Imran Khan is making a policy of paying rent for qualified tenants?

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he is deserving tenants for rent making a policy of paying; people are also demanding to reduce private school fees and will also make policy in respect of private school fees. “whole,” he said at a media briefing here today world front of the. Corona is a challenge inWe are looking at what the US, Europe and China have done.

India How is dealing?

Similarly, our second challenge is that which is different from the West. The West’s Second Challenge A Corona Second Economy. Our challenge is hunger on the one hand and hunger on the other. Such is the case in India. When it comes to lockdowns, don’t think that lockdown will be in Gulberg or Defense but not in the rest of the area, because Corona rich when it spreads poorly does not see the.

I think that when the lockdown is done, we will be able to provide food to the poor? When China closed down, there was food delivered to people’s homes. They said that when people take food in the streets of the poor. When they go, they also get attacked, as people are suffering from depression. We have set up a 12 pack for the poor.

We have no idea what will happen after two or four weeks?

We have contacted 10 million people who need money. We have no idea what will happen after two or four weeks? We are doing our best to capacity. We have opened the underground agriculture sector, the hospitals supply sectors. Transport sectors have Karachi from to Gilgit- Peshawar has been opened so that people can reach things.

The Prime Minister said that social media the impression given onis that the power of the Pakistani nation is immune, so people will not die, but I say this is very dangerous, we are making all preparations for this. ۔ The first employment comes from agriculture, it is open in the villages. We want the Daily Wizard to find employment. The people belonging to the construction sector have become unemployed, creating ease for the sector.

He said that those who invest in the construction sector will not ask for money this year? What is their source of income? Fixed taxes are imposed on the construction sector, if we build houses for the poor, they will get a 10% tax on 100%. Similarly, withholding tax on all sectors except Steel and Cement has been waived. New Pakistan is providing a 30 billion subsidy for housing scheme, along with the provinces will also provide tax exemption.
If a family home is sold, there will be no capital gains tax. The construction sector has been given industry status. And the Construction Industry Development Board has also been set up to promote these sectors. We are allowing agriculture in the villages and construction activities in the cities to continue. So that people are not jobless. After the 18th Amendment, it cannot interfere in the affairs of the provinces.

But I’m getting reports from agencies, people are sitting to break the lockdown, which will make the law and order situation worse, so I want to open the construction industry from April 14 during the lockdown so that the workers are not unemployed. volunteer Tigers will force people to any information, four million people have collected. He said all mkyradarun and people will be gathered under one umbrella to help people with a map.
Lest all men come to one place. The Prime Minister said that for those who cannot afford to rent their homes, they will formulate a policy for the same as for private schools fees. Speaking on the occasion, Advisor Finance Hafiz Sheikh said, “We are giving tax exemptions to some people, exempting many people from electricity and gas bills.” 200 billion have been earmarked for people whose jobs have lostor jobs lost. 70% of electricity and 80% of gas are giving consumers relief for three to three months. Petrol and diesel prices were reduced by Rs 15 per liter. The target of procurement of wheat from agricultural people has been set at 8.8 million tonnes. So that people have a quick cash flow.

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