Fitoor – Episode 10 – HAR PAL GEO

Son, won’t you talk to your mother? Is dad here? Yes, my son, I am here. How are you? What did they say? I feel they will agree. Really dad? Yes, why not? You just get well soon and come home, then we will go to their home and talk. But be careful about one thing, don’t do anything that upsets them. I mean, don’t call or anything, you understand me? Yes, I understand. Well done. You just come home quickly, then we will get you engaged. No, not engagement, we will directly get married. Of course, why not. We will surely have the wedding. Thank you dad. I will do it. After all, you don’t make a bride work. Mama… Nothing can happen now, Dilnasheen. Nothing. The spell his sister has put in your ears, before it brings hell in this home, take this thought out of your mind. You will marry Haider tomorrow, the groom won’t change, nor the day.

Mama, he almost died, if he finds out about my marriage now, he will die. Let him die. Mama, don’t say that, now his father has apologized, and they also asked for the proposal himself, right? He can get an apology on asking, not my daughter. I will not go back on what I said. I refused them once, so that is it. And you too think a thousand times, before you talk about this. Mama…. Dilnasheen, spend this last night in this home with respect, and tomorrow take care of your home. Let us live in peace. This son and father think this marriage is a game. Whenever they wanted they insulted us, and one day before the marriage, he got his son’s proposal. Man, take her from here. Dilnasheen, you come with me. Sister in law, please, I want to talk to brother. I know really well, you came to talk to me in favor of that boy, right? Mama, make her understand properly, what if her funeral takes place a day before the wedding. I don’t care… Her mind has been occupied by love, that is why she is going around banging her head against the wall like Juliet. She doesn’t know she will not get anything but a wound by hitting her head on the wall, Dilnasheen. Sister in law, please make these people understand. You are the one who needs to understand, but you.

In emotions you like everything, mama agreeing and Yawar saying no to Haider’s proposal. I don’t know anything, I just know that he truly loves me. That’s it! If you really care so much about his true love, then fine, I will say no to Haider’s family. Yawar. Yawar. Yawar, what are you doing? Move. The decision is in your hands Dilnasheen, do you want that boy’s companionship or your brother’s life? Yawar. Move. I say, you move. Yawar, it would be better that you shoot me, so that I leave this world with you alive. That’s it mama, I am tired. I cannot take more insults. I will kill myself. I will kill myself. I am sorry. I am sorry. Sorry. I will do what you tell me to, I love you, and nothing else. I won’t even take Hamza’s name again. I am ready to marry Haider. She, Dilnasheen, has not left us capable to show our face anywhere. I feel so happy, with a little hope, Hamza has improved so much, that today he is getting discharged from the hospital and going home. And when he goes home and finds out the reality, then have you thought what will happen? How will he react? You are responsible for that too. If you had not been stubborn then this wouldn’t have happened. Yes, blame me for everything, and rid yourself of the blame. If I was saying no, then you too were equal in that refusal.

Come on, don’t start this argument now. Act normal in front of Hamza, and yes, try and hide the news of Dilnasheen’s marriage for as long as possible. This thing cannot stay hidden so easily, when you realize the reality, you will know that you made a huge mistake, hiding this from him. Son, you just get better and come home soon, then we will go to their home and talk to them. But be careful about one thing, don’t take any action, that their mood gets off. I mean don’t make any phone calls, or anything. We will not be able to hide this thing from Hamza for long, as soon as he regained consciousness, he took that girl’s name. Then how is it possible that when he will get fine and visit that girl’s home? I know. I know it all. He will do this. But to save his son from this sorrow, a helpless father can only take support of a lie. What has happened, happened. Now tell me, what do we need to do? Before Hamza goes there and gets shocked, you talk to him somehow and this way you will be able to justify yourself, and control him well. In this situation any mental shock can be really bad for him, Sadiq. Yes, we will have to do something.

Lock it properly. Hey, son, go to the hall, no one is at home. Hall? Yes, Dilnasheen is getting married in the hall. Wedding? Absolutely, we are all also going there. Come on child. I don’t know why I feel, I will lose you. Listen, I love you. You cannot be anyone else’s but me, I will not let that happen. Dilnasheen, daughter of Ahmed, you will be married to Haider Salman, son of Salman Ali, with amount of 0.5 million… I said no. You said no? Don’t worry, I have said no. Do you accept? You cannot go to anyone’s home as their daughter in law forcefully. Hamza, I love you. Dilnasheen, I love you too. Mama, I say drag her out of the house. Drag her out of the house right now. She can go where she wants, we have nothing to do with her. I say get out. Get out of here. Promise me, you will fill that home with happiness, you will not let the shadow of your sorrow to fall on that home or your relation. I promise. I accept. Dilnasheen, daughter of Ahmed, you will be married to Haider Salman, son of Salman Ali, with amount of 0.5 million. Do you accept? I accept. Hamza. Hamza. Hamza. Sadiq, what happened? What happened? I feel that he has gone to the shock that we were trying to save him from. He is not picking up his phone. What will happen now? Dilnasheen.

I had told you that you cannot be anyone else’s but me, but first, the one who is the groom will die. Haider. Haider. Dilnasheen, are you ok? Yes. Sister, I think you should allow us to take our entrustment with us. Yes, yes, go ahead. Come, send off your sister. Hey child, don’t cry. Why are you crying? You can go meet your mother whenever you want. We are all in the same city. Yes, but brother our mother is a really cruel sister in law. What did you say? I am a cruel mother in law? You are scaring the poor thing for no reason, saying weird things. There is nothing like that, she is talking nonsense. Hey, our mother is a kind hearted woman, but my sister Sara, she can be a cruel sister in law at any time. What brother? I am really good, but yes, I don’t take guarantee for mama. Hey, you don’t need to take any guarantee, she is scaring you for no reason child, nothing like that. All of us will really love you, love you a lot. Whenever you want, wherever you want to go to, go freely, go to your mother’s home, go shopping, whatever you want. Although, if Haider bothers you, then do whatever you want with him, and I am with you in this. That’s not fair mama, you changed sides. Yes, I am at my daughter in law’s side now. Remain seated, don’t go out and misbehave for no reason. What if he is a thief? He doesn’t look like a thief, I think its an accident.

I am sure. Son, careful. I will go see. He seems like a boy from a good family, has he done drugs. Are you okay? I am sorry, I felt dizzy and I came in your way. Its okay, man but big loss? Very big loss. You are bleeding. I will get you something. No, its okay. Are you sure? Very much. If your phone is fine, then call your family, okay? Reverse the car, and lets go. Be careful about one thing, don’t do anything that sets their mood off, I mean don’t call them, or something. You understand me, right? Yes, yes, I understand. Okay, you quickly come home, then we will get you engaged. Careful, come. Thank God he showed us this day today. Haider. Yes, mama? Now handle your bride yourself, son. May I? Come, have a seat. Come on. Careful. Keep it nicely. You are caring for her nicely. The daughter in law just came home, you don’t care about your son at all. You have changed your sides. Hey, all the care is because of you, today’s happiness is because of you. Yes. Sit down. Careful. Sit children. Yes. The truth is that my daughter in law is really pretty, but today she looks like a piece of the moon and child, my Haider is also a loving man, from today, all his responsibilities are yours. What?

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