Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 Ep 03 – 26th Feb 21

What are you people doing? I have told you the stage won’t be set there, it would be set here. Listen to me, the stage for Mehndi will be set here too, don’t forget that. I won’t have to repeat myself, right? Thank you very much. For you. You are working for so long, drink. No, no, I feel you have the had the same attack, right now you will make me drink juice, then you won’t let me have dinner at night. You know, what I went through because of you. But today I have done proper arrangement for my hunger, I won’t need it. Lentils. I was just a little angry yesterday and I am not that cruel that I kill you out of hunger. Your anger ruined me, and I don’t know, you may have mixed something in this. No, there is a lot of work. Look, you made fun of me once, And then I made fun, so we are even. Honestly, I am sorry. Should we be friends? Friends? You know how big the word friendship is, what it means, you need to stand by someone in tough times.

I know the meaning of friendship but if you think that I have mixed something in this juice for you, then I will take the first sip. Thank you. Friends? Friends. What are you saying? He and work? I feel the sun has come out from the wrong side. I was thinking the same. Just think, brother Farhad waking up early and going to work, it’s one of the signs of judgment day. But can I say something? I am really scared of these people who live in these mansions. They are really selfish people. Whenever they need you, they miss you then only. Yes, I don’t know. Papa is happy that his son is working, but I don’t know about brother Farhan, if he is enjoying work or not. You know he is the king of his heart. When the need arises, you need to do this. Why are you worried? No Mahi, I don’t think you should play this dangerous game.

You cannot trust these boys, they don’t take a moment to blow things out of proportion. And what about the bodyguard by the name of Fakheera who has been sent with us by mama, what about her? Hey sister in law, why do you worry? It’s a matter of four days, after all, we have to leave from here, we don’t have to live here for all our life. And then in these four days, this Romeo will be of good use to us. I am really scared Mahi. You just be scared, tell me, do you want to meet Faris or not? I want to meet him, but… No ifs or buts, let me follow my plan, or else cry on Faris being upset, don’t come complaining to me. What is your plan? I will tell you. Come. Aunty, nowadays, no matter what the event is, whether its Henna, Mayun or reception, the make up is done as per the dress. So I have thought that I would take Rida to a really good parlor, get her makeup done, make her look pretty. After all, you get married once, aunt. All of Rida’s wishes needs to be fulfilled, right? That is fine child, but even after shifting to the city, we still are a little backward in some cases. Show me this. Yes, this one. We don’t like a girl who is about to get married stepping out of the house.

You know, we are a little superstitious in this matter. My mother in law used to say it’s a bad omen, no outsider should see the girl, that is why I have called the biggest beautician in the city. Show me this green one. But aunty, how can the make up be done at home? I will surely get Rida back home in two hours, you try and talk to uncle. No child, I cannot give you permission for this. Aunty, but once… No ifs and buts child, I agree we have shifted to the city but our customs are still attached to our land. Show me this one. You, yourself, child belong to a cultured family, you understand these things well. Yes aunty, I understand. That’s it, no further arguments on this topic. Two, four, six, call as many beauticians you want, Rida will not step out of the house, she will only step out after her marriage. Yes aunty. I like this one. Will this go with it? It is a really good color. It looks nice, really pretty. Amazing. Really intricate work. God bless. I told you earlier that mama won’t agree. What do we do now, Mahi? Faris will get upset with me. What did he say? Where does he want you to come? He has asked me to come to Teli-catison. Call him, I will talk to him. His phone is off. He is really stubborn. Now he will only talk to me, when I will go and meet him. Mahi madam, that… Yes, what happened? I came to ask what dress do you want me to iron for the evening? I will select it myself. Fine. Call him.

Look, you made a joke, I made one, so we are even. Honestly, I am sorry. Friends? Farhad. Sorry. Essa. Hello sir. Hello. You took so long. Come on, come inside. Did you find out anything? Yes, Saeen, I have found out everything. The address in Bahawalpur, wealth, family, the name of her ancestors. Well done. This is what I expected from you. What family does this girl belong to? Saeen, they are affluent people, they are rich, rulers, with a lot of followers. They have a lot of influence in the community, people really respect them. Apart from this, there is something special in that girl, that I cannot forget about her. Saeen, what is the order for me? Essa, you have made me happy, you deserve a prize. Hey Saeen, my parents, my seven generations will lay their life for you, now don’t embarrass me by giving me a prize. Keep it Essa.

Hey, Saeen… as you order me Saeen. Did you find out anything else? When will these guests go home? When will this wedding function end? Yes, I found out, tomorrow is the Henna ceremony of the girl, I feel they will get free from the wedding in two to four days. Two to four days. What is your plan, Saeen? Till the time that girl is in the city, my heart doesn’t agree on leaving. We will stay for a day or two, I will have to convince mama, that’s it. As you wish Saeen. Okay Saeen, bye. If beauty is poisonous, it takes a life. If a tyrant doesn’t do tyranny, who will call them a tyrant. Come here, what are you doing? Keep this here, you people go and see there, no work should stop. If something stops, you will come and tell me first. okay? Okay. Go. Farhad, listen. One minute, listen to me. I want you to do something, I am thinking if I should tell you or not because if you say no, all my hopes will be shattered. You tell me, I will not say no. Are you sure? Think about it. The work is a little difficult. There is nothing difficult or easy in my life, everything can be done. Fine, I will tell you tomorrow. Okay. Listen. If there is something important, you can tell me right now. Okay… Its Rida’s fiance’s birthday, he wants to meet her. But uncle won’t let her leave, since she is sitting in her mayun. Okay, there is a lot of tension. So what is your plan? We are trying to find a solution for this problem, you be prepared mentally.

Don’t worry. Okay listen. If you want, we can kidnap him. What is wrong? Are you mad? Will you get me killed? I will tell you. Madam Mahi. Yes. Where are you? Everyone is asking for you. You know the guests have been asking for pans for so long. You don’t care. I am bringing it, go. Come soon. Yes. Farhad. You are really good. Oh damn, don’t tell me? the girl shook your hand so soon? She didn’t just shake my hand, she also became my friend, she said she will live up to my friendship. Great. Great. Man, Farhad, you are having a good time. Man, Farhad, get me a rich girl from defence as well. I swear I have not been in love for so many years. Why don’t you say clearly, no one gives you importance, because of these actions. This is the truth, what can I do. Man, you leave him, tell me what is your future plan? I feel the girl is crazy after you.

If you listen to me Farhad, don’t take long to say I love you. Yes. Girls of today and empty rickshaws are no different, they can always get a ride. Yes, he is right. What if you too stand alone on the road. No, I will not let that happen. I am waiting for the right time, then I will see, and say it immediately that I love you. He will say I love you? He will say I love you? Yes. You cannot say it. I will say it. Fine, then it’s a bet. Fine. Hey, hero, you are not giving me importance? Have you become affluent working with affluent people? This is a temporary job. You know, don’t you have any other work, apart from jumping roofs and what is going on in other people’s home? Leave me, tell me about yourself. You never used to get up this early. You don’t get up so early. What is going on? Tell me honestly. I cannot believe that you have become so cultured and obedient, I am sure there is something fishy. Whether something is fishy, or it’s a fish, you must be really jealous, because Farhad is earning a living. I am not jealous. Tell me honestly, where did you go yesterday all dressed up? Is it about a girl? Narrow minded people, are like this. You are talking like low class. Farhad is not after girls, yes girls are after Farhad and after all, my approach is higher than the simple, sister type, girls of the locality.

What did you say? You called me simple? I called you sister type. You… Here we go. Hey, you are here, and mama has made a scene downstairs that her beloved son has left again without having breakfast. Anyway, come downstairs quickly and I beg you to please have breakfast and go, or else I will get insulted because of you. Yes, yes, I am going. After all, nowadays, I have black coffee at Seth Nisar’s home. Black coffee. What would you people know about black coffee? Do you see brother Sajjad, how he is being sarcastic towards us. Like he has been brought up in a five star hotel since childhood. You are telling me this, since yesterday mama and papa are praising him, he gave them ten thousand yesterday, since then they are taking his side. And what are you doing? What angle is this? I will learn with time, You are Arnold… I have just started. These people are jealous of my progress. Poor people. You find some work.

First you fix your angle, what were you doing? I will learn. Okay anyway. Come on. Take these keys and go to the beauty parlor at three and get the beautician and the other girls. I am busy with other work. Yes, I will get them. Okay. Come on, get in. What are you doing, Mahi? Do as I told you. We don’t have time, those people must be coming. Look sad, like you are really unwell. Okay? Look Rida, please have your medication, you will get well. What happened, Rida? Should I call the doctor? No mama, I just a little headache. See, you got the evil eye, this is what I feared, a bride sitting for her mayun stays restricted to her room till her wedding, or else, these spirits smell them and take them over. No aunt, I don’t think she got the evil eye, the poor thing is really tired. I will give her the medication, she will rest a little, you will see, she will be fine. Don’t worry. How can I not worry? My daughter has become so weak. Oh God, I will not go anywhere, I will stay here with her. No Aunty, Mahi is right, Rida must have a headache because of being tired. You see the guests, and the arrangements, we are with Rida. She will sleep for two to four hours and she will be fine, right? Yes mama. Madam, sir is calling you. Okay, you take care of her, I will go check outside. Sure.

What happened? Why are you sad? I am doing this all for you. Come on get up. You have got unwell for real. Come on get up. You have uncle’s car keys? What are you doing? Uncle didn’t keep you for this, go see the arrangements. The sofas are not properly placed there. you get the car in the back alley, I am getting Rida there. Okay listen, if they find out she is not here, what will happen? No problem, we have made an excuse of her not being well, so an hour or two will be spent in that, till then my sister in law will lie in her place. Okay, be careful, I don’t have a say in my home and if this is blamed on me… That’s it? You are scared? Last night you were making such big promises, now the test is here, and you are thinking. The one who thinks like that is a businessman, and there is no business in friendship. Good, so be ready then. Are you out of your mind? You have any idea what you are saying? I know my sister in law, but we will have to take a little risk. You call it small risk? You want to take Rida out for two whole hours and you want me to lie in her place? No, I am not going to support you in this game, I am sorry.

Damn it, Rida, you too say something. We are doing all this for your sake. What do I say? I don’t understand anything. I will let it be. If Faris get upset, let him be. Sister in law. Sister in law, see. But if someone comes here, then? No one will come. Aunt just saw that I gave Rida a pain killer, this means she is resting, so we have a lot of time. Two hours. I am only giving you two hours, if you take a moment more than that, I will go tell aunt everything myself. Sure. Just two hours. Sister in law, you just lock the door, we will just go and come. Come on. Be quick. Rida. Rida, come on. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Faris. Happy birthday to you. Oh, man, you people look so cute together. See. Okay you people talk, I will come. Obviously. Thank you. I didn’t hope that you would take such a big risk, that too for my sake. You don’t know me well, after all, there are certain people in life, for whom you should take a risk.

Really? Yeah. What is your qualification? I am trying to do my BA for the past two years, the degree is upset with me, it doesn’t come to me. What? You have not done your graduation till now. My masters is going to end, this is my last semester. After all, what is in a BA or MA degree? This is what works here, anyone who can memorize well, they can get any degree. I will get a different type of degree. and what is that? Love-ology. Which one? Nothing. You must have heard, papa says he will become a big name, our son will do something like that. So I will do something like that. Erm… Okay, once the wedding fever is off, I want to talk to you about something. How long are you people here? I am here for eight to ten days after the wedding, I have to do a lot of shopping, but right now I have to separate these too, its been long. You bothered to come for no reason, come on. No Mr. Seth, I thought you would have difficulty in coming over, I came with the jewelry myself. Thank you. You have a seat, I will call Rida. Bushra, go tell madam Rida that the jeweler is here, she should come and see the sets. Yes sir, madam Rida is sleeping. Sleeping? This is not the time to sleep.

Go wake her up and bring her. Yes, sir. Madam Rida, sir is calling you, the jeweler is here. What happened? Sir is calling madam Rida. Madam Rida, is not well, she is sleeping. I will wake her in a while and send her. Okay? But sir… I will wake her and send her, okay? Okay. Yes, sister in law. Where are you people? Do you have any idea how late you are? Yes sister in law, we are on the way, we are coming. Don’t come, come on now. Rida’s jewelry is here, uncle Nisar is calling her downstairs to see the jewelry, should I go downstairs as Rida and see it. No sister in law, manage for ten minutes, we are reaching soon. Farhad, drive fast, we are really very late. Sister in law will kill me. Mahi, I hope no one finds out? Really? Now you are thinking about this? That time, I got tired of shouting by telling you to hurry up, but all your attention was on Faris, now papa is calling, how long will sister in law manage? Okay, you don’t scold me, I am really scared. Okay fine, don’t worry.

Farhad, drive fast, please. Yes, I am trying my best, but its time for office off time, so there is a little rush. See some shortcut. This is so pretty. Look at it, its really good, it will look good on you. The color is pretty too. Its fine. Oh wow, you don’t like anything, I cannot understand what you are thinking. You are not liking anything, nor are you buying anything. Are you thinking of something? Don’t you think Farhad has changed? Naheed, where did brother Farhad come from in between shopping? He is always here. He is distant nowadays. Look, we will do what we came here for, you know we don’t get permission to come to the market again and again. Fari, talk to your parents to make him stop going to work, or else he will get away from all of us. Are you mad? For the first time in his life brother has started working and he is doing it with concentration and you want us to make him sit at home. Okay fine, lets go home. My heart is sinking. I am not going anywhere, we will do what we came here to do then go. Fari. Okay, Naheed, should we have ice cream to make you feel better? Huh? Come on, let’s eat something, then your mood will get fine, then we will buy the things. Come on. Come on. Fari, I saw him, he was in the car… Brother Farhad again? Now if you take brother Farhad’s name, I will teach you a lesson.

Fari, I am telling you the truth, I saw him in the car with girls. I don’t see him. Come from here. What if something happened to you? Mr. Seth, I was saying that if you could get me free quickly, I have some work and I also have to take the jewelry to another customer. Sure. Sure. I will just come. Rida. Rida. Yes, yes, tell me. Where is this Rida? Its been half an hour. Mr. Motivala is waiting, if she is not coming, then show her the sets in her room. Fine, I will call her right now. Call her quickly. Bushra. Bushra. I apologize mister, this new generation is weird, they do whatever they want, they don’t sleep on time, nor do they get up on time. Sir this happens, you see this, I got such great sets for the daughter. Son, show this one. Amazing. Rida. Rida, open the door. Rida, open the door, your father is really upset. Rida, open the door. Rida, open the door.

Rida… Aunty, you? You are still here? You had to go to shopping with Mahi, right? No, I stayed with Rida. She was resting, I too fell asleep. Okay, send Rida downstairs quickly, the jeweler is waiting for her, her father is really upset. Rida is having a shower, I will ask her to dress up and bring her in a while. Okay, is she feeling fine? Yes, yes, she is much better. Fine, tell her to come quickly, everyone is waiting. Fine. Damn you Mahi, where are you? Thank you. Pray for us, please.

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