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Sultan told me that she went to his home alone, they have pictures. They will leak it in the media if she says a word. This is nonsense, he is making stories to save himself. I have full faith in my sister. I don’t believe your sister one bit what is wrong with you? We have kept her in this home after so much happened, why, because she is your sister. Why don’t you get it? You believe her blindly, you don’t believe me. How much money did he give you? Are you mad? Why would I take money? You are not mad, you are shameless, tell me shameless man, how much money did he give you? Have you gone mad? Both sisters are mad. There is no point of talking to you people. I have had it, I have nothing to do with this matter, I don’t want to get insulted.

I want you to forgive me

Do what you want. I have had it. How did you know I was thinking about you. I am surprised to hear that, I am sure you want something from me. I know you are upset with me and you should be, I have hurt you so many times, but I swear Narmeen, I am sorry for what I did, I want you to forgive me. What are you doing tonight? I actually wanted to meet you. I will pick you, we will have dinner. I will be waiting for you. I want to remove all your grievances. You go out of the city for a few days, if you want I can ask papa… Don’t mention papa in front of me, if I am a burden on you, I will go away from here. You are my responsibility Nageen, till I am alive, no one can drag you out of this home. So I was saying that you get strong and forget what happened. I wish it was all so easy sister. Time is the best healer, time gives you an opportunity to think about your past, present and future. If you don’t want to go to papa, then go to aunt in Lahore.

these pictures shouldn’t be leaked on social media

If this is what you want, that I should go away from here, forget what happened, forgive Sultan, then you think wrong. Sultan’s destruction is my mission. I am giving an application for a press conference tomorrow, the whole world will see the scene of Sultan Durrani. You were saying the other day you had a friend who is a computer engineer and photoshopping is easy for him. Yeah, he is a master in his field, dad got a lot of pictures edited and posted on social media. Why? These are some pictures, I want to get these pictures photoshopped, but the way I want them. You talk to your friend, I will tell you. Just remember one thing, these pictures shouldn’t be leaked on social media. But these are Nageen’s pictures. Yeah. If everything between you has ended, then what will you get insulting her? Okay, send them to me. Thank you. I have tried to talk to her, but she is not willing to listen. She has one mission on her head, she wants to take revenge from Sultan at all cost. Then this is about getting insulted in front of the world, we can do nothing. Then what should I do? How do I talk to her? She is in shock and unwell, when she comes to her senses, how will I stop her? You are her elder sister, if she doesn’t understand it straight forward, you talk to her the other way, take away her phone, lock her in the room. Listen to me, look, Nuzhat, you are a simple woman, you don’t know sir Sultan is a dangerous man, he is threatening to kill me, they are threatening to kill our children. Talk to you sister, beg her, cry like Mena Kumari, tell her that we will have to pay for her emotions, with blood.

You close your eyes and try

You get what I am saying? You know Sultan… Yeah. You gave me the biggest happiness of the world by accepting me. You love me so much? Like crazy. Since childhood till today I have found you with me, you know when I miss you, I close my eyes. My eyes show you in front of me. You talk like a kid. You don’t believe me? Not at all. Then close your eyes. Why? They say if you close your eyes, you only see the face of the one you love. Narmeen, this is childish, I will order something. You close your eyes and try, I am telling the truth. Do it for me. Please. Okay. What did you see? Sultan. Yeah? Did you see me? Yeah. I told you, I love you Sultan. Where are you going Nageen? Press club to expose Sultan. For God’s sake, don’t go. Your one wrong step can ruin us. I am telling you don’t go, Sultan is a monster, we are nothing in front of him. When a man goes to take revenge from a woman, he is like a snake who doesn’t stop till he poisons you. For God’s sake don’t go… Why are you so scared of him? He can do nothing. He has threatened Rashid that he… He what? He threatened to kill us. I don’t care, not my respect or my life. When the fire is burning, it doesn’t see what is burning it or not. I cannot tolerate that he disrespects me and lives his life happily.

because if this time something happens

I will remove this mask from his face, I only have one mission, Sultan getting ruined. For God’s sake don’t stop me. Fine, if you want to be made into a joke, go I won’t stop you. Why did you call me? I what sapped you some pictures, look at them with love before going to the press. What pictures? Your name is Sultan, why are you after us? We are ordinary people. For God’s sake end this. I am not after you people, you are after me. Now hear me out clearly. Next week, I am getting married and I want so issue in this time, because if this time something happens, I will do something that your generation will remember. Sir, don’t worry, nothing will happen. Please don’t leak those pictures my respect will be ruined. I have a daughter, what affect will she take of all this sir Sultan. Tell this to Nageen, actually your respect is in her hands, tell her to be quiet. Yes Sultan..Sir…Sir… You understand why I was telling you not to go to him. I told you he can fall as low as possible. Sultan Durrani is a dangerous man, us women cannot fight him. The man who can make fake pictures to defame you, he can go to any level. He can do anything. Think what if these pictures are shown to the world, who will you talk to, he will put up a poster in the city, then you won’t get a place in world, let alone this city to hide. Don’t do it. Don’t go. Stop it Sultan, how much will you drink. Sister in law is waiting for you. The whole night is left, do you want to leave? Its 1 am, you have to give her a present too, did you get something for sister in law or not? Nothing, I forgot. You forgot? Ok, can I tell you something? Yeah. I personally think what you did with Nageen, you regret it.

There, I sent a voice note

You miss her. Are you mad? I will miss that girl? The girl who made fun of my love? I hate her. Sultan you are fooling yourself, if this is true, then why don’t you go to Narmeen, I am your friend, I understand you. Okay. Look at this. What are you doing? Hold on. Hold on. I am sending my wedding pictures. No, don’t, that’s wrong. No wait. I will send a voice note too. Nageen, I hate you. I hate you a lot. There, I sent a voice note, do you believe me now? Do you? What do I say man? Nageen, I hate you. I hate you a lot. That’s it. That’s enough. Enough for today. Come on get up. Come on, get up, immediately. I am getting up, I am not that drunk. Watch out. Watch out. Out. Out. Out. Why do you have your face hidden? Give me my present first. Man, I ordered a diamond set for you, but they didn’t deliver it. They are saying they will do it tomorrow, I will give it tomorrow. So this means I sleep with my face hidden. What do you mean? Show me your face. You look really pretty. Just like I had seen in my thoughts. You look just like that. I have really suffered to get you. To win these moments, I have lost every moment. Don’t hide this face from me. I am saying don’t hide it. Sultan, I love you. Do you love me? Do you love me Sultan? Yes, I love you.

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