A man does bad deeds all his life, but my God with one move shows them their position and reveals their true self to the world. You, all your life made emotional decisions, what you did today was not right, you made my Hatim commit a sin, something that good finds as the worst decision of a man. Shamila, you didn’t do right. You have ruined this home. You have separated my children, ruined me, you didn’t do right. Hatim… your own people kill you but bury you correctly, I got my sister’s daughter home, but she has acted worse than an enemy, she has ruined my home. She ruined my home, she made Hatim commit a sin. Oh God, forgive him. Who are you? What are you doing here? I am a sinner, I came here to get my punishment. Boss, check if he is an informer for the police. I have no relation with anyone.

I am a sinner to a human.

Then tell me honestly, who are you? What are you doing here? I came to get my punishment, to reduce the burden of my sins. Seek forgiveness from God. What are you doing here? If I was God’s sinner, I would have asked for forgiveness, seek forgiveness. I am a sinner to a human. Then go seek forgiveness from them. I am not getting forgiveness. What sin did you commit? No, I am innocent. I am innocent. Zeeshan. Don’t blame me. I am lying? I am lying? Is this something to lie about? He has ordered that such a person should be lashed 80 times. You beat me up. Boss, I think he is mad, get him to an asylum. Hey, do you want someone’s hands broken, shot at, tell us that. For God’s sake, help me, for God’s sake help me lessen the burden of my sins. Help free me. Help reduce my burden, for God’s sake. Hello brother Salman, how are you? Are you home? I am not home, we sold that home.

Shamila was also calling You sold the home?

All ok? Shamila was also calling You sold the home? Yes madam, who are you? Why are you sitting here? What do you mean why am I here? This is my home, who are you? This is my home, I bought it. Bought it? Its my home, my brother Salman’s home, when did you buy it? It was Mr. Salman’s home, but its now my home, I bought it. No, you are lying, let me call my brother, how can he sell this home. Come on go from here, this is a new way of begging, go from here. Go out and call your brother. Come on go. Come on hurry up. What is the matter? Why don’t you tell me. No, I… She has messaged Zeeshan that she wants a separation and wants to marry Tauqeer, she was trying to get Rida in trouble. Hatim, this is all Asim’s doing. I divorce you. I divorce you. I divorce you. Now you will get out of this home. He is not answering his phone. Give it to me. What happened? All ok? Shamila… She must have created another scene. You should have told him that we are in Saudia and not here.

She went to our old home, and we are not there.

I may be really bad, but I am still her brother, she is my sister. Okay, what happened? Will you tell me? Hatim divorced Shamila and Shamila left home and went somewhere. What? Divorced her? Her actions were such that she didn’t want to make a home. She went to our old home, and we are not there. God knows where she will go, I will go find her. What? What do you mean? Where are you going? I am going to find her. What are you thinking, after the divorce, she will live in this home? Where else will she go? How ever she is, she is my sister, if you have a right on me, so does she. She is my sister, I don’t know where she will be. I will… Hello Rida. Where is Zeeshan? I don’t know where he went, his phone is also here. I don’t know but what he did to you is not letting him be at peace. He doesn’t sleep at night, he is not at peace in the day. I am scared mama. I am here with you, why are you afraid. I am scared. Zeeshan. I am going. Zeeshan, no. wait. It will all be fine son. I beg you, I really love you, I made a mistake. For God’s sake. For God’s sake, open the door or I will die. What is she saying? What happened child? Rida.

you will never leave me, right?

My child. What happened child? Tell me, be strong child. No matter what, you will never leave me, right? Why are you crying? Tell me Rida, I cannot see a tear in your eyes, please clean them I cannot see you crying. If there is one person in the world who can love you dearly is your husband, Zeeshan. For God’s sake, say something or my heart will explode, Rida say something. I made a mistake. I made a mistake. God is forgiving. How did you leave me? You used to love me Faham, see what condition I am in right now. You know everyone has closed their doors on me, my life went, you too left. I have decided, I will not leave you and go anywhere, I will stay with you. I will stay here with you Faham. No, he didn’t tell me before going brother. One minute, I am getting a call. I will call back. Hello. Forgive me mother. Zeeshan, where are you my child? Where did you go? I am in a lot of pain and I know you are in a pain cause of me, the sorrow of a young child is greater than anything else in the world. I know that I have given you pain but mama, its my last try, I am trying to make one last effort.

I am sending you a number, he called from this,

If possible, please forgive me mama. I am sorry mama. Zeeshan. Zeeshan. Brother, I am sending you a number, he called from this, yes find out. Mama, I have to go home. How can you go home child? Mama, I saw Zeeshan is in pain, I saw in my dream. Hey, you cannot go alone, take Asim. Rida. Rida. Where are you going? What happened? I have to go. Rida… What happened? My phone. I will get it, you go sit in the car and be strong. Brother, for God’s sake don’t torment me like this, look at me, how can you be so stonehearted. I am innocent, I have no mistake. Brother, for God’s sake, stop it. For God’s sake, you stop it. If you don’t care of your respect, then care of our respect. Sister in law Shamila sent me. Stop it , don’t lie that Shamila sent you.

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