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you have been forced on him. I feel like taking her life. I feel like taking the life of the woman who lives in my husband’s heart. But I cannot do it. I cannot do anything. Sir, I have not received your report for 2018 and 2019. Sir, how more will you delay, it’s already been delayed. Fine let me note it down. fine, thank you. Will you marry me, Mehr un Nisa? Oh, since when has this been going on? What has been going on? Oh wow, you will hide it from me now. Tell me honestly, who has proposed you and that too so romantically. Shut up. First let me find out, whose action is this. Action? You cannot call something so romantic, action. Shifali, shut up. You think everything is a joke. Madam, boss is calling you. Yes, I am coming. Okay.

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This boss calls at the wrong time, always. What is his problem with us? Why are you being so impatient? she is coming to the room right now, I will talk to her. After all, we are meeting up in the evening. Bye. Sir. Yes, I will talk to you later then, okay, alright, thank you. Please have a seat. Sir, you called? Yes, I called. Tell me first, are you happy? Yes, sir, I don’t know how to thank you. Hey, no you don’t have to thank me. Tell me, what would you like to have? Tea or coffee? No sir, nothing. Nothing at all. No, how is that possible? Wait. Send two coffees to my room. Thanks. Yes, so tell me, what are you doing in the evening? I mean after work, do you have commitment or something to keep you busy? Do you have something? No, no, nothing. You tell me.

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Okay, my sister is over from America, and you know I don’t have parents and she is my motherly figure, fatherly figure too, she is practically everything for me. she is after me, you have to get married, you have to get married, I managed to get out of it somehow, but now that she is here in Pakistan, I said fair enough, if you want I will get married. I showed her your picture and she quite liked you, and I am sorry, I know, I should have asked you but don’t think its going to be a one sided thing, so I just wanted to ask you, I hope you are okay. Mehru? What happened? All ok? I have gone mad, I am resigning from this job. Tell your boss. But what happened? Mehru? I have come here to invite you all, not just to the wedding but to all the anniversaries too that girls like Mehru can have a hope. You have the right to live a complete life, Mehru. You have a complete right.

What does your saying or not saying matter? It matters to me. For me your happiness is important, to respect your decision, I don’t care about the world. Hello. You came home early today? Why? Do I need someone’s permission to come to my home? No, I didn’t mean that. What ever you meant, you know I don’t like too many question. Okay let me keep this. Hey, you have high fever. Where is mama? She went out for some work, you do one thing, go to the room, I will get you medicine and tea… I don’t need tea, just don’t disturb me. Mehru, tea, child. Mehru, have your tea, its already cold. What happened? Are you worried? No, I am not worried. No, there is something, tell me, what happened? No, nothing, just office work, I get tired, that’s it, nothing else.

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I thought you once again fought with someone. I don’t know about you. Hello. Sit and have tea, I want to talk to you. Hey child, hello, yes child surely come, why do you need to ask? Okay, yes, yes, I will make you tea, in fact feed you cake I made. You come, we are at home. You can come in an hour. Yes. Yes. Okay, bye. Child, your boss is coming with her sister, he will come in an hour, I will make something for him. Mama, what? Why didn’t you say no, you should have at least asked me. Hey, what do I ask from you? A man said that he is coming over, and I should say don’t come. You surprise me. And what do I tell about you? Where are you at? Busy at work? He did so much for us at the hospital, does it look good that I say no. its good I was making cake today, come help me out. What are you doing, Ayat? I had told you not to come to my room. Shah Jahan, I thought your fever would increase, so I got these cold compresses.

Yes, then let it increase, it shouldn’t matter to you. I thought you are not well, you will need me. I won’t need you even if I die. Why do you hate me so much? Stop it. Its just the starting, we have a long way to go, you got tired from now on. I never dreamed of such a life, don’t punish me so much, please. Those who take over someone else’s happiness, they stay restless the rest of their life, just like you. Why did you marry me? why didn’t you say no? you should have said no. You want to know why I married you, right? You want to know, right? Fine listen. Whatever you saw and heard that day, it was all true. I married you because of Mehru’s promise. If she had not forced me, I swear to God, I would never have married you. Today that you are sitting here in front of me, it’s the charity of Mehru’s love. Go from here. And if she tells you to take me out of your life…