FREE GUY (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Superhero

FREE GUY (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Superhero 

FREE GUY (2020) Ryan Reynolds, Superhero

 I am working on television. Okay, you lead in which serial? I have not lead in any yet, I have worked in soap and I have not done any serial yet. She is a soap artist, and you have brought her in the audition of a movie, seriously. She is a good actor, we can see it one, and otherwise, I have options. Okay, just read the first scene, show me. I know that you hate me, we have more powerful relation than love, if someone will give me choice, I will never separate me from you. Just put your stole on table. What? Just put your stole on table, it is ruining the whole scene. I can tie it. 

What is wrong to take it off? I will not be comfortable. Excuse me? To take your stole off, you are not comfortable in your scene, is that what you are saying? No one will wear any stole in the movie of kale Momin, you did not tell her about the role? We have not talk in this detail, I have only given her the scenes of auditions, and the brief was there. It is the role of the friend of heroin, who wants to snatch her fiancĂ©, It is the role of vamp, a woman who can do anything to get the man, she dance, she went on parties with boyfriend, she sings, can you do this in stole? Tell. You low level person, how will you snatch my respect from me? The respect is on the slipper of my feet and nothing has been suited to me more than an insult. She can act, but the role is very seductive and glamorous, will she looks like that? I think so, maybe she wore shalwar kameez right now, she looks local. 

I think she will look like this in bikini and short skirt too. I will not wear these clothes but yes I will make sure, that acting… Madam, I am not making an art film, I am making a commercial film, you have wasted yours and mine time by coming here, at least you should have known the description of your role before coming. You can give me any other role, any side role or small role? In Momin’s movie, there is no role for you, sorry, you do not have what it takes to be a film star, lights on, just show me the third audition. Iman Siddiqi, come on you are next, Momina, I will talk to Aqsa. Momina Sultan, why do not you die in the small water, may be to die with ashamed, the little water is high, I do not have to come here, need have made me helpless, need is a shameful thing, where is it? Okay, let us do that, all right baby, stop being nervous, it is all fine, I think your hair are fine, on this side. 

Excuse me, my file was left here. What these manners are? How have you come inside, without asking? I am sorry, I left my file here. This is a very cheap way of getting the attention, very cheap of you. What is going here, it is less cheap than that. What did you say? You do not need to misbehave with me, I came here to take the file and I am taking this. Who is misbehaving? Are you new? What cheap is going on here? Yes, what cheap is going on here and if it is cheap, what are you doing here? Do not dare go without answering me, tell me? it is my choice, if I answer you or not, who are you to stop me? Momina, behave yourself. If you are that modest then go and wear Hijab and go to your home, to beg this role and coming here, you do not need to roam around me, this, all of this is as cheap, as you are. I came here to take the work, not to sell my respect, the help that you are doing by showing bikini and mini skirt in art that is cheap as well. 

Seriously, is this what she is saying? I am so sorry, I am apologizing you on her behalf, I am so sorry. This is your entire fault, I have told you so many times do not bring these drama actors for audition. Who was she? I am sorry. My loving Momin, I am hopeful that you are right, all your letters has been received by God and he read this as well, God is sending me to you for answering this letter, I will be with you on 15th. God has written the letter to you as well? This was from your Grandfather. But, why did not God has written the letter by him? God never writes the letter by him, he have so many people, who work with them. But, I asked for father, not grandfather. He will also come.

 True, mother true? God have written this to you in the letter? He did not write that but I know. I love you God, I love you, you are sending my father back, I love you God, I love you God, you are nice, you are sending my father back, I knew that you will get my letters, and you will answer them too, all my letters are with you and you have read that too, I am happy but you do not have to tell this secret to mother, this is not your fault, I think that this fault has been done from grandfather. Your father will come, so we will go with him. We will not live here? No. After how many days? A lot of days. Many days, why did he went? I have done a mistake. So you can apologize.

 I did that, when he will come, I will ask him to forgive you. He will be agreeing with you. Can I tell you one thing, Yes. that I have not told you ever. What? Sometimes, father comes in my dream. Then? I can see him converting into star. How can he be a star? I also think the same. Okay, sleep now.