Hindi Top Life Trick | Upcomming Life Style 2020

Hindi Top Life Trick | Upcomming Life Style 2020

Hindi Top Life Trick | Upcomming Life Style 2020
My God don’t test me. For centuries my family has been praising you. Please don’t end this. Oh my Lord, make Taha forget Husn-e-Jahan. She has taken over his heart in 7 days, if you want you can get her out in 7 moments, there is no one who can do this apart from you. I think you have made your choice. Papa, don’t say anything like this in front of her, what will she think. I don’t care about her, she shouldn’t have come here. You got her here. Do you want to tell me that Husn-e- Jahan.. Papa, you cannot be compared to anyone, you know.. You didn’t care about me, you didn’t go against me before this and when you did, you went so far that you didn’t care for me.

 You have ruined my pride. If you want, I will sit in your feet, just think I made a mistake, forgive me. How many times will you apologize, in the past 10 days you have apologized so many times, and every time you have made a bigger mistake. You have never spoken to me with such a loud voice, I am not even aware of your anger. You have never had a frown on your forehead for me. What have I done now? You have put our family’s name, its work at risk. Now your hands will only paint a woman’s body, her eyes, her face. These hands cannot paint God’s name. Fine, if you feel this way, I will leave your home and never return. 

She is the devil, she is instigating you, she will take you here. She is Husn-e-Jahan, God got her to me, gave her a place in my heart. She is the devil! She is not God! You say what you want. Taha, you know what you have been painting and now what you are painting? This. This. This. Not a single one of our family members for 7 generations has painted anything other than God’s name. You have started painting the body of Husn-e-Jahan. Leave her, right now, come back. Come back from the land of astray. Love is there. Love is an illusion. I can see nothing but her. Then don’t call yourself God’s man. If she leaves from my eyes, she will be here, if she leaves from here, she will run in my blood. If she goes from here, she will come here, here, here and here. Where should I take her out from? Here. Here. Here. Here. Here, only God can be there, he is there, He is present everywhere. It can also be love. Love is your demise.

 Love can bring me up. The hand that have been choosen to write God’s name, don’t use them to praise someone else. Don’t do it. God will take away that talent from you. What do you think? I will forget how to write God’s name? you are wrong. I have been doing calligraphy for 10 years, how can I forget it. He is alone, doesn’t accept anyone else’s presence. If your hands praise someone else, he will take away that beauty. She is Husn-e-Jahan and God likes beauty. God put the love of her in my heart, he will take it away. You cannot do it. I pray that he takes her out of your heart. Husn-e-Jahan should be out of your heart. Come with me. That was the last time I saw Taha alive and first time that I hated someone in my life. Husn-e-Jahan. After he left, for the first time he sent a letter, after that every month he would write a letter, just one sentence “papa forgive me”. 

I would read the letter once and leave it, I couldn’t keep this letter down after reading it, it had the news of your birth. Kalb-e-Momin had come, I had also started thinking of forgiving him. But everyday I would pick up the letter to write a forgiveness, but Husn-e-Jahan would come over that paper and I would lose my words. After 3 years, Taha’s letters stopped coming. I would wait for his letter everyday and regret everyday that why I didn’t forgive him. I should have forgiven him. Then one day I wrote him a letter to the address where those letters would come from and then after 8 years when I started asking questions to God I got a parcel from your mother Husn-e-Jahan. I am sending you all of Kalb-e-Momin’s letters.

 He has a lot of questions, that I don’t have answers for. Maybe you have it. I promised you, that I will never call out to you, but Kalb-e-Momin broke all promises. Reading that letter I couldn’t figure out why she was looking for Taha near me, I felt that Taha got upset on something and came from there. Life gave me another chance to fix everything, I couldn’t lose this chance. I replied to Husn-e-Jahan to her letter, after reading your letters, I wrote to you as well but I didn’t tell Husn-e-Jahan that Taha is not with me. Kalb-e-Momin. Kalb-e-Momin. Where is my papa? He didn’t come. Hello. Hello. Where is Taha? Call my father. He is not with me. You were 8 years old when I saw you first and I felt that I am seeing Taha’s childhood, he was just like you. Its been a long time. If he is with you, please send him back, I am tired. 

Momin needs him. I want to be his mother, I cannot be his father. He is not with me, don’t doubt me. If I had to lie, I wouldn’t be here. I am dying to see his face for so many years. He is my only son. It was my fault, I was being stubborn. You showed pride, rejected me, so I took him away. It was not your fault, it was my fault. That wasn’t pride, it was fear. I should have understood that… I will find him, I will talk to him, he will come back to you.

 You are the only one in the world on who’s word he can forgive me. He will. Tell him to stop it. He has punished me enough, he has ruined Husn-e-Jahan, let her stay that way. But don’t do this. He will come back, all will be fine. You are the same Husn-e-Jahan. In the next few days me and Husn-e-Jahan kept on looking for Taha. Papa, did you find out anything? Yes. You found out? Where is Taha? Papa, why are you crying? He has left. Where has he left? Papa, where has he left? Really far. Where no one can come back. My father lives here? Yes. Why does he live here? Not at home? This is also home.