Fitoor – Episode 13 – HAR PAL GEO

Haider, I have left him. I have left him forever. I got tired of him. Come on Haider, you and me, let’s start the same story again. What are you doing? No, actually, sorry I… you were sleeping so… relax. Sleep. I am going to the study anyway. Sorry. That… Last night, Mehmal came over. I think she had a fight with Ansab. These fights are sorted at your own home, not on the doorsteps of others. After all, why has she come? When your heart is hurt, you miss your own, mama. Your own? Who are her own? Those who she rejected herself and left? Anyways, it is best that you don’t mention the past. No need to give her any sort of hope. She has come here like a kite that has been cut, but I will not let her stay here for long. You too stay away from her, understand? I know her really well. She wants to wipe the dust of old promises and turn you into dust. Nothing like that will happen. Nothing like that will happen. The time and situation has changed a lot of things. I am married. Relax. Good morning, aunt. You are so dressed up early in the morning. Aunt, sometimes dressing up works as therapy too, it removes sadness. What had happened? Is everything okay? Leave it aunt.

It’s a long story, I will tell it to you when we have time. Look child, don’t fight for too long, a man gets used to living alone. He is not alone in that home, I was. He would have a model, actress, or a business partner with him. But you used to praise him a lot. I used to lie. I used to keep his fake respect. All wives and husbands keep each other’s respect. Its good that you too did that and live the same way in future. No aunt, I cannot live with it anymore. You will have to live with it. After all, a woman’s home after the marriage is her husband’s house.. What should a woman do after a divorce? Where should she go? What stupidity is this? Why do you want to ruin your family? I am tired aunt. I am tired of keeping respect of his fake love. My heart and my mind have gone numb. Its good you found a place to stay to remove your tiredness. Till you compromise with the situation you can live here peacefully, but don’t consider this your permanent home. Just like tired travelers rest at a lodge and then in the morning they leave for their real destination. Dilnasheen, this worry of yours has got me worried as well. If there was an issue, there was something, then you should have shared it with me. I swear to God, I will listen to any issue you have as a friend. Yes, when there is nothing, what would I have discussed? Anything, I mean, what you want to talk about… yes? Good morning. Good morning. You look really fresh.

Its good, my sorrow will hide behind this happiness. Both of you have been introduced, right? Yes. But you deserve an official introduction from me. Mehmal, my first cousin, uncle’s daughter, we have a big businessman in this city, his wife. And Memal, this is Dilnasheen, my wife. Breakfast is served. Aunt is waiting for you people. Yes, we are coming. No, he takes tea without sugar. Two spoons. I will take two spoons of sugar in my tea. When colors are filled in your life, you shouldn’t have tasteless tea. You take me to Ansab in the evening. What does he think? He will do what he wants. We are her guardians. Aunt, I have decided, I don’t want to live with him. You have a daughter, will she live without the love of a father? Even with Ansab around, she was deprived of his love. He doesn’t have time for us. He is not at fault in this either. He has to work hard day and night to maintain your high lifestyle. Nothing like that aunt. There is no monetary issue between us. There is an issue, that is why you selected Ansab. Why are you crying about it now? That was the biggest mistake of my life, that I want to fix now. If you want to fix your mistake, then compromise and save your breaking relation. Excuse me. Mama, if she doesn’t want to go… I mean, you should ask Mehmal too… Her husband is there to care for what she wants and doesn’t want. You worry about your own responsibilities. Excuse me.

You people look at this project somehow and continue. Go ahead Mehmal. Haider. Haider, you please make aunt understand. Why is she insisting me to go back to Ansab’s home? Memal, you are the one who needs to understand. You are being emotional for no reason. Yes, I agree, my decision was emotional, but you too understand Haider, the reason behind this decision of mine is you. The one who has put love in the heart of a materialistic girl like me. You have melted my heart. Its really late now, Mehmal. You are never late in love, Haider. Even if you don’t accept me, but please, tell aunt to change her decision to send me to Ansab’s home. I will not be able to live with Ansab. I will sit in corner of your home. I will talk to you later. No need to favor her in front of me, because I will not accept her decision at any cost. She thinks, she can send you to me, and make me accept what she wants. She is mistaken. I got you married with so much difficulty, and I should once again ruin your happiness for Mehmal. Mama, why do you worry so much? Your prayers are with me. After so long my prayers have been answered. She has come again to ruin them? But now I won’t listen to her. Look… That’s it. Its enough. I have heard enough, no need to speak any further.

I think he is here. Hello. Have a seat. Thank you. You people didn’t have anything. Its ok child… Forgive me, I got caught in an important meeting, that is why I got really late. You people had to wait a long time. No problem. I came to talk to you about something important. Child, husbands and wives fight, but prolonging such fights increases distances. She is emotional, but you are smart. Such decisions are not made out of emotions, but in your senses. I would say son, that you come and get her. I didn’t ask her to leave from here. That is why, she will come back herself. If she thinks that I will go there to convince her like a typical husband, then I don’t have time for this useless activity. She knows well that there is agreement between us about getting upset and convincing each other. This was decided from the start. What did you decide? That there is no relation of love between us. I will not give her love, nor will I care for her tantrums like other husbands. I have already done more than my commitment towards her. This life of luxury, she has a daughter, now if she is moving away from her commitment, her agreement, what can I do? But she never made it evident to us, in fact, she only made us feel that you give her a lot of love and affection.

Obviously, she was helpless. She must be lying for her face saving. Maybe, she felt that I will start loving her like traditional husbands as time passes, and when that didn’t happen, her hope broke and then she had no other option, that is why she went to your home. Ansab, a wife is demanding her husband to love her, there is nothing wrong in this, man. The demand is not wrong, but she is demanding it from a wrong man. Look, I don’t like anyone interfering in my matters, but now that Mehmal has involved you people, then tell her that if she will come back here, then she will come herself. And if she has some other intention, then in that case, I will send her the divorce papers. Ansab. Please. You people have come here, do have something before you leave. I had a feeling about this. I wanted to ask you something. Thank God you talked, or else the two of us were living in the same room as strangers. Sit, if you don’t mind. Dilnasheen, say whatever you want to, don’t be afraid of me. Thank you. Go ahead. I wanted to say that, I feel that your cousin is not happy with her husband. Then why are you people sending her back? If she has taken this step after so many years, then she must have surely tried to adjust too. She must have given her relationship many chances. Why do elders ignore the happiness of us girls, when making a decision? You can get forgiveness but not my daughter.

I will not go back on my words. I have said no once that is it. Why do they put them under the burden of relations? I will kill myself! Brother. Brother, please. I am sorry. Sorry. I will do what you tell me to, I love you and nothing else. I will not even take Hamza’s name ever again. Did I say something wrong? You don’t worry, what you said is right, nothing is wrong in it. Dilnasheen, I will not ignore any of your happiness nor will I burden you with any relation. Whatever it is, we will share it equally. Haider. Yes? We have to go for Eshal’s vaccination, will you come early in the evening? The driver is there, he will take you. Haider, I cannot see my daughter in pain like this, when she gets an injection, she cries so much. The driver will not be able to handle the child. No, no issue, I will come. Okay? Thank you. Bye. Bye. Take care. You are fine, right? Come on, I have to talk to you. Is everything okay? Girls your age laugh a lot, play around, lively, why do you stay so quiet? Is everything alright? Are you happy? Yes, I am really happy. I mean, are you happy with Haider? Yes, he is really caring. He is really caring. You know, he is really frank with me, you two have a lot of age difference, I am sure he is not that frank with you. Is he bossy with you? No, he is really understanding.

Yes. He is my childhood friend, and I was his love in young age. Love? Hey, don’t call it love, call it being madly in love. He used to come after me like crazy, no matter whatever I said, he would fulfill every single demand of mine in the blink of an eye. He really loved me. Listen, madam is calling you. Yes, come on. I will see. Come on now. Hello. Hello. Okay. How are you? Fine. I won’t be able to see, you please tell the doctor, that my daughter shouldn’t feel any pain. Nothing will happen. Relax. Doctor, nothing will happen, right? Yes, nothing will happen. Nothing at all. You will see now. Look here. That’s it. I know. I know. Its done. Its done. Its done. Its done. That’s it. That’s it. Come on. Come on. Thank you. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. Nothing happened, child. Mama is here with you. She has become so close to you in such little time. The hearts of children are free from worldly belongings, that is why they listen to their heart.

The one they love, they become theirs. Haider, can you not forgive me? You know, when the soul leaves the body, it hurts a lot and I have felt this pain for a lot of years, continuously. Anyway, what is in the past is in the past. I have come back. Mehmal, are you fine? What do you want? I drag my new bride out of the home? And everything will stop where you want it to? No, this doesn’t happen every time. I realize it. What do I do with this realization that you got after so long and that too maybe because Dilnasheen came in my life. If she had not come, I was living an incomplete and lonely life in front of you, when did you feel this way, then? You gather the courage, you will see, I will fix everything forever. Nothing can happen now, Memal. And you thank God that your mama didn’t realize your intentions or she would have made it impossible for you to live in that home. So please.

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