Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3

Look at me. What is this Raima? I don’t like women that cry. Stay dressed up, you will look prettier. Anyway, remember one thing, I don’t like refusal, nor do I like to wait. You will come when I call you, you hear me? Get ready quickly. In fact, dress up like you dressed up last night. What? Yes. I will send Taba. Uncle, you must doubt someone. No, I don’t doubt anyone. Uncle, I spoke to the policeman, he said you should have some doubts, how will they find Raima in such a big city? Look son, if its in our fate, we will find her, we have faith in God. You should do that, but still, you must doubt someone. No son, I don’t doubt anyone, thank you people for coming, you took out the time, tried to share our sadness, God protect you people. Rest, whatever is up to God. Uncle, tell us clearly, be clear. You are hiding something. No child, why would I hide something from you? Its good to have faith in God, but still… He means to say that, look, the kidnappers have not contacted you yet, but whatever their motive behind kidnapping, they should get in touch. Right Saad? Yeah. You think, maybe she fought with someone at home.

he even went to the police station, but those people didn’t file the FIR.

No, no chance of fighting with anyone, Haris was in Bhurban and those two are future husband and wife. As far as us husband and wife are concerned, she really loves us, she respects us. Where is Haris? He is here, looking for her, in fact, he even went to the police station, but those people didn’t file the FIR. So, send him with us to the police station, we will go there, talk, pressurize them… Not at all, I will not send him to the police station again. Look uncle, you are not speaking openly to us. You are hiding something, please don’t do that. Child, I think you people should leave now, leave us alone. Look uncle if you… For God’s sake! I am so sorry. So sorry. We will have to do a retake. Come on, lets do another take. Sorry. Right from here, from the top. Yes, from here. Action. Sorry. One minute. Cut. So sorry, I need to talk this call. Hello. Where are you? At the shoot. Why were you cutting my call? I cannot answer the phone at the shoot. That is why. How did you listen right now? The scene has been cut. So I am talking to you. Talk to me, what is it? I wanted to share my happiness with you. But now you can just go to hell, that is all I have to say. Abeera? This always happens to me. A person is like the birds, some time here, some time there, at times on this tree, at times the other.

We are also the remaining part of Saif ur Rehman’s life.

They make their home carefully, but one storm ruins it all. A man is like a bird too, he sits on his favorite branch, eats what the likes, whatever is left, he throws it away. We are also the remaining part of Saif ur Rehman’s life that he has thrown up, now there is no importance of us in his life. Some men have ordinary wives with a lot of importance. On the other hand, some men make important, ordinary. Him staying away from home so long, then coming home tired. What is the hard work he is doing? Is he in love with some girl? If this is true, that girl will feel the pain, not us. We are used to it, like Saif ur Rehman, as much as I know him, he wouldn’t himself that well. My husband who changes branches often. Papa, you give them proof that Saif ur Rehman threatened you. You are a kid, you won’t get it. We cannot stand in front of Saif ur Rehman. What are you saying papa? There is Moses for every Pharaoh. Child, for God’s sake, you leave this issue to God. You were saying that Raima’s friends came, they would file the complaint. Yes, so? What happened then? I said no to them. They cannot file the FIR. Papa, you will see I will go to the top, I will get Saif ur Rehman to the jail. You will see. Son, for God’s sake, don’t get into any sort of trouble, don’t test us either. What? What do you want to say? I sit at home quietly? Why don’t you get it child, God forbid, something happens to you, where will we go.

You have made me a coward making me swear to you.

Tell him Bilquis, we cannot fight Saif ur Rehman, he is strong and we are weak. The one who has done this to you, what all can he not do? Papa, I don’t get you. You have made me a coward making me swear to you. Okay, you want to be brave? Go, go and kill him, then go to the jail, then kill us while we are alive. This wound is not on my wrist, its on my fate, I will never forgive you for this pain. I was someone’s entrustment, love, you have done the entrustment wrong, you have no idea Saif ur Rehman, a woman doesn’t become a wife by wearing a red dress, you married me to conquer me, I pray that you lose on every front, just like I am suffering, you too suffer. Raima. Raima, you are back. You must know how restless I was for you. Haris. Haris, how are you now? Did you find out anything about Raima? We will find out soon. The must have informed the locality. You think I am that bad? Yes. An ordinary girl, who cannot keep a secret. What are you saying? Ok tell me, what is it about you till today that I have told anyone? You have not told anyone, you have screamed about your love on the top of your lungs.

No one tells me anything.

You even told this to Raima, you know that? Yes, there is no lie in this, this is the truth. I like… Oh please, just shut up man. So much anger, why are you so upset? what have I done? Raima is also my friend, I want to know where she is, how she is. No one tells me anything. Okay, so you come here to keep an eye on this home, you come here to get information, so that you can tell the locality. You are insulting me. Yes, I am insulting you, and you feel it. If you want that I don’t insult you further, then don’t come here again, because I cannot tolerate anyone but Raima’s presence in this home. But I can tolerate every insult, every sarcasm you throw at me. Because I love you. I love you a lot. You too feel it, feel it…Please shut up! You repeat the same thing again, get out from here. Come on get out. Shut up and get lost. Haris…Leave me alone. I don’t want anyone’s love. I don’t want it. I don’t understand anything apart from this. Madam, how is this? This one, see this, this one is so pretty. I like this one. I like all of them. I don’t wear such clothes. But you will have to wear them now, you are Saeen’s wife, come on look at it, you are not looking at it. See, its so pretty. Wear this. This green one, its so good. Saeen wants you to look pretty like a doll. Doll? Yeah, like a doll. No, I will not wear it. Saeen will get upset, he shopped himself for you. It doesn’t matter. Can I ask you something madam? Don’t call me madam. Why? I really like you, become my friend.

he must have given you something big,

I become your friend? I am your servant. No, you are Saeen’s servant, not mine. You are Saeen’s wife. Forced wife. No matter what, a wife is a wife. Leave it, what were you saying? I hope you won’t mind. No, go ahead. What did Saeen give you as a gift? I mean, he must have given you something big, a home or car. The torture he has done in my heart and body, can there be a better gift than that? Madam is still not ready? Madam, forgive me for any mistake I made, punish me as you want, I accept. There is no need for that, you did what you were ordered to do. You are not upset with me? You are really good, may you always be happy. May you see the happiness of the world with Saeen. May you give Saeen a heir. What sort of a prayer is that? Madam, after the marriage, you pray this, that God give you a son. But..but I… No buts… Mama, why are you calling madam, madam. Hey, I had forgotten, Saeen has said told us not to call you madam, but madam Saeen. Why? Because you are now the bride of Saeen. But I don’t like that. No madam, don’t say that, it’s a great position. The woman who gives a heir in the Saeen’s family, she gets this position. You are really lucky, you have gotten this position. Saeen’s mother had this position earlier.

Long live madam Sarkar.

Everyone used to call her that, and after so long, they will call you this. Madam Saeen. Oh God, you idiot, I forgot what I came here for, you made me get into these discussions. Get madam ready quickly, Saeen is waiting. Long live Saeen. Long live Saeen. Long live Saeen. Long live Saeen. Long live madam Sarkar. Long live madam Sarkar. Long live madam Sarkar. Long live madam Sarkar. Do what I told you to do. Taba. Pray for your madam Sarkar. All these things will go with you when you live. Stay happy. Long live madam Sarkar. Long live Saeen. Long live madam Sarkar. Long live Saeen. Long live madam Sarkar. Long live Saeen.

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