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What do you want to say? I want to tell you that by creating that scene you have relieved yourself, nor be prepared for the consequences with a lot of courage and patience. Before you think like a mother, remember this that you had promised to support me. I am still true to what I said even today. You just need a lot of courage and patience. What am I doing? I am tired of this daily drama. What have I done? I have made myself fall so low. Who am I to you? What is my relation with you? Speak up. That’s it. I had told you so many times, I stopped you, I said no, but you didn’t listen to me. Hello. Who is this? This is Bobby, Shah Jahan’s friend. Now what move does he want to make that he taking your support? No, he didn’t say anything like this. Then why did you call? To prove his innocence or do you want to accept a sin of yours? He wants to meet you.

Why does he want to meet me? Has he anything else to ruin my life? What does he think, I am that stupid that I will be fooled by him again. He is afraid of you being misled, can I say something, he really loves you. I don’t want his love. Go and tell him that I don’t want his life and he shouldn’t ever come in front of me again, I don’t want to see him in front of me. I don’t want to see him. Mehru, the coffee is really good, should I send it for you? No, I don’t feel like it. What happened? You didn’t even have lunch. Are you feeling ok? Yes, everything is fine, boss gave me this assignment I am just worried about that. Okay, you work, I will come back. Okay. Mama. Mama, listen to me. These actions of yours have put a question mark on my upbringing. Listen to me, what could I do? The situation was such… Don’t blame the situation. You yourself created a plot against Mehru, you didn’t listen to anyone. Did you forget that she is your sister. Whatever the situation was, you made it.

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Fine, if you were in my place, what would you have done? I don’t know, but I have supported you enough, but that is it. I will not let Mehru be mistreated anymore. Mama, why are you punishing me for what Shah Jahan did. What has happened to you? What happened to me? To me? What happened to me? I wish I could punish Shah Jahan for what he did, but I cannot do it, because of you. I cannot punish him because he is your husband, you have any idea Ayat, you took away this feeling for Mehru even, that the one who mistreated her, at least he got caught. It’s the selfishness of you two that has made my Mehru’s life hell.

I don’t want to say anything to you, nor do I want to hear anything. Go from here. Mama… Mehru, don’t do this with me, I just want to clarify things once, just hear me out. That was not the whole truth that I said, I will tell you everything, you just hear what I have to say. I have really respected you all my life. I swear to God, I swear to God, I never thought wrong about you. That night my friends… Shah Jahan, what more will you say? What new story will you tell me? Whatever you say, I will only feel disgusted hearing it. I will get angry on my stupidity. I considered my killer my saviour. Have you forgotten everything I said. Mehru, every word said in this world can be a lie, everything can be a lie, but I really love you. This cannot be a lie.

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I think you have become good friends. With your boss. Or else you never talk to a stranger so frankly. Don’t twist words and ask me stuff, just ask me straight forwardly. I want to ask a lot, but I feel that nothing I say means anything to you. You feel right, mind your own business. Will you marry him? Don’t be surprised. The person who can help you in tough times, he can also ask you to live with you all your life. You have not left me capable enough to trust anyone. I don’t feel like having tea. Ayat, child, how is sister in law Nusrat now? She is better. She is worried, she has been in tension because of sister. Because of Mehru? What tension? She got a job in Muscat, she is going. Mama will be all alone here. That is what she is worried about. although, if she wanted, anyway… I will thank God, once I get rid of that problem. You don’t worry, I have told you.

He couldn’t tolerate it. Hey idiot, why do you worry for small things, I told you everything will be fine, you just stay happy. Don’t you get tired? How long will you smooth talk me? Yes sir, all ok? You called at this hour. Yes, absolutely, there is a really special reason that I have called you for. There is this good news for you. What news? Remember, I had promised, that I will make some arrangements, I will arrange a proxy for you, I always try to keep my promises. So I have fulfilled my promise and we have a solution to your problem. Are you telling the truth, sir? Sir, thank you so much. Thank you. That’s not it. There is a condition and the condition is that you don’t have to take me as your boss, you need to take me as your friend. I want to stand with Mehru and Mehru’s mother, in every problem, I want to stand right next to them. I want them to place their reliance in me. this is the condition, tell me, can you fulfill this condition or not? I accept all your conditions.

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Are you sure? You are doing so much for me, you are helping me so much, I can do this much. But remember this, that I am saving whatever you said in my memory and whenever I need to, I will use it against you and in my favor. Are you ready for that? Done. Thank you so much, sir. Congratulations, I will see you soon and goodnight. Thank you. Thank God. Okay tell me, how are you now? I have been thinking for some days to come over to your place. Don’t think that I am taking my son’s side, just think that he is the husband of your second daughter. I would say sister in law Nusrat, find a good, reasonable proposal and fulfill Mehru’s responsibility. This way, your worry will reduce for sending her and the duty will be fulfilled as well. Mehru is a child, she thinks emotionally. How would she know the sensitivity of these matters.

You know sister in law Nusrat, I have a few proposals in my mind, if you allow me, should I talk to them. Mehru will decide for her life herself now. I will support her. You focus on your son and daughter in law, so that they don’t ruin someone else’s life again. I am here to worry about Mehru. What happened aunt? What would have happened? sister in law Nusrat doesn’t have water in her eyes anymore, she doesn’t understand the complexity of relations, nor does she recognize people, she replied to me so strongly like I am Mehru’s enemy. Sister has instigated mama against everyone. I know the cunningness and actions of this girls from before, that is why despite Shah Jahan’s wish, I didn’t make her my daughter in law… Aunt! Is it necessary for you to say this again and again.

Is it necessary to remind me and make realize that I am not Shah Jahan’s preferred wife. No, I didn’t mean that, I was just… I know it all aunt, stop it. You must feel sorry, you must feel sad seeing your son sad like this. Ayat, child, I support you so much, still you don’t understand. I don’t understand aunt? I don’t understand or you don’t understand? Do you realize even a little bit about the torture that I am going through. You have any idea how helpless you feel when are reminded day and night that you are not your husband’s liked wife,