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Payel! Sister-in-law. Stop! Hey stop! Stop! -Payel… Payel… -Sister-in-law. -Enough of romancing. -No, sister-in-law. I’m well aware of your meetings with Jairam at night. This is going to be the reason of your death one day. -Sister-in-law, please leave me. -Go from here. My name isn’t Smita Sharma if I don’t teach her a lesson tomorrow. Hey old woman, why are you staring at me? You can’t even do the dishes properly. Do the dishes again. Clean them properly. I cleaned all the utensils just now. You want me to do it again? So what? Do it again.

Clean properly. I don’t want a single stain on any utensil or you’ll have to do this all day. You treat me as a maid since you came in our family. Payel and I’ve been doing all t he household chores. You won’t’ be satisfied even if we sacrifice our lives. You speak a lot but can’t do any work. Clean the utensils properly. I don’t want any stains on them. Got it? When will god answer our prayers? When will I get rid of all these problems? So, Her Highness is still sleeping. Her Highness, wake up. Are you still dreaming? No, sister-in-law actually… You were flirting with your lover last night. It’s so late and yet you’re sleeping.

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Who will do the household chores? Who’ll sweep and mop? Will your lover come and do the chores? No, sister-in-law I had such a bad headache that I was… I hope you’ve got the medicine for your headache. Do the chores or you won’t’ get anything to eat. Got it? All the people in this house are so lazy. I was unfortunate to get married to a useless man like you. The entire family is worthless. Why are you angry with me? What have I done? That’s the problem. You don’t do anything. If I’m not in t his house then you won’t even get two meals in a day. Smita, don’t lose temper. I’m worried that you might fall sick.

I’m both physically and mentally sick. You just watch the fun and never do anything. Hey! Everything in this house takes place as per your wish. Okay… okay… don’t worry. I’m with you. I’ll settle everything. If you kept your promise then I wouldn’t have any problem. You don’t care for me at all. Smita, please sit down. Sit. Sit down. I’ll do something. I’ll get orange juice for you. Okay? -Listen… -Yes. -Get it quickly. -Okay. I’ll kill all of them. All of them. Spiders, listen to me carefully. Get out of my house quickly or I’ll kill you, I’ll kill all of you. Jhallu… Jhallu, my son. Can you hear me, Jhallu’s dad? -What happened? -Payel, get water. -What happened, Jhallu? -Jhallu… -Jhallu… -Jhallu, my son. Jhallu, what has happened to you? -Give him some water. -Jhallu, drink water. I haven’t got his medicines for the last two months.

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His condition will deteriorate further if this continues. I’ll get medicines for him after I get my pension tomorrow. Listen to me carefully, father-in-law. I won’t let you spend a penny on this useless fellow. You take away the pension I get every month. We don’t get a penny to spend for ourselves. Give us some poison. It’s better to die at once then to suffer and die. What’s the hurry to die, retired postman? Your pension isn’t enough to meet my expenses. How will I give money to the four of you? Your useless son has married a girl like me and you’ve to suffer for it. Money. Money. If you want money then go and get it from your dad.

He has lot of black money. Mr. Banwari, don’t talk about my dad. You don’t even deserve to be compared with him. He buys people like you just like that. Hey… Dad, why did you take her dad’s name? You can’t be at peace unless you instigate her. Smita, listen to me. Son… What shall we do now? His condition will deteriorate if this continues. Let me see what I can do after I get my pension tomorrow. Govind. Govind, my son… we’ve to go to the bank to get my pension. We’re getting late. -Okay, let’s go. -Hey old postman, you’re going to the bank. Right? Come and give me all the money that you get. And you… keep your eyes on your dad. Don’t waste your time at the betel leaf stall. I got rid of that addiction long ago.

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I need to buy medicines for Jhallu. You saw that he gets convulsions. If anything happens to him then… Sister-in-law, you told me to clean outside. I’ve cleaned it. Its sparkling clean now. Well-done, Jhallu. Who says that you’re lazy? Father-in-law, did you see him? He’s fit and fine. He doesn’t need medicines. Give your pension to me. Sister-in-law, I’m hungry. Will I get some food? Payel, we’ve yesterday’s leftover curry. Give it to him with one flatbread. Oh yes! give him only one flatbread. Got it? Son, let’s go. I’ve forgotten my glasses. I need to sign the pension receipt. I can’t see properly, so I want the glasses.

I don’t know where I kept my glasses. I knew that this old man will cook up some story. Here it is. It was kept here. -Okay. Son, let’s go. -Yes. Will you do only this all day? There are other pending chores. Jhallu, eat your meal. Sister, one flatbread isn’t enough. Give me one more. Okay. Finish it before sister-in-law comes. Okay? Finish your food, I’ll get water for you. What’s going on? I told you to give him one flatbread. Isn’t it? You’ve given him extra. This is your reward. You don’t do any work and you want lots of food. Sister-in-law, I’m hungry. Give it to me or I’ll beat you. Eat it quietly. Please forgive me, sister. -You got beaten because of me. -No, Jhallu. It’s my bad luck.