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I’ve to go to the bank. Please hurry up. Okay. I’ll do it. Where do I have to sign? Dad, sign here. Sign here. -Here? -Yes! -Done. Yes, done. -Okay. Always take my advice and your work will get done quickly. Here are the documents. Write anything you wish to on it. Smita, I must admit that your ideas are always awesome. I’m from an awesome family. I know very well how to get a work done. And you scare others and never get scared. Right? Do your job first. Gayatri… Gayatri, we’re ruined. What happened? Govind has betrayed us. What has Govind done? He withdrew all the money in my provident fund.

That day when he came to take my signatures he managed to fool me and took my signatures and withdrew my money. Old postman, what will we do if you donate your money? I’ve kept your money properly. It was my money. I saved every penny for our hard times. If you need so much money then why don’t you tell your dad to give you money. It’s not our duty to meet your useless expenses. Father-in-law, you’ve poor memory and I don’t like to remind you. Let me tell you again. I went against my dad’s wishes to marry your useless son. And it enraged my dad. I haven’t visited him after my marriage.

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I’m the daughter-in-law of this family. It’s your duty to take care of your daughter-in-law. Your useless son Govind doesn’t earn anything. I’ve no option but to take your money. Dad, what will you do with so much money at this age? We would’ve got the money after your death. We’ve already taken it. What do you say? I had saved the money for Payel’s wedding. What’s the hurry to get Payel married? She’s very happy with all of you. Mom… mom… there’s a chickpea seller. I want to buy it. -Please give me some money. -I don’t have money. Mom, I want to eat chickpeas. Please give me money.

I told you that I don’t have a rupee. Jhallu, you want chickpeas? Come here, I’ll give you. So, you want chickpeas? Take it. Take it. Come on, take it. Your useless brain needs a lot of chickpeas. -Please leave Jhallu. -Please leave us. Stupid Govind, come with me. -Smita… -Hmm… I want to say that your dad is very stubborn. He still thinks that I misled you and married you. Well, do you think I can mislead you? Well, I think we shouldn’t go. That’s my maiden home. Today is my mother’s death anniversary.

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Dad personally called and invited me. He wants to settle everything. There’s no reason to refuse him. I’ll go. I’ll definitely go. Since I’m going there, I’ll stay back for a couple of days. Brother… brother… I heard that you’re going out. -Please take me with you. -No. Why, brother? I don’t want to ruin my reputation by taking you with me. Sister-in-law, please take me with you. I’ll not disturb you. Will you get out of here or do you want me to kill you? Sister-in-law, please take me with you. Get out of here. Go. He’s so stubborn. He spoiled my mood. Mom, brother and sister-in-law aren’t taking me with them. Please tell them to take me with them. Sister-in-law pushed me. I told you not to go in their room. -Why did you go there? -I want to go out.

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Listen to me carefully. Nobody will go out of the house until we come back. Daughter-in-law what are you saying? Let’s go. Daughter-in-law… Govind. Daughter-in-law, what are you doing? Daughter-in-law, open the door. Open the door. Govind, what are you doing? -Open the door. -Sit inside quietly. I’ll open the door after we return. Govind… Govind. Govind. I think they’ve left. What shall we do now? Greed for money made Smita behave so rudely that she didn’t respect any of her marital relations. She made them beg for a penny. Women in the form of daughters and daughters-in-law are considered the lucky charm of their family.

They make a house heaven. But, a daughter-in-law had ruined the joys of this family. Usually a mother-in-law tortures a daughter-in-law. She makes her life hell. But, in this case a daughter-in-law had made her mom-in-law’s life and the life of other family members hell. Friends, always remember one thing. We can maintain relations only if with love and respect. If we torture and find faults it instills bitterness in relations. Smita’s father Janardhan Pandit invited his daughter and son-in-law to his house to get rid of the bitterness in their relations. Let’s find out if he got rid of his bitterness. Let’s watch Don’t think that I’ve forgiven you. I’ve invited you so that our relatives don’t make fun of us. Dad, please forget everything. I admit that we’ve financial problems. But, I’m happy there. Happy? Do you call this happiness? He doesn’t even have a scooter.