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I will hit you. Come on, get ready quickly, then we will go. Aunt, are you ready? Hey, you are still not ready? Child, I am calling Shah Jahan, he is not picking up. Mama is calling me again and again, what do I say? Its really late. You do one thing, you go, those people will come. I cannot go without you and Shah Jahan? And there mama will ask about you two what will I say? Child, you make an excuse. God be kind, Shah Jahan will come, I will come with him. You come, whatever happens, we will see it there. I had told you, he will create an issue.

I just want to take some promises

Children, this has come from your office, you can see it later what it is. I think everyone has sent you a present. Hello. Hello sister in law. How are you child? Come. Come. Are you ok? Yes come. Sit. This is my daughter’s mother in law, our sister in law and Ayat my daughter. This is Rashid, our son in law and his sister. Shah Jahan didn’t come, child? He… Mama, he had some office work, he was caught up, so its possible he might not come. He will reach you start the ceremony. Okay, we will start it. Stop.

This engagement cannot happen. Shah Jahan, what are you saying? Are you in your senses? No one will say anything today, mama. What is this Shah Jahan? What is the hurry aunt? Master took some promises from me when he died, that I will take care of you people. I have no objection on this engagement, I just want to take some promises from Mr. Rashid, before the engagement. Okay. I am not here to create a filmy scene, I don’t want to bother you either. I just want you to promise that you will never let tears come in Mehru’s eyes. You promise me that you will keep Mehru happy. Mehru has had a lot of sorrow, she has suffered a lot.

I just want that you always keep her happy. There is a big debt of happiness in Mehru’s life, I want that you repay that debt. So you promise me that you will always keep Mehru happy. If you want, I can sign it on a stamp paper as guarantee. Do you want me to promise or claim it? Don’t claim it, because claims are often proved wrong. I promise you, don’t worry. Are you satisfied now? Okay, I have no objection. I am sorry, I don’t know what you people must be thinking. I am really sorry. No, its perfectly alright, I understand. Now if you allow, can we start the ceremony? You can get engaged. Thank you. Thank you very much.

he should have stood up earlier

Mehru, I got scared today. That idiot has gone mad and he says something stupid in his madness. Thank God everything went fine. He is a weird boy, if he had the courage, he should have stood up earlier, he would have made you his then in front of everyone. I will be scared till the day you don’t get married. This mad man can do anything. He will not do anything now. How can you be so sure about this? I know him.

He will give his life, but never let my respect be tarnished. What scene did you create there? What would they be thinking about me? What sort of a husband do I have? You embarrassed me in front of everyone. Why? What did I say wrong that you are so worried? If they would have asked, if they had asked, why you are so worried for her, how are you related? What would you have said? Why are you quiet? Tell me, what would you have said. I would have said clearly that I really love Mehru, she is the reason I am alive, I breath seeing her. Do you see that? Do you see how shamelessly he is taking the name of his love.

you are a woman, a mother too

Yes, I am not scared of anyone. I am saying clearly I love her a lot. I don’t care about anyone in the world, not you, nor anyone else. You don’t care about anyone, but you care about Mehru… I cared for her. I cared for her that is why you are in my home till today. Shah Jahan, what are you saying? Are you in your senses? I am in my senses. I am totally in my senses, but I have run out of patience, so I don’t know what I should do. I will only do what my heart tells me to. No one can force me either, not even you. Aunt, why are you standing quiet? Why don’t you say anything? Why are you quiet? He is saying weird things. I am his wife… Ayat. Go from here. Go from here, I want to talk to my son about something. Go. I wish I had understood this earlier.

In my stubbornness and ego, I couldn’t understand my son’s happiness. I got scared. I got scared that if my son marries a divorcee, then what will I say to the people? What will people say? I got scared. I really got scared. All this doesn’t matter now. All this is just talk now. Mama, you are a woman, a mother too, but you never thought like my mother. You never respected anyone else. All your life, you have mistreated Mehru and that poor thing, she didn’t even reply to you. She kept on saying no to me, that I shouldn’t say anything to aunt, she is the elder and she will get hurt. On that so much enmity, what did you take revenge for from her? If you had a daughter mama and she got divorced, then you think what you would have done, then. You have really mistreated her.