Fitoor – Episode 11 – HAR PAL GEO

Careful, come. Thank God he showed us this day today. Haider. Yes, mama? Now handle your bride yourself, son. May I? Come, have a seat. Come on. Careful. Keep it nicely. You are caring for her nicely. The daughter in law just came home, you don’t care about your son at all. You have changed your sides. Hey, all the care is because of you, today’s happiness is because of you. Yes. Sit down. Careful. Sit children. Yes. The truth is that my daughter in law is really pretty, but today she looks like a piece of the moon and child, my Haider is also a loving man, from today, all his responsibilities are yours. What? There you go brother, sister in law said yes immediately. I think Sara, take her to the room, I think she is tired. We can have the customs later too.

Go, come on. She will rest in the room. Take her. Go. Come on, well done. Hey, you too go along. Yes, mama. Hey, give us some time too. Hey, why have you circled him? let him go. Why not aunty, he has bothered you a lot to say yes to the marriage, so now its our turn. Right brother, Asim? Yes, absolutely it will be great when three crazy people sit together. Yes brother you… You two crazy people are good. You two sit together, he has not come to his senses. Although this is cheating, but shall we let him go? We will come along. We will drop him. No, no, I will go. No, no, we will come along. We are friends, and what are friends for. He will go himself. We are friends… One minute, I will go. We will drop you. That’s enough. Okay then. You people sit. Come on. You people must be tired too. I will do one thing, get tea made. Very good. Now that the car is tracked, we will find him. Yes, please… Hamza. Hamza, what happened? Hamza son. Hamza. You lied to me. You lied that you asked Dilnasheen for me. Hamza. You are all liars. Liars! Hamza. Hamza. Hamza, what happened? You made fun of me in front of the world. Look you… Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me. and her, I loved her so much. You know it. You know it, right? She married someone else. She was your friend.

Hamza. She didn’t think about me once. Hamza listen to me. You know, even you didn’t think about me. why didn’t you dad? Hamza, no… Why didn’t you? No, you tell me, why didn’t you think of me? This, I cannot see her hand being held by someone else, she was walking with someone else, I cannot see it! Even if someone else looks at her with love, I can’t see that. Hamza, I am very sorry, I didn’t realize son. You destroyed my dreams, you took them away. There is nothing like that son. there is nothing like that. Please dad! I kept on crying, screaming, I kept on telling all of you again and again. I tried to make you understand. My love. But you enjoyed by creating a scene. No, no, no son. You enjoy creating a scene. Now I will create a scene. Hamza. I will create a scene now. No Hamza. Wouldn’t it have been great had I died that night. Hamza. A scene would have been created, you would have enjoyed a lot. No problem. No, no Hamza. Its not late. Its still not late. Hamza. It is still not late. I hope you like this room of yours. Normally when all this is not here, it looks decent, but mama and Sara insisted, so they… What has happened to the AC? God, you are crying? You are crying a lot. May I? Please. You miss your family? You must be attached a lot with your family. Can I ask you something? Answer me honestly. Are you not happy with this wedding? Hamza. Hamza. Hamza. Hamza, child open the door.

Hamza. Hamza, look son, we live by seeing you, don’t do this. Hamza. Hamza, if you want to take anyone’s life, take my life, not yours. Open the door. Hamza, son, open the door. Look, we went to their home, I begged them and apologized, but they didn’t agree. Hamza, please don’t do this. Hamza. Hamza, open the door. Hamza. Hamza. Hamza. Hamza, open the door. Hamza, don’t do this. Please, don’t do this. Hamza, son open the door. Open the door. Please, open the door, Hamza. There is nothing like that. I was just not ready for the wedding. I know. You wanted to complete your education. I remember, when we met for the first time, you told me, that you want to complete your education and trust me, I spoke to your mother and even told my mother, but my mother… please, don’t cry. Just like no one listened to you, just like that no one agreed to me. Hey, there is no point of crying now. Should I tell you honestly, I want you to complete your education and I still want that. Okay, tell me, when is your semester ending? My first exam is tomorrow.

Tomorrow meaning, tomorrow morning? God. Your family must be preparing for the wedding, is your preparation complete? Did you bring your books? You must not have your uniform, right? This is cute by the way. No, no, I mean, listen. Till you don’t tell me anything, how will I find out? You are only shaking your head, so you don’t have your books, neither your uniform and the exam is in the morning. Okay. Dilnasheen, till your exams are not completed, just think that you are not married and I will also tell mama, that she shouldn’t involve you in anything. I mean, the worries of a married life, just focus on your studies right now. You have to study, okay? So, no books, no uniform and no preparation. I will just come. Where are you going? I am coming. In fact, you do one thing, till the time I come back you wash your face… No please, don’t leave the room, if you go out, everyone will scold me. Why would anyone scold you, Dilnasheen? You are my wife, no one will say anything. Listen, I will take twenty to twenty five minutes, till then get fresh and change. Okay? Relax for a while. I will just go and come back. Don’t cry, for God’s sake. Hey, where? What happened brother? Did sister in law drag you out of the room? No, no, there is some work actually. What happened? Where are you going? Even if she dragged you out, let us know. Brother, I will come and tell you.

Look, if there is a problem, tell me, I… Brother, Dilnasheen’s family will sleep. I will come. I will come. Hey, he… Children are a big test, when nature knows how much pain a mother feels, then why is there so much difference in a child and mother’s thinking. I made her cry for so many days, I made her understand that Haider is right for her. I felt she was jumping in the well and I am pushing her away. But mama, there is a wish that is left in Dilnasheen’s heart. Hamza’s family was ready for the marriage. What is so great about them being ready? Can we forget our insult? God covered us up or else such cruel, such tyrants. They love ruining respects of decent people. No, I cannot give a piece of my heart, to such people. Just pray that God guides Dilnasheen that she fills her home with happiness. Why do you worry mama? God will make everything fine. Dilnasheen has the temperament of a child, I am scared of that. What if she tells her husband about that boy? Who is here at this hour? Who is here at this hour? I don’t know. Hey… Hello. Haider Hello. Come inside. I actually… Haider? Son, you? Actually, Dilnasheen… What did Dilnasheen say? It seems weird to me, what would she say? Actually, when I found out, then I felt really guilty.

She has her exam in the morning and I want her to complete her education. Child, I had told her not to. Look, if she starts studying after marriage, who will take care of the home? Aunty, everything will be managed. I am happy for her with all these things of her. In fact, I will be happier if she completes her education. This is why I came, today is our marriage, tomorrow she has her exam in the morning, she is really upset, I want her uniform and books. Can I get them? I will just bring them. Yes. Thank you. Hey, why are you standing like a guest? You have come to our home for the first time, at least have tea and go. Yes. No, we will come again, in fact, you people come. Once Dilnasheen has her exams, then after that we will also come. Okay, as you wish. Thank you. These are the books, and uniform? Here? Thank you. Okay, I will leave now, that poor thing is really tired too. Okay. You know it looks really cute, on the wedding night, the groom has come to get his bride’s uniform and books. What can I do, she is younger to me in age. Bye. Bye.

This boy is like a diamond, just pray that Dilnasheen recognizes his worth. I feel she will come on the right track. Maimal, listen, let your hair remain open. What happens? I ignore you, I don’t listen to you, still you don’t mind. What can I do? you are so near to my heart, no matter what you do, I don’t mind. I just want to sit here and look at you. So, who has the exam? I do. No, I mean what subject is the exam on? English. You do one thing, you come with me. This is my study. Sit there peacefully and study, you won’t get disturbed. Leave this. Come. After you. Come on. Come on. Come. Sorry, it’s a bit of a mess. No one has come here, I feel. So, sit peacefully here and prepare, no one will disturb you and if you need any help… Dilnasheen. Yes. You won’t be disturbed here, and if you need any help, let me know. Wish you all the best. Thank you. Ansab, I need your care, your companionship. Don’t throw me in these luxuries and leave me alone like this, Ansab, please. Should I tell you something honestly, Maimel, I fall in love with every second girl, but unfortunately, I never felt that way about you. How does I look? Like a stranger. That is something you made me some years back. Dilnasheen, daughter of Ahmad, you will be married to Haider Salman, son of Salman Ali, with a wedding gift of five hundred thousand, do you accept? I accept. Oops. Sorry. I am so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.

I hope it didn’t burn too much. I did get burned, but it disappeared as soon as you asked me. I am fine. I am fine. Its okay. I have got your uniform pressed, get ready. And yes, some… Its really hot. I made it for you, I hope you like it. Try it. A little quickly. Okay? You are treating me like a child. First this uniform and now you are packing my bag. I will care for you, so you will care for me. I get happiness by doing small things. I think we should leave. Yes? Hey, aunty, come. Come. Come. Please. Please. Hello. Hello. Hello mama. Live long. Come. Come. I don’t understand what I should I do? actually, I was just leaving with Dilnasheen, she has her exam. Okay, can I talk to her for two minutes, then we will come down. Yes, but I have a small condition, don’t scold my wife. Whatever she is doing is for the sake of my happiness. Your happiness? Yes, she studied all night, she is going to give her exam. Actually, I want my wife to be educated. Okay, let me talk to her for two minutes. Yes, I am sorry. Please continue. I know well how much you want to study, what drama have you started with this decent man? I didn’t say anything, he did whatever he did. You must have cried so much, and then you said that you wanted to study. Mama, what do you want from me? I have done what you wanted… Quiet. I didn’t only have to marry you, but set you in your home. People who cry and swell up their eyes, their lives get ruined too.

A man cannot wipe tears for long, its something new so he is caring for you, but he will get tired soon, do you understand? Do you understand? Come downstairs. Come on. Hey child, you people were so formal. Look at all that you people have brought. Hey aunty, this is a custom, no formality in this. Still. Shall we go, Dilnasheen? We will go too, shall we go Yawar? Yes, lets go. Sister, have breakfast with us. We had breakfast before coming. We have to go. There was some work. Shall we go Yawar? Yes, yes. Come on. Okay. Okay. Okay aunty, bye. Bye. Okay bye. Bye. Okay. Okay aunty. Bye. Mama, we will leave too, she has an exam. Good morning. Hey, what all did you bring? We already have a lot from Dilnasheen’s home here. Okay, then lunch will be from me. in fact, we will go out for lunch. Hey, why is the bride in her uniform? Dilnasheen has her exam. If you marry a girl younger than you, all this will happen. Young girls are naïve and innocent, older women are really cunning. Actually, I forced Dilnasheen to complete her education, that is why. Shall we go? Have breakfast. I have arranged so much, I got so much for you. Even my mother in law got so much, but if we sit down for breakfast, then the exam will start, and the year will be wasted. Okay. Okay child. Go. Go quickly. May God give you success. Bye. Come, have breakfast. Wait. Keep this mobile. Once your exam is over, call me. my number is also saved in it. The password is double zero double zero. Fine. And listen, wish you all the best. Thank you.

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