Fitoor – Episode 12 – HAR PAL GEO

Wait. Keep this mobile. Once your exam is over, call me. my number is also saved in it. The password is double zero double zero. Fine. And listen, wish you all the best. Thank you. Oh, hey, Dilnasheen. You got married yesterday, right? Ok leave everything, and tell us, why didn’t you invite us? And you came next day of your wedding. I feel your husband forced you to come. How is our brother groom? One minute. Rida, how is Hamza? Hamza is dead. What are you saying, he… After your marriage, my brother doesn’t seem like my brother, you killed him while he is alive. You tell me yourself, what should I have done? You should have done something, but not what you already did. You killed him while he is alive. You have any idea what you did? As soon as he regained consciousness, he only took your name and you… what did you do? You forgot everything and married that uncle so easily. Now you remember Dilnasheen, I will teach you a lesson that the whole college will see. I will defame you in the college, everyone will swear at you for your unfaithfulness. As good as a friend that I was, I will not be your worst enemy.

Now you remember Dilnasheen, I will teach you a lesson that the whole college will see. As good as a friend that I was, I will not be your worst enemy. Dilnasheen, how did your exam go? Dilnasheen! How did your exam go? When you are not prepared the paper is left blank. I couldn’t write anything. Okay, what can I say? Prepare for the rest of the papers well, clear this next year. I don’t want to give my exams this year, I will give it next year. Up to you, I mean what issue will I have with this? You do what you think is right, okay? Thank you. What will you eat? Have you decided? Nothing, lets just go home. Don’t do this Dilnasheen, you didn’t even have breakfast in the morning. Okay, as you wish. Okay, lets order breakfast, even I have not eaten anything. Pancakes? Excuse me. Mehmal, what is the matter? You have forgotten your husband today. He is there to miss me, he calls me and bothers me, I have left my phone at home, that is why I am sitting here peacefully. Hello. How are you? I am surprised. Mehmal Ansab gave her whole day to us today. I make such mistakes often, what is there to be surprised about? how was your exam? It was fine. Okay Sara, why are you people talking? She is a new bride, take her along and dress her up, my heart aches seeing her in white color since morning.

Come on. Go child. Where are you going? Sara is with her. Aunt, I have just one wish, that I with my own hands get Haider’s wife ready. He didn’t agree to get married. He agreed now. He came to his senses late, but he did. Send her home. Listen to me, let her fulfil her wish by helping my wife in dressing up, you don’t worry. Come on. She has been here since morning. Okay, relax. Relax. I have kept it light. It looks nice. So how did you like my cousin? I am asking her. How did you like Haider? He is good. He is really good, but I want to know that how good did you find him? Mehmal, why are you confusing my sister in law? What is the confusion in this? He is a good friend of mine, I just want to know what sort of a husband is he? So, what gift did he give on the wedding night? I forgot. I really forgot. You are a great cousin, you reminded me. Actually, my wife is so pretty that I forgot everything after I saw her. Its good, right? For the wedding gift. Its really pretty. Let me put it on. Wow, brother its really beautiful. It looks really pretty on Dilnasheen. Excuse me. Thank you. Even this is expensive. Listen, which of these sets did you give to me with love? I only gave you my name. You got all this by cashing my name. Things bought with cash only have money spent for them, they have nothing to do with love.

Stop going to Haider’s home, they are a newlywed couple, seeing their romance is driving you crazy. My heart is going mad because of you. Really? This is a good news for me. so tell me, when do I give you, your letter of freedom. I know Mehmal, you will leave me really easily. You will not feel a little bit of pain, but can you leave all this? You cannot leave it. That is why it would be better that you stop thinking, so that our life can be spent peacefully. Come on, breakfast is ready. Yes. Hamza, son, what has happened to you? Look at yourself. What have you become in her love and she didn’t even think about you once what condition you would be in, she has moved on in her life happily with her husband and you have done this to yourself. What is wrong Kulsoom? You tell me, look at his condition. He is already worried and you are hurting him further talking about that girl. Child, forget everything. Okay? I want to go abroad for my studies, some new country, some new city. Possible? Yes, why not, I will do everything for my son’s happiness. I will arrange everything.

Okay. Thanks. Dilnasheen, child, did you start enjoying in this house? Yes. Does Haider take care of you? You know, my son has a heart of a diamond, he is really caring. Hello. Hello. Wow, great. Will you have tea? Sure. I will go get tea. Sit, Noorie or Shabnam will get it. Okay, then I will go and ask them to make it. What is the matter? Is something wrong between you two? No, no, nothing like that. Why do you ask? Because since you have been married, I am noticing that daughter in law is lost, and when you come sit with her, she makes an excuse and moves away. You two don’t even talk. Mama, I feel that she is a little reserved and the environment also matters. The environment of her home was different, ours is different and you are also aware of her mother’s temperament. But I am sure, it will take some time, she will adjust. Come child. I have asked for tea, she will bring it. Thank you. Oh yes, Sara came today, she was saying that Asim wants to plan the honeymoon for both of you. Tell me, where do you want to go? Yes, I… No, no, not right now. I cannot go right now. I have a lot of pending work, if I go I will have a great loss. Hey child, work goes on.

You got married, roam around, have fun. You are still worried about your office. Yes. Mama, a matter of few days, we are married now, we will go, its not an issue. Thank you. Thank you, whatever you did… I don’t want your thanks, I want a favor from you. That too, not for me, but for my mother. In this world, nothing matters more to me than my mother’s happiness and she got us married with happiness. I don’t want that she feels that you are not happy with me or there are no husband and wife relations between us. So please, at least in front of my mother don’t act strange. Act a little, she should feel that you are happy with me. I have never forced you for anything, and nor will I do it in future, but I am making this request to you for my mother’s sake. Just for her. Yes. That is it. Hello. Hello. Come child, come. Hi. I feel you shopped a lot.

Yes. See this. Wow, God bless, its really pretty. It will look really good. Its good? I will have to agree that you have a great choice. I didn’t choose this, he chose this for me. Him? Yes, in good families, decent girls don’t take their husband’s name. Last night at dinner Asim and Shahid were also joking about Dilnasheen not taking my name. You used to make fun of couples who used to talk like this with each other. Dilnasheen. I really like how Dilnasheen calls me. God bless. May God always keep you happy. Listen. Yes? Is sir home? He came back a long time back. Is he in the annex? Yes. Ansab! What rubbish? You find your wife rubbish in front of such girls? Mehmal, behave yourself. I will not tolerate the insult of my guest. And what about the way I have been tolerating your unfaithfulness and cheapness for all these years? You are not in your senses right now, go to your room. I will not go anywhere, I will stay here. I need you Ansab, I need your love, your time, I am your wife. I think I should leave Ansab. No, no Liza, wait. You leave, we will talk later. I will not go anywhere, we will talk right now. Why are you standing here? Get out of my home. Get out. get out of my home. What is this Ansab? Mehmal, leave her. I won’t. Get out of my home. Get out. Mehmal, leave her hand. You slapped me? you slapped me! You leave, we will talk tomorrow. Liza, turn on the music darling, lets party.

When I see, I realize that this life is little to love you. Can I say something? Yes. If I move ahead of you in life, then? I will not let this happen and if this happens, then, whenever you want, you can come back, you will find me waiting for you. Haider is waiting for you downstairs… Come my love, sit here. Sit. Don’t be scared, mama is with you. Yes, in the bedroom downstairs. Don’t worry. Mehmal? Haider. Haider, I have left him. I have left him forever. Please, tell me, what happened? I have left him, I was tired of him. Come on Haider, you and I, lets start the same story again, that I had left incomplete. You and I. My incomplete story is no longer incomplete, someone else has completed it. Life doesn’t stop, it moves on like flowing water, looking for the next fall. Haider. That is what happened with me. Dilnasheen became the main character of my life, and you became unimportant. Lies. You are lying, right? Your face is clearly telling me that you are standing at the point where I left you. I have felt that pain. I cannot be stupid enough to tolerate that pain again. Haider. You had a fight with your husband, you are being emotional. No. It happens. It happens.

When new relations hurt you, then you remember old connections. Haider… Its all temporary. You will forget it, you will return. No Haider. For you I have left everything behind. Haider, look at me. Its late at night. We will talk in the morning. Eshal. Haider… Come on. Goodnight Eshal. Sleep well. Well done. Mama will take your slippers, okay? Come on lie, down. Well done. We will meet in the morning. Good night. Whether you agree or not, you have not taken me out of your heart. Every single thing in this room has your love, your madness for me evident in it. I can clearly see that you care a lot about what I like and what I don’t like. That is why, just like your heart, you had made a room for me in your home as well. I made this home a long time before my marriage. If I would have got it made after marriage, then every single thing here would have been of Dilnasheen’s choice. Eshal needs you, take care of her. Goodnight. Haider, I have left him. I have left him forever. I got tired of him. Come on Haider, you and me, lets start the same story again.

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