Jinde Meriye 2020 | Sonam Bajwa,Parmish Verma,Navneet Kaur Dhillon,Yuvraj Hans

Jinde Meriye  2020 | Sonam Bajwa,Parmish Verma,Navneet Kaur Dhillon,Yuvraj Hans

Jinde Meriye  2020 | Sonam Bajwa,Parmish Verma,Navneet Kaur Dhillon,Yuvraj Hans
Sharmeen, Chaudary Rafiq and his family is coming in the evening, arrange some food. Sure. Hello. Come child, sit. We were waiting for you. Its been so long we have not sat together as a family, it feels nice. If you talk about business and politics, I will not sit here. Ok, then lets start her favorite topic. What is her favorite topic? Typical Pakistani girl topics, fashion, gossip or family gossips. Don’t over exaggerate, I am not that typical. Okay go, go to Inayat, tell him that guests are coming, make something good. 

Yes I wanted to talk to you people about the wedding of the children. What did you want to talk about Bi Jaan. Most of the girls got married outside the family, I want Narmeen to get married here only. Bi Jaan, when we have such a good proposal at home, why would we go out? One minute, if you called me here to pressurize me for marriage, that wont happen. Bi Jaan, I was going to Karachi from the airport, I came here cause you asked me to. Child, I am not pressurizing you, we know you are busy and wedding is a duty you eed to fulfill and the sooner the better. You are 32, in your age, I had a daughter. Uncle, with all due respect, you don’t compare myself to you. 

You have done nothing but politics in your life. Look at me, I handled the business after papa’s death, see where it is now. The life of luxury you live in this home is cause of my hard work. One minute, you are not doing us a favor handling the family business. There is an age to get married, there is an age to be happy, you need to do it on time. Think that time is not here yet, I don’t want to get into an argument, just think my focus is my business. I want to take my business to the next level, so I won’t get married right now. And if someone tries to pressurize me, then Bi Jaan, I will stop coming to the village. When is the delegation coming? I will come. I am telling you I will come.

 Where are you going at this hour? I am not going at this hour, I have a flight to Karachi tomorrow morning, I will leave at 7 am. Ok, you are leaving upset? No Bi Jaan, what are you saying? I have a meeting in Karachi, I will be back in 2-4 days, but I think I will shift to Karachi there I am tired of traveling from here and there, will you live with me there? Son, I have kids here too, so I have to keep them happy. So I tell you to get married, but you don’t want to or you have a problem with Narmeen. Bi Jaan, I don’t believe in marrying in family. Narmeen is my cousin, but there is no compatibility, you tell uncle that I won’t get married for 3 years. 

If he is in a hurry, he should find another match for her. So it’s a no. Think what you must. You don’t know your uncle, he will get upset when he hears this. Bi Jaan, uncle doesn’t know me well I think, if he is short tempered, I am worse. This anger and ego I have got in my genes. Its clear Bi Jaan, I don’t want to get married, my life is happy and beautiful without it. Don’t pressurize me. Why are you get upset on the name of marriage? Because I have not seen an unsuccessful relation than a wedding. Okay, you tell me, a single family successful in our family. I have seen my parents unsuccessful marriage and also seen uncle’s married life. He got married again secretly, he didn’t tell aunt and his secret was out. Child, the relation allows a second marriage, he did it for a child, he didn’t get it.

 Now you can be his son. I don’t have a problem being his son, I don’t want to be his son in law, tell him this. I will tell you soon of my decision. Goodnight. What happened Faryal? What happened? Did someone say something, did the boss scold you. Huh? Water. Water. Sit, I will get you water. What happened? Tell me something. You remember that passenger. Who proposed you? He is after me. He comes after me, he calls me too. He says that if he doesn’t get me he will die or kill me. So didn’t you tell him you are engaged and you are getting married in 3 months. I told him everything, he is still after me. I would have insulted him, he complained to the manager about me. He couldn’t take his insult. He is threatening me on call, he says he will kill me. You come, we will talk to the manager. No, I won’t go anywhere, what if they fire me? I can’t take this risk. 

Why are you scared Faryal, I will go to the manager myself and complain. What does he think of us, you don’t be scared, you get up and come with me. Why don’t you get it? Who will care for my family? Faryal, will you tolerate this? Yes, till the time I can. Sir our 30 million budget for Mukhtar group of companies has been approved, we have a few other quotation we will find out about in a day or two. Don’t confirm them, I am thinking we shouldn’t continue business with them our credit has increased. Right sir. What about Mr. Mukhtar? Sir, I am constantly trying but he is not answering. I don’t know what you are trying, its been so long, you are trying daily. Come in. Sir your flight has been canceled due to the weather. Sir, don’t worry, let me try. Why should I not worry? Everyone will be waiting, go and check. Right sir, come with me.

 Some flight must be available, we have flights daily. You try, okay, I am waiting. Sir talk to them. You talk to them and let me know. How long will it take? Fine, tell me. What happened? Sir, no flight is going and a chartered plane will take 2-3 hours. God. Fine, go get the car, we will go by road, its important for us to go. By Road sir? Yes, what happened? Go right now. Right sir. Excuse me. Yes? Give me water. One minute. Listen. Yeah? That man eave teased me. Who? The one in the red shirt. Cheapsters. What happened? Some issue with the engine, I don’t think…Be quick. Sir I don’t think it will be fixed soon. What is the problem? I am getting late. 

Sir, some issue with the engine. Don’t you check before leaving. Sir, if you want I can get the car from home. We are an hour away, if you ask for a car from home, its going to take 3 hours. I will get late. Stop the bus. Bus? Stop the bus. Who are these people? Why are they stopping the car? Are they robbers? No they look like nice people. Stop, I will ask them. Sir, stop the car. Brother our car has broken down and sir has to get to Larkana. Brother, that is fine but there is just one seat in the car. One seat? Fine, you get the car fixed, I am going to Larkana. But.. What but? Its important for me to go, you do what I tell you. Come on. Excuse me, can I get water? Sure, sir. Here you go. What nonsense is this? Have you no shame? What happened madam? I didn’t do anything? What happened? What is this noise? He was being shameless with me.

 Hey, she is lying. I didn’t do anything. This girl is right, this man is mistreating him. What do you think? If we are doing this job out of helplessness, then you people get a right to do anything to us? Look mister, this is your last warning, if there is any complain we will put you off the bus, you sit here. Sir. No, thank you. Water or juice? Anything else? Water please. Here you go sir. I am sorry. When are you going for the vacations Narmeen? Not yet, but in the winters. You two are here to enjoy the party or to use your phone? I am looking at pictures from ALizay’s wedding. Alizay got married? Alizay’s wedding? Yes, she got married. Really? Show. Oh my God, this is Alizay’s husband? She is so pretty and the husband is not good looking. No, he is not bad, ALizay looks better. Now everyone cannot be as lucky as you are Narmeen. What do you mean? I will tell you. Look at this, your cousin Sultan has 10 lakh followers. The most eligible bachelor, if you were not in the middle I would have talked to him.

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