Earlier everyone used to pester me to do something, now that I am doing something, you people are stopping my way. you can also work staying here. The one who works cannot show tantrums. Now I will have to go where the business owner wants to you go. I am going. But brother, we will get sad without you. When you go, we will really miss you. Yes, she is right. Listen to me, you are not even in the habit to stay away from home for a night, how will you live, who will feed you, who will wash your clothes. Mama, where I am going its not a mountain or jungle, where I am going there are people, there must be arrangements too. Everything will be fine. What do you people want, that I don’t progress? I should, right? He is right. If changing the city can help him in progressing, then why not? He should go. Are you going somewhere? Take care of Fariha and mama.

Farhad. Where are you going? Tell your papa to get a newspaper subscription, I am going. Don’t go, man. Stop it, guys. Will you people make me cry? My shirt is already wet from Fari and mama’s tears. It won’t be fun without you. Stop it, man. Come on, we will meet. Listen, you are going, so then win her and come back or don’t come back. Don’t worry, I will win her and come or I will die. Damn you, dead! You have to win her and come back. Hey, mister. Is your name Farhad? Yes, my name is Farhad, Mr. Nisar has sent me. My name is Noora, Shah, Qazim Ali Shah has sent me to get you. Do you have more luggage? I just have this bag. Come on. Come on. Come on, mister. Why did you stop mister? This is the men’s section of the mansion, don’t worry, come without worrying. Come on. Wait here. Hey Aslam, give him your quarter. Okay? Nothing can be discussed further, we are done for the day. Go on. In the name of God. Hello Mr. Shah. Mr. Shah, the boy from Lahore is here. Okay. Okay.

Nisar was really praising you. Have you worked anywhere before? Do you have any experience of anything? No sir, I have not worked earlier, nor do I have experience. Okay, okay, so you are fresh. Its good. Its good. An inexperienced person takes deep impact of the first influence. Anyway, you keep him with you. Okay Mr. Shah. Give him a room in the quarter. Yes, Mr. Shah. You will stay with Noora, in his training. He was telling me you have some exams too. Yes. No problem, if you need anything, just tell Noora, it will be done. Shall we leave Mr. Shah? Yes, go. Come mister, come. Come on. Come. This is your room. Rest for a little while, then I will arrange something for you to eat, if you need anything, then call Basheera. Be strong. Be strong. Oh, I am hurt bad. It’s a small injury, it will be fine. Careful. Careful. You lie down here. Careful. Make him lie down carefully. What happened to Dilawar? He got shot. How did he get shot? He went with younger Shah, there were some feudal lords there… I will not leave them. Are you people mad? How did you leave without me? How is Shah? By the grace of God, Mr. Shah is fine. I am fine. I am absolutely fine. These men, got me insulted.

I really want to skin them alive. He got shot! Mr. Shah, you shouldn’t have gone without me, if something would have happened to you, what would I have told Mr. Shah? Are you fine? Yes, I am fine Nooray. Who is this new servant? This mister has come from Lahore, elder Shah gave him a job. Straighten your arm. Okay. Hey, can you drive? Yes, sir. I drive. And what about firing a bullet?

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