Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 Ep 04 – 5th Mar 21

Thank you. Pray for us, please. Sister in law, it’s me. Mahi, I will take your life. You know such a big issue has been created here. Sister in law, take my life later. First tell me, what is the situation? They have called ten times, the jeweller is waiting downstairs. I am going downstairs then. Hey, wait, I had told aunty that you are taking a shower, go wet your hair. Sister in law, you are really good. Thank you so much. by the grace of God, you are so intelligent. I will not do this again. I don’t know which friends of Rida were calling. Okay. Okay sister in law, you go to aunty, I will get Rida. Come quickly. Go. Rida, hurry up. Oh, Mr. Nisar. Yes? A lot of work is still left, how will they be done? Hah. Hey, this is so pretty. Its flipped, turn it around. Yes, turn it around. Oh. Yes. It looks so pretty. It looks beautiful. It will look great on that dress. See this too. Sir. Come in.

Hey, where were you? I was worried. Sir, there was a lot of traffic, and then the girls at the parlour. I got late. Okay. Tell me, are all the experts here? Is anyone left? No, all of them are here. Good, okay this issue is solve. Rida, child. Rida. Child, tell me, do you like the jewellery and diamond sets or not? Yes, papa, its really good, the jewellery is made exactly as I had asked. See. How wouldn’t he have made them as you wanted, he also knows that if there was some discrepancy, you would have made him visit again and again. Farhad. Yes. I will give you a cheque in the evening, you give it to Seth Motivala. Yes sir, I will give it myself. Also say thank you from me and tell him, that Rida really liked the jewellery. Okay? Done sir, I will deliver it. Yes, let me talk to mama.

Here, talk to her. She is not listening to me at all. She has given a final warning that if I don’t let her talk to her beloved son, she will not talk to him. Here, talk to her. Taimur, son, my beloved son. Where are you? Don’t you miss your mother? Hello mama. How can I forget my mother? Huh? Hello. Live long my son. your mother is sad without you, you have not come back for a long time. Mama, I will come soon. Come soon son. Bring water. Sikandar doesn’t listen to me. you listen to me. his children really miss you, where is uncle? Where is uncle? Mama, I would say get brother Sikandar married, his children are young, they will adjust, later they will have problems. If he agrees, then. If he just says once, I will get every pretty girl in Multan in front of him. but he doesn’t agree. Now son I think you bring me a daughter in law.

I cannot spend time alone. Fine, I am helpless, because you are asking for it. Mama, you won’t have an objection on my choice, right? Your mother can give her life for you, just give me a sign, I will marry the girl of your choice, even if I have to go sit at her door step for it. Then fine, its decided, I will come back and tell you my choice. I love you, you come back. Come soon. May God give you a long life and protect you. I will cut the call now. Goodbye. Naheed. Aunt. Naheed, where are you? Hey, you are sitting here, but not answering. See this, I got sweets for you, taste it, its really delicious. Has Farhad come back? Brother has not come yet. It’s been three days that I saw brother, he is working so hard, now I don’t know if he is working hard because of work or something else. The reason is clear. Big function in a big home, there will be a lot of fairies or else I have never seen Farhad so active for any work.

Yes, brother Sajjad was telling me, he has not even met his friends for three days or else he wouldn’t even stay away from them for three hours. He is really involved in work. To hell with you. God forbid he gets involved. I was just saying it, you always take it on yourself. I said what I felt, rest God knows. As God wishes. You are right. Us girls from small homes, have small dreams and its not necessary that someone else accepts us with those small dreams. It’s possible that, that person has big dreams. Okay, have sweets. Pick it up. Pick it up. Go stand there. Why? Near the balcony. Go now. Just there. Why? The light is so pretty Rida, I want to take some pictures of you. Man, the photographer took millions of pictures of me, I have had it. Yes, and then you will see those pictures at night, and you will say that these are not nice.

You look so pretty. A few pictures, come on. Okay, act shy like a proper bride. Smile. Yes, Mr. Ansari, after I sort all this, its your number. Okay listen, we have our last event with the boys family tomorrow. A close shot. Okay, now profile, look straight. Okay Yes, yes, after that it’s the reception, that is for the boys family to handle. Okay listen to me, we will talk about the rest when we meet. Okay. Bye. The makeup looks so pretty. Mahi, this is a good opportunity to talk to you. What happened? Mahi, go inside. Why? Yes? I wanted to move the arrangements. Go ahead. One second, I have to talk to you about something important. Yes, go ahead. What is it? Fakeera. Yes, madam Rida, I came to see madam Mahi.

Do you see Mahi here? She is in her room. Go. Yes. Leave! Yes madam, I am leaving. Farhad, can I call you brother? Actually, I don’t have a brother, and I have wanted since childhood that I had a brother. When my friends used to talk about their brothers, it felt weird. I used to think, I wish I had a brother, the one whom I would make wishes to, be stubborn with, he would fulfil my wishes, care for me. today, I just miss not having a brother. Hey, hey, hey, what is this? Such a strong girl and you are crying like this. Such a small issue? Fine then, from today, I am your brother. You can scream, and freely call me brother Farhad. If someone says something I will see. But tell me something, I am Mr. Seth’s employee, and that too contractual. Don’t present your emotions in front of someone, the society keeps a difference between classes, rich and poor.

I don’t care what people think. The way you have helped my father, cared for me, it’s worth more than any brother would ever do. I had considered you my brother when… You had considered me your brother, then its done. Then fine, from today I am your brother. I order you that you fix your mood immediately, make your mood good. I have a cat like you at home, I will make you meet her someday. She too knows this art of crying all of a sudden. Okay Brother Farhad, I have to talk about something really important… No, not right now. Right now you go and rest. I too have to go downstairs and give some final reports to Mr. Nisar, we will talk peacefully in detail. Okay, then whenever you have time, do listen to what I have to say.

Done, for sure. Come on. They are not that bad people. Hello. Hello. Come. Come. You want the paper, right? But the issue is that papa still hasn’t read it. Hey, your father was saying he would get his own subscription for the newspaper, then why didn’t he? Yes, I didn’t come to get the newspaper, I wanted Farhad to do something. Okay. Today is the last day of my exam fee submission, so I was saying… Let me be, I have a lot of work today. It won’t take long, I would have gone alone but… But what? Huh? You go around the locality all day long, but now when its time to submit the fees, we do it. Farhad, what is this behaviour? Do you talk like this to neighbours? If you go with the poor thing, how would it matter? It will only take an hour. Leave it aunt. Take her. After all, he can drive around princess’ in big cars, a poor girl like me has no worth that he would take me along. Mama, its not about an hour, its about the mile long queue there. after all, there is a lot of rush on the last date of fee submission. Ask brother Sajjad, he went to pay Pari’s fees. He got time for 5 pm in the evening.

So what should this girl do now? Have you gone mad? Its bad. She doesn’t have a brother, if she had a brother, she would never have begged you. Brother Farhad is like Naheed’s elder brother, now younger sisters have some right. Right, Naheed? Leave it, I will pay the fees myself. Tell me something, what does your father do all day long at home? No, I mean, I never saw him doing anything, apart from reading the newspaper, or sitting at the hotel at the corner and listening to old sad songs. Put some responsibilities on his shoulders or will we do everything? Here child, give it to me, give me the form and the money, I will get it submitted. I will send a peon from the office. Give it. Hey, give it to me, Farhad is busy nowadays, or else I would have really given it to him. Okay, bye. Okay papa, bye. Bye. I wish I had someone I would call my own. Hey. Hey. Welcome. Brother.

How are you? What mama? You are fine. Brother was saying that you are not well. My son, my prince, I get fine seeing you. What will happen to me when you are in front of me? But this is cheating. You know, I got a flight with such difficulty from Lahore and then I left all my luggage in Lahore. Your mother loves you. The luggage will come too, you come inside. Come on. When you are not here, the whole mansion looks empty without you. Without you, my heart gets sad. Hey, this is what you call not having any worth. I mean the son who is always with the mother, the heart doesn’t get sad for him. Hey idiot, the two of you are my life, one is my heart, the other my heartbeat. Stop. I will catch you. Stop. Mama, how is the little devil now? How will you run? Thank God, he is better. Shahzain, Bano, come, your uncle is here. I pray that God protects my child.

You don’t worry. Come here. Meet him He will be fine in a few days. How are you? How are you? Fine. This champ is really strong, he will get rid of the illness too, right? Uncle, today is the weekend, so we decided that we will spend the entire day with you. Child, uncle traveled, he must be tired. I am not tired at all. I came on a plane, I didn’t walk. Today is for you people. Okay? We will also make your papa play with us. Wow, it will be fun uncle, and my team will be with you. And my team with papa. But uncle plays better, we will defeat you two. Yes. Papa is the strongest, no one can defeat him. Yes, then it’s a bet. It’s a bet! We will defeat him today. My lovely daughter. You too come. Oh damn. Oh man. Whose plane is this? Its Mr. Nisar’s plane, I came nearby, I thought I would meet you poor people too. Wow. Farhad, you look really well maintained today, great clothes, fresh shave, I feel you are wearing an expensive perfume. Idiots, I am working in an affluent home, papa told me to go like this, so I am trying. That’s it. We know everything my friend, what are you after.

Tell us honestly, did things progress further or not? No man, we don’t get time in all the work. Just pray. Oh… What do you mean? You have not told her what is in your heart. No. Farhad, tell her what is in your heart, or else what if you are there for her wedding preparations too. Hey, don’t say something bad, if you don’t look good. Why would I make the preparations? You people will do, you are her brothers. I will sit there with class, as a groom. Wow, my groom. Oh, my groom, my prince, we will play tunes for you, your bride will accompany you, hey groom, we will… Farhad, if you really want that you don’t work on her wedding preparations, then my love, tell her what is in your heart. For the first time you have said something useful. I always say useful thing. Rida’s wedding is in two days, then the reception, then it will be over. Then I will need a reason to go to Seth Nisar’s home. I will have to do something quick. Hey, Farhad, at least feed us the food from the wedding. We will see sister in law like this. Move back, you will see sister in law.

Why do you people forget I am working there, its not my in-laws home, that I give you people invitation. It will become your in-laws home. But okay, one thing is for sure, when Seth Nisar pays me my first salary, I will take you people for dinner. Wow. Promise, right? Promise. But I will go now. Where? I have to do work, what else? Drama. Open this door for me. You are no Seth, go away. You are our friend. Go safely. Go. Bye. Bye. Come on. There mama, your beloved is sitting in front of you, ask him yourself. I am a plain and simple man, I know nothing but running the farms. You ask him yourself. This is a good excuse. You are a complete feudal lord, I have seen your real side in front of your workers. Hey, working in fields is just like being a boss. If you don’t keep a stiff eye and hard hand, then you lose both the land and worker.

Wow. Great. Stop it now Sikandar. You two are messing with me. You tell me, what girl did you like in Lahore. You were telling your mother stories on the phone, now tell me the whole story. Mama, the story hasn’t started yet. I have surely seen the girl. Where? She is not from Lahore, but she is from an area nearby. But when the story is revealed, then you will be the first to know. I will give my life. I am counting days, don’t make me wait too long. Fine. Sir, this is the checklist of the work, the information and everything is in here. Madam told me, she needed some changes in the menu, I have spoken to the chef personally, he has given me confirmation that all will be done. Good. Thank you. Sir, these are some receipts. You gave me extra money to spend in the morning, I will not take a lot of your time. Thank you. Farhad, listen. Yes, sir. Thank you very much. At time you don’t find words to thank someone.

I love this honestly of yours, Rida is right, only sons do this. Thank you sir. But now you are embarrassing me. No. Maybe you yourself don’t know how good are at managing things. I really like this honesty of yours. Your parents are so lucky to have a son like you. No sir, here my father thinks differently. He thinks that I am the useless one in the family. Really? Maybe he doesn’t know that the one he considers useless, is actually the most precious one. Look son if you ever need anything in your life, do tell me. I will really feel happy doing your work. I will surely tell you sir. I will go right now do your work. Yes, no, you are right… one second, I will come. No, no, thank you. You go, I will come. Thank you. Mahi, listen to me, where are you going? I have been looking for you for so long. Not right now, I have something important aunt has told me to do, let me do that, I am getting late. Yes, but I want to talk to you about something important, before you leave. I actually wanted to say… See, the groom is here, I have to stop the groom’s way too. You messed it all up.

We will talk after the function now. You still haven’t hidden the shoes, someone will see it. What are you doing? Why did you lock the door? Mahi, I wanted to talk about something important or else what is in the heart will remain in the heart. And I know you too want to say something to you. I didn’t expect this action from you, Farhad. Move out of my way and never come in my way again. No Mahi, you are considering me wrong, listen to me, please. I… Move out of my way. Sir, you are still sitting here. Has madam not returned? No, she will stay with her for a while, she will be at peace. My daughter has a small heart, she gives up easily. Even you have given up sir. She is young, but at least you be strong. You are right. I am really sad on the inside too. After sending off daughters, why do our filled home get sad? It feels like you got someone’s curse. Now see this home, a little while back, she was laughing here, playing around, making us fulfill her wishes, and now, now she left everything and went. You worry for no reason sir, Faris is a good boy.

Rida will be happy with her. He will care for her. By the will of God. You do one thing, clear everyone’s payment tonight. Let no one’s due be on us, you need to ensure this. Sir more than half of the people have been paid here, there are a few contractors, who were not present here. I will pay them off as soon as they come tomorrow. Don’t worry. You too have to come in the morning and clear your accounts with me. I cannot make payment for your spirit and dedication, but still, tell me whatever you want, without any formality. Sir, can I say something to you? Go ahead. Sir, I don’t want more money for this job, you have already paid me enough in advance.

I gave them to papa, if I had those, I would have returned those too. And after all Rida has called me her brother, and now do brothers take money to marry off their sisters? I know. I had told you, my eyes recognise a man, you are not at all a useless coin, you are a diamond. And only a jeweller knows the worth of a diamond. If Rida called you her brother, then with that relation, you are something to me too. Whatever I am giving you is with the happiness of my heart, as your elder and don’t consider your payment, and you will not say a word in this matter, understand? Yes, sir, I understand. You take my car, and get the payment straight from the bank. Don’t ever think that after the work is done, your relation with this home will end. Sure. You can come here whenever you want, I will be happy with the core of my heart Thank you sir. I didn’t expect this action from you Farhad, move out my way and never come in my way again. No Mahi, you are taking me wrong, please… Move out of my way.

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