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Finish your food. Thirty-five, thirty-six, thirty-seven, thirty-eight. Where are two notes? Dad took the money for Jhallu’s medicines and to buy something for himself. And you gave him the money? You can’t earn money. Learn to take the money that you deserve. Stupid Govind, are you foolish? I need to do something. Listen to me. Daughter-in-law has become aggressive these days. She hits Payel all the time. I suggest that we get Payel married. -She’ll get rid of this hell. -You’re right. No, dad. I can’t leave you with these devils. Why? Why will you bear her tortures? If you get married we’ll be at peace to know that you’re happy in life.

I told you not to take money. On what did you spend the money? Why did you waste money? Daughter-in-law, at this age I don’t waste money. I spent the money on something important. Return the money which is left after buying the medicines. Daughter-in-law, respect your elders. Till date nobody in this house ever dared to ask me on what I spent my money. Why are you taking the medicines? Now you need to give details of your expenses. Just wait and watch. Daughter-in-law… What kind of behavior is this? You’ve often seen and heard about incidents in which mothers-in-law torture their daughters -in-law.

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Today’s true incident is based on the tortures of a spoilt daughter-in-law. Hello. I’m Girish Jain. Welcome to today’s episode of ‘Crime Alert’. It’s said that marriages are made in heaven. But mismatch marriages turn a house into hell instead of heaven. Girls and boys get attracted to each other after few meetings. They decide to get married without knowing each other well and without thinking about their future. The outcome of such relationships is mostly sad and not happy. A rich dad’s daughter Smita fell in love with a middle-class unemployed man Govind. She decided to marry him. Her father Janardhan Pandit gave in to his daughter’s wish. He agreed to their marriage. He was upset with this relationship and in order to avoid being the laughing stock of the society he severed all ties with his daughter and her marital family.

Smita who was used to a luxurious life started torturing her in-laws for money. The family members were so petrified of her that Banwarilal’s family was living in fear all the time. Let’s see what limits would Smita’s tortures cross. Payel, stop. Jairam, what are you doing here? Please go. If sister-in-law sees you with me we’ll be in trouble. Please go. How come that witch, your sister-in-law allowed you to go out of house? Dad has gone out so I went out to buy vegetables. Or the witch would’ve never allowed me to go out. Tell me something. If your sister-in-law has problem with our relation then why doesn’t she get us married and sets you free. She has got a free maid, that’s all. I can’t leave my parents with brother and sister-in-law.

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So, I don’t want to get married. Will we meet like this throughout our life? Jairam, please go from here. She’ll create a ruckus if she sees us together. Please go. Payel, listen to me. We need to take some action against your brother and sister-in-law or you’ll never be able to enjoy your life. If I get one chance… Jairam, please go and let me go home. If sister-in-law sees us together she’ll punish me again. Please go. Payel, listen to me. Keep this. Jairam, phone? -I can’t take this. -Please listen to me. We’re not able to meet. -But, we can talk on phone. -But, Jairam… I’ll call you tonight. Okay? Okay. Please go from here. Gayatri.

Gayatri. Son, go to sleep. Yes… I’ve spoken about Payel’s marriage. I didn’t get a chance to speak with you during daytime and couldn’t tell you. The family is very nice. They’re ready to accept dowry of four lakhs. I’m planning to withdraw the money in my provident fund and get her married. That’s okay but if daughter-in-law finds out she’ll create a ruckus. We’ll tell her that they’re not going to take any dowry. We’ll think about the rest once Payel gets married. At least Payel will get freedom from these tortures. You’re right. If we want Payel to get out of this hell -we’ve to take this risk. -Okay. I’ll speak with them and finalize the relationship. As you wish. O goddess, giver of joys, reliever of sorrows please help us get rid of our sorrows.

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Hey benevolent goddess, you solve everybody’s problems. Please answer our prayers. Please help us execute our plans for Payel. Dad… I’ve some work. Son, what do you need from a retired postmaster? Nothing important. I’m planning to start a business. I’m going to take bank loan. If you could sign the documents as my father and guarantor. Of course, son. This is good. Once you start earning the burden on me will reduce.

Where are my glasses? Where are my glasses? I kept it here. -Gayatri… -Yes, coming. Did you see my glasses? It must be somewhere in this room. You’re too much. I don’t need glasses while praying. Okay. I’ll go and check in the room. Okay, go and check. I think my memory is failing with age. I don’t know where I kept my glasses. -It’s not inside the bedroom. -Check the bed. Dad, mom is going to take long to find the glasses. Please sign it. I need only two signatures.