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You already know I don’t meet men. Qari Muzammil has sent him. Qari Muzammil? Yes. But that’s what he saying. We don’t know if he is telling the truth or not. Oh no, why would he lie? And besides he will pay as much as we want. So that’s what it is. Okay, I’ll meet him. But I have a condition. Alright, Tell me. What is it? From now on men will come to the sanctuary too. Earnings from men and women will be separate. You keep the earnings from the men and I will give mom the money we get from the women. Okay, fine. I accept. For the matters of men we will need a helper who will see who should be sent inside and who should be sent away from outside. So I am there. No, not you.

What do you mean? Who else then? Wajdan. Are you in your senses? Wajdan, Wajdan will not come here! Alright then if he doesn’t come then the sanctuary will open from now on, neither for men nor for women. Okay. Alright fine. I accept but I have a condition too. Wajdan will only meet you in my presence. Nothing can be better than this. Speak up. Do you accept? Go call Wajdan. Why Wajdan? Meet him first. No, first call Wajdan then I will meet him. I don’t trust you, you can go back on your word. Good I found you.

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I thought about it a lot and I felt pity. Come on now. Where? At the sanctuary. At the sanctuary? You do want a job? Come come I’ll tell you, come. There is no need for you to put on a veil. Didn’t you want a job at the sanctuary? Yes. So all the people who come here, you will have to help them. Alright. For now, there is a man sitting inside, ask him for water, setup the segregation, I will come in a while. Okay. Go. Please keep sitting. Assalamualaikum child. Walikum assalam. Child I keep visiting Qari Muzammil, today I went to him regarding a problem and he went silent. Then he mentioned you.

He said that you might have a better answer to my problem than him. What kind of a problem is it that instead of answering it himself Qari Sahib has sent you to me? Should I state the problem? Yes, please go ahead. Actually, there is a dream I see again and again since a few nights. In every dream my late wife comes and starts crying. Child, I have come to you with a lot of hope. Can you help me? Please come to me after two days. Yes, is your work done? Yes thankfully, InshAllah it will be done. Masha Allah She has given me time after two days. Yes, its two days because obviously she has to dream about it and tell you.

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Thank you very much for coming. Actually we make food arrangements for the poor. So if you want to take part in this good deed, there is no compulsion. Thank you very much, thank you very much. May God reward you. May God reward you, Thank you my lord. With God’s grace, I have distributed my property in my life time and haven’t been unjust to anyone. And are you happy with your children? Everyone else is fine but one of them has not met me since many years. He made me lose a lot in my business, married with his choice also, I still didn’t say anything to him.

Then he was unjust to other children of mine and he upset his mother also, so I have never been happy with him. Can you forgive him? Yes, I can forgive him but that can happen if he apologizes. It’s not necessary that you forgive him only if comes and apologizes. You’re an elder, you can prove to be one too. Alright alright. You have distributed your property, if you also distribute your love then maybe your late wife’s spirit can find peace. This is what I can suggest you, the rest is up to you. You really solved my problem.

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Shahbaz! Yes Shah Ji? Send the people one by one. Shah Ji, there is no one outside. What do you mean there is no one? They must be outside, walking around. Go and check. No Shah Ji, there is no one outside. Now we are about to start something, where we need your prayers. We are trying to arrange a shelter for the widows, orphans and the needy. Look how the poor people are lying on the streets. I don’t feel like eating or sleeping. I feel like lying down next to them. This injustice is… May God help us. Come to my house someday and we will meet. I will surely come, sir. So Mateeullah has stooped to such absurd tricks.

He is still in the hope that tomorrow people will start coming to his sanctuary again. Yes yes, let him be. Let him have that misconception. n fact do one thing, tell a few of your boys to visit his sanctuary every day. So that he feels that his sanctuary is doing really well. Brother Imtiaz, when will I start coming to your sanctuary? Wait for a few days. Mateeullah should know too that he had a partnership with brother Imtiaz. Hey son! Come here. Yes? Whom have you come with? With my mother.