Fitoor – Episode 14 – HAR PAL GEO

Do you want to play? Yes. What is your name? You want to say something? She is so cute, right? Show me. I will play. Eshal, come on child, you have bothered them enough, lets go. Come on. No, if we play a little. What will happen, then? Where are you going? Come on. Come on. Come on. Your habit hasn’t changed till now. You know Dilnasheen, he used to do the same in childhood. He has ruined my hair a lot of times. I remember, we were going to a wedding, and he ruined my hair. And what did I do? when he was sleeping at night, I gave him a weird haircut. He minded that so much, he ran after me for two days with scissors. Your habit hasn’t changed. Come on. Say bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. If she comes back here, she will do it herself and if she has some other intentions, then, in that case, I will send her the divorce papers.

You know Dilnasheen, he used to do the same in childhood. He has ruined my hair a lot of times. I remember, we were going to a wedding, and he ruined my hair. And what did I do? when he was sleeping at night, I gave him a weird haircut. Show some courage, you will see, I will fix everything forever. Here, have tea. No child, I won’t have tea. When your heart is worried, you don’t feel like eating or drinking anything. Afia, you leave. What is the matter sister? Is everything alright? Yes, yes, everything is fine otherwise. You know, I married my son to settle down, and thank God, everything is fine but… What is the matter? You have a complaint from Dilnasheen? If there is, tell me. No, no, by the grace of God, she is a good, really nice girl. But you know the world is a bad place, here people don’t take time in taking someone else’s right. You know, I am unable to understand what you are saying. What do I tell you? My own will be revealed. Look, I am trying to say to you that you make Dilnasheen understand that the world is such a place, where people are trying to snatch each other’s right. No one lets an opportunity go. Your daughter is the light of my home. I don’t want someone’s envy takes over this light. You please just make her understand this with love, that she puts her attention, a circle of her love around her husband, so that he doesn’t get lost. If a man doesn’t get love from his wife, then he loses his way. If I would have said something to her, maybe she would have mind it. So I thought that you make her understand.

And a daughter wouldn’t listen to anyone more than a mother. Please. Tell her to give attention to her husband, take care of him. So that… so that nothing like that happens. Careful, it will go in the water. Do it like this. Good throw. Come on and. Juice. Oh, thank you. Lost you. Haider. Yes? You don’t look married from any angle. Your wife doesn’t have any interest in you either. You two don’t look like a newly happily married couple. In fact you look like a boring couple. You know what, your estimates are completely baseless. My estimates are not baseless. Why don’t you accept that I am still in your heart. When I didn’t leave your heart, then why do you stay away, Haider? Child, why do you waste your time in these papers for no reason? Give you husband time. But he is playing with Ehsaal. Not Eshaal, Mehmal is playing with her. What? Memal, I am married now, I am no longer the Haider who longs for your love. You long for my love. I saw the ashtray in your room. It was full of cigarettes and your sorrows were in the room like smoke. Haider, I will remove all your sorrows. Give me a chance. Come on, Eshal, its time to go. Look child at times, we make such a mistake that we cannot even fix if we want, but you are going to make the mistake of losing your husband. The husband is the most precious asset of a wife, you don’t keep it in an open field, in fact, you keep him tied to the ropes of your love and you ensure that he is in your control again and again. I didn’t understand anything.

You don’t leave Haider alone, especially not with Mehmal. You want to talk? Till you don’t speak up, how will I know what is it? I was thinking that I should go for shopping with sister in law, if you could give some money… No issue, we will go tomorrow. Go shopping with me. No, I will go with sister in law. Here you go. Its my credit card, its password protected. The password is your birthday. I can shop as much as I want? Yes, shop as much as you want. Can I ask you something? Yes? Why don’t you want to go shopping with me? I will go some other day. You know, when I used to go shopping before marriage with sister in law, I used to look at things with regrets. But mama never gave me so much money. She used to say that single girls shouldn’t shop so much. then I used to think that when I get married, I would shop a lot to balance everything. Fine, be ready in the morning, I will drop you on my way to the office. I have seen you happy for the first time, stay this way. Why don’t you accept that I am still in your heart? When I never left your heart, then why do you stop yourself, Haider? Haider, I will take away all your sorrows, give me a chance. You don’t look married from any angle.

Even your wife has no interest in you. Can I ask you something? Yes? Why are you not going shopping with me? I will go some other day. Mehmal. You are crying? Why have you come here? You are out so late at night, it doesn’t look nice. The child is alone inside. Come on, come, lets go inside. Why don’t you accept it? Why don’t you accept it that you still love me? That love whenever you see me in pain, makes your heart restless. What you want is not possible. Why is it not possible? I have left everything and come here for you. So then what is the difficulty Haider? Difficult was the time that I spent. Where was this love, then? It was here, Haider. I was mad, who ignored your love, and choose the wrong person at the right time. Why are you trying to dig ashes? You will get nothing. Accept everything, just like I have. Here. Goodnight. I don’t need this, I need you. If you stay with me, then no tears will ever fall from my eyes. Go to sleep. She is really depressed. I really like such colors. This one. We will make this. What is wrong sister in law? Its really colorful. What is wrong? You are married. So what? The white one we saw was good. Hey, you know, Haider gave me his credit card and asked me to shop as much as I like. I want to shop a lot taking Haider’s card. Hello mama. You are happy on the things he got you, but you are not happy with his companionship.

I am happy mama. If you were happy, you wouldn’t have come running to your mother’s home for shopping, you would have gone shopping with him. This damned thought you have in your mind, take it out, what if he takes you out of his life. Dilnasheen. Dilnasheen, a husband expects love and attention from his wife. And if he doesn’t get love and attention from his wife, then he goes somewhere else. These expensive clothes, this jewelry, all these things you are buying with so much interest, care for them, before he takes you out of his life. God forbid mama, what are you saying? Afia, look, look how she is standing there like a sculpture, like I am not talking about her but someone else’s home. This girl. This girl will ruin us, she will get us insulted in front of the world. What do you want that the whole world spits on us? What do you want? For God’s sake. For God’s sake, make your home and live there. Mama, please don’t say that. Mama. What do I do then? What do I do? I won’t be able to tolerate it, I will jump from the roof, I am telling you. I cannot take it anymore. Mama… I don’t have more strength, don’t bother me any further.

Dilnasheen. Yes? Where are your bags? Did you forget them at your mother’s? I will turn the car. No, keep it with yourself. When I have to shop with you, what would I do keeping it with myself? What do you mean? You didn’t shop? Fine, there is a mall nearby, we will go there. No leave it, its already late and mama too will be waiting. As you wish. Hey, you are not lonely anymore. She was really missing you. Really? This thought you have in your head, take it out what if he takes you out of his life. Dilnasheen, a husband expects love and attention from his wife. And if he doesn’t get love and attention from his wife, then he goes somewhere else. Have fun. Go. Play. Haider, she really misses her father. Lets go somewhere, have dinner. Eerr… Lets go, come on. Okay. Come. Shall we? We will go get ready and go. Lets go. He is my childhood friend, and I was his teenage love. Love? Not love, call it madly in love. He used to come after me like mad. No matter what I said, he used to fulfill all my demands with the blink of an eye. For God’s sake. For God’s sake make your home and then live in it. Hello. Hello. What do you like to eat? If you don’t want to tell me, then no problem. No, no, why won’t I want to tell you? Actually, its become a little shocking for me, because you never asked me about what I like, like this. You know, I have no special tantrums in eating, but I love local, local food. And colors? What colors do you like? They are present here. I mean, grey, green, blue and… Even Hamza liked the same. What happened? Dilnasheen. Yes? What happened? Nothing, just like that. I will go get fresh. You give it to me. No, I am going anyway. No problem. I will like it. Hey, wow. Wow. What is all this? Child, you are in the kitchen? You should have asked Babara, she would have made whatever you wanted. I wanted to cook myself today. Wow, it looks great. Then taste it and tell me, are the spices in the right quantity? Oh wow, wow. You have taste in your hands. You liked it? I really liked it. And all this? God bless you. I am going to go pray and thank God, today, after so long the light has returned to my home. What are you cooking? Something he likes. I think you are forgetting. Haider doesn’t like local food at all. He likes continental. I know you people have been good friends, and you knew about his likes and dislikes, but you knew, your information is not updated. Haider’s choice has changed, and along with that, his likes and dislikes too. Excuse me. I will go get ready for Haider. He must be on his way.

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