If you tell me some work

Wow, so this means I shouldn’t worry. Not at all. Okay, I am going. Okay. Bye. Bye. Show me the rest. Why should I show you? Your pictures are bad, not mine. I am sorry, I will delete all these and if you have a problem, then get a new photographer, I recommended this one. Feedi, tell me something. Yeah? You are your parent’s child, right? What nonsense is this? I am saying the right thing, not even step parents torment you so much and till now our BA degree is not complete. They are being strict because of uncle Ramzan’s spying, and they got you a job. Don’t be so happy, something similar will happen to you too. In fact, I would say start looking for a chance in Dubai or you will have to work as a laborer here in future. This was the address. You must know, show me. This is the one. One hundred and eleven.

Yeah? Go. Hello. You are here

One hundred twelve. One hundred thirteen. This is the one. What a house, man! Take your brother inside too. I should take you inside? Is this my uncle’s home? Let me go inside first. I know everything. Now you have become a well off man, you are working in a big home, you will not remember me. Man, let me go inside, if I find some work, or if there is a chance, I will call you. Confirm? Yes, confirm. Okay, fine then. Hey, listen. Listen. Listen. Yeah? Go. Hello. You are here. Hello. Yes, I came to meet Mr. Nisar… Yes, yes, uncle told me. You came alone, your family didn’t come with you? What? I had to bring my family too? Right now I have come alone. But if there is a lot of work, I will call them. Okay. Uncle has gone for some work, till then you get fresh, I will show you, your room. My room? Yes, consider this your own home. Come on.

This is your room. Will you have cold drink, tea or coffee? No problem, I will send tea for you, till then get fresh, if you need anything else, there is a bell, ring it. Whatever you want to have for dinner, get it noted in the menu, I will send the chef to you. Listen, please, don’t be so formal, I just came here to meet Mr. Nisar, his daughter… What formality? You came to our home for the first time, you are our guest. You get fresh, till then uncle Nisar will be here too, I will send tea for you. My room. Oh wow, Feedi, these people are really good, you were worried for no reason. Rich people are not that bad, as we consider them. Oh, is this a bathroom or a castle? What a shower, man. Papa found a great job for me, looking at me.

did you call Gulamdeen for the catering

Okay Feedi, this calls for a warm shower. Mahi. Listen. Yes, uncle, your guest… They are here, they are sitting there. You do one thing, get the guest room opened and get great food made for them, there should be no lacking. These are your guests from Canada? Yes, this is Sarim’s son. Uncle, give me two minutes. Uncle, sorry, I am coming. Mahi. She is a weird girl, God knows where she went. Mr. Nisar, I just remembered, did you call Gulamdeen for the catering… The tea is really good, but you told me about the chef, he didn’t come to ask me about the menu. Put the cup down. What? I say put the cup down and stand up. Who are you? I am Farhad. Oh, Hi Farhad, what are you doing here? I am waiting for the food.

What food? What do you mean? Hey, what is wrong with you? You yourself got me to this room to settle me. Have you forgotten? Get out of here. Get out. What do you mean? I mean, get out of this room in a minute or if you cannot go, then should I call the guards? Hey, hey, hey, is everything fine? What weird people do they have in this home, they give you so much respect in a second, and then call the guards in a second. Come on, that’s it. Get out of here and our real guests are here. I don’t know where he came from. Listen to me, there is a mental problem with you, get it checked. I said out. I had thought what would I do at my friend’s home. Mahi, man, where were you? Man, I am really sorry, I am telling you straight away. Uncle’s guests from Canada had to come, by mistake, I made some other man enter the home.

What? Where is he? Its okay, before anyone found out, I dragged him out. On time. But man, he was such a fraud, he was so cunning, when I went to throw him out, he was sitting calmly and sipping tea in the guest room. No one can be like you. Why didn’t you get Henna on your hands? I cannot sit anymore, I am stiff. No, just a little while Rida, I am with you, I too will get it applied. No? Come on. You washed it too soon, the color won’t come. The color is here, my hands are stiff, I cannot sit with Henna applied on my hands. Madam Mahi, sir is calling you. Where is he? In the lawn, outside. Fine, you go, I am coming. Fine.

Why do you worry?

Let a little remain. I cannot remove this, man. He has not left till now. Did he tell uncle, everything? Mahi, this is Farhad. Yes sir, I have met her. She cared for me a lot before you came, she is really caring. Uncle, he is… Yes, I called him today, I gave him all the responsibility of Rida’s wedding, now he will manage everything. Look, the truth is, I cannot handle all this alone, and all my office staff they don’t understand the nitty gritty of these functions. Mahi, you explain all the work to Farhad, and Farhad, you take on the charge, I will go meet the guests. Fine uncle. Okay. By the will of God, it will be fun sir. Why didn’t you tell me, that you are uncle’s new servant. If you give me the chance to speak, I would tell you, you gave me orders like a storm.

Don’t act so smart, if you are a servant, you should act like one. If you stand in style, all dressed up with someone else’s car, in style, not just me, anyone will be mistaken. So you too thought I am a rich man, I know, my friends often say this. You know, there must be something in my personality. Personality, my foot. You do the work you have been hired for. Excuse me. If you tell me some work, I will do it, you wasted so much time for no reason talking to me and trying your luck. To be honest, if you work hard once, then you will not have to do it again.

Don’t worry, brother Farhad. Don’t worry. My father hasn’t left worrying, he wanted me to do this work. Hello, what are we waiting for? Brother, come on, do me a favor. Thank you. Your mobile will be my destruction. Mr. Nisar will ask me, what I was doing. I would tell him I was working. What happened mama? Why do you worry? Brother will come soon. He left in the morning. He has not eaten anything, he went hungry and thirsty. Your father is on a mission to make him become a laborer, but I know he cannot stay hungry, he has a weak stomach. Not just stomach, your beloved is weak in a lot of other things.