Indiana Jones 5 | 2021 Harrison Ford,Calista Flockhart,Mark Hamill,Carrie Fisher,Melissa Mathison

Indiana Jones 5 | 2021 Harrison Ford,Calista Flockhart,Mark Hamill,Carrie Fisher,Melissa Mathison

Indiana Jones 5 | 2021 Harrison Ford,Calista Flockhart,Mark Hamill,Carrie Fisher,Melissa Mathison
Its fine man, if I don’t matter, then lets end this. I think the best solution to solve this matter. No one cares about me, so whether I live or die it shouldn’t matter. I cannot live with this, its best that I die. I will die. Where are you going? I should die. What are you doing? Lets talk. Don’t act like you care. Okay sorry. Forget it, we will talk about it. We will sort it out. I am sorry. Please. Shamim, get my bag. Mama, what were you saying? Yes, I wanted to tell you I spoke to Asad last night, he is fine. Ok, I was calling him, he didn’t pick up. His phone was on silent, you panic on small things a person gets busy. Exactly, was telling Zara the same, right? How was your dinner? Really good, it was really good. The food was good, you missed it. I wish you came along. Next time, it will be my treat. No, if we go for dinner, it will be my treat. Fine, we will see. Good morning. You are up, come on have breakfast.

 Yes, I will. Mama… You know what I was thinking you should treat us. Why is that? Because you didn’t come for dinner so you should get a penalty. Sure, that’s not a problem. Mama, I came to tell you that you have finalize some matters in the evening. Yes, I remember. I have not forgotten. Okay, see you guys, good day. See ya. What matters was she talking about? Nothing, she makes a mountain out of mole hill. Yes, Shamim, come on, I am late. Yes, you are right, okay Zara, bye. Bye. I am sorry. I agree what I did was wrong, I kept on making mistakes. I don’t know what I said to you. I gave you this as a result of your good deeds. Forgive me. I am sorry. Lets go. I forgive you. I don’t have a choice, do I? Asad, what happened between us, that was unfortunate, you didn’t want it and God forbid, I didn’t think something like this would happen. In fact I was just trying to help you, please don’t be insensitive, I am also human, I have feelings. 

I didn’t want this to happen, and I think this shouldn’t have happened. I don’t know how, I have developed feeling for you. Not wanting to, so whatever you do, think about me. But what you want will happen. That is settled. We will fix this. I am sorry. Its okay. I wish, the gate opens and Asad comes. I wish, God answer my prayers. I am dying to see his face. Come Asad, please come. Please. You are back Asad, I was just missing you. See, I am here. Now I wont let you leave. You don’t leave me please. I am not going anywhere. Come. Madam Zara, why are you sitting down. You are crying? Are you ok? I am fine. You go, I will come. The cleaning is fine, go to the kitchen, check the chef if he is cooking what I told him too. Yes madam. Yes aunty. Sit. Are you home tonight? Yes, I am home, something important? Some guests are coming over, I wanted you to be here. Sure, if you don’t mind me asking, can I ask who? People with Nida’s proposal.

 Wow, that is great, you have met them before? Yes, they seem nice, the boy studied with Nida, they will come we will finalize the date and prepare for the wedding. That’s great. When is Asad coming? Does he know? No he doesn’t. No, if he doesn’t know how can you decide without him knowing? We will have to decide. You get good proposal with difficulty, if I don’t final this, we might miss the chance. So this means Asad wont be here for the wedding. How is that possible, he will surely come. Just for 2-3 days, you know hes really busy there. Yes, you are right. If I am not wrong, I think Nida was saying the same. Yeah. If you think about it, if Nida agrees and she likes the boy, we should be happy. Yes, just pray they are happy. I am so happy, you are here so I have support. Aunty, you relax, you don’t worry about anything, I promise I wont let you miss Asad.

 Thank you son. Forgive me Zara. Whatever happened, I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t intend to do this and what is happening, that is my helplessness. I didn’t cheat you Zara, nor can I think that, I wish you can understand my helpless , forgive me. You are not ready yet? Why? Are we going somewhere? No we are not, but guests are coming. Okay, you invited someone? No, why would I? I don’t know anyone. Aunty has some guests coming over. Why should I dress up if its her guests? Did aunty not tell you anything? No, nothing. Its weird, aunty didn’t tell Zara anything. Will you have tea? No thank you. No fine, have the meeting next week. We will see what they have to say. Okay fine, I will talk to you later. Yes mama you called? Nida’s in-laws are coming in a bit, dress up.

 I don’t know why you are so depressed, if they see you like this, they will think I torture you. What are you thinking? Go. Leave. Listen, don’t say anything stupid in front of them, you know Nida’s mood gets spoiled, she reacts. Be careful. Mama, does Asad know? Why do you care? That’s my problem. I will talk to him. You go get ready. Okay. Asad. Asad, wake up. See, I got fresh flowers from the garden, they look nice, right? Yes, really nice. We are late for the office, lets leave. We are not going to the office, we will spend the day together, I will make really nice lunch for you. I was thinking of making something special for lunch, then we will go for a long drive, ,and have dinner at a fancy place.

 I just want to spend the whole day with you. We are together at work too. You cant be serious, when we are around so many people, you call that romance. You know just the two of us, lets do something special. Lets go shopping! You get me lots of stuff I want, I will get you stuff. How about that? Fine, as you wish. That’s like a good boy. Now you get ready, I will make breakfast for us. Leave it, whatever it is, you know madam Nida, she is stubborn, her life her decision. And when madam couldn’t do anything who are we, its her and madam’s decision. You don’t worry. Madam Zara, I didn’t like that boy. When he will make her cry, she will know then. God forbid Shamim, don’t say that.

 I pray they stay happy. Madam Zara, you are good at heart. They do so bad, still you pray for them. Who are you praying for? Nothing. can I get a cup of coffee? Yes, I will get it. Where is aunty? As the guests left, mama and Nida too left. They left and didn’t take you. Really strange. You know since I came, I have noticed a few things, I didn’t ask cause nothing is confirmed. I don’t get it. You don’t get the respect you deserve being Asad’s wife. But it doesn’t matter to me. Leave it, can I share something with you? Yes, sure. Next month, Nida is getting married on the same date, so Asad will be here, right? You know Asad was coming a few days back, I was really happy, I miss him, I was excited, but then he suddenly didn’t come. What was the reason? Mama said there was a problem and she said I shouldn’t ask Asad, he will get depressed, so I wiped my tears and smiled.

 I didn’t ask Asad or complained, but I am happy now, because the wedding date is fixed, Asad will come 15-20 days in advance, we will shop, we will have fun. You know I have not attended an event with Asad till date. This is the first time I will attend a wedding. No, really?> Yea, it will be fun. Yes, I was saying, my tomorrow’s plan… Mama. Hello mama, how are you? Huh? Great news mama. Ok tell me, how are the boys family, what does the boy do? Is Nida happy? I don’t believe it, our Nida has grown old. Yes fine, see you, bye. Nida is getting married. that’s great.