Fitoor – Episode 09 – HAR PAL GEO

Leave it madam, your existence has already done enough favors on us. You have proved the right of a daughter on us. Mama, are you still upset with me? I am doing everything by your will. Just like you want, just like that. I agree, I made a mistake, but I also suffered the punishment of that mistake. After getting punished, a person gets forgiven, mama. Forgive me mama. Please forgive me. I am burdened with the load of you being upset. How will I stay happy in that home with this burden. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. Mama, forgive me. I forgive you. Whatever you did, I forgive that. The mistake you made, I will also forget that. But in future if your past entangles with your present, then even I won’t be able to untangle it, Dilnasheen. Such love is like a thorn that ruins respect. Haider saved our respect from getting ruined, gave us respect, gave you respect by giving you his name. He gave us the right to live with respect again.

Promise me. promise me, you will fill that home with happiness. You will not let the shadow of your sorrow to come over that home or your relation. I promise. I promise that I will never let your head be bowed down, I will make sure that brother never have to look down. I will not let your name get disrespected. I promise. Look Sadiq, I will not hide anything from you. Hamza’s condition is really serious, his body is in shock because of excessive bleeding, this is why he is in a coma. We are trying our best, but still we are not sure. What? What do you mean? What are you are not sure about? That he will ever be able to come out of the coma or not. You are saying this in such a heartless way, Rahman. My son has grown up in front of you, he calls you uncle. I love him like a son, but I am helpless. His condition has made me helpless. Look, you will have to be mentally prepared, maybe, he regains consciousness. Maybe, when he regains consciousness, his body is paralyzed. Anything can happen. I cannot say anything right now. My son is not that weak that after bleeding a few drops of blood, he will leave us. Listen, where your science fails, prayers work.

May God make everything fine. What is she doing here? I brought her here. You know, mama that seeing her makes my blood boil. That is why I got her. Come on, apologize. Come on. Stay where you are. Yawar… Stay where you are. There is no need to cry to me and apologize. There are two to four days, stay in this home, and then get married and leave. I will just think that I have not married you but buried you. Yawar, if thinking would have done everything, then life would be really easy. I agree, she made a mistake, but its done now. You will have to forget it and move forward. If you want to get her married, Yawar then you will have to do it like a brother, like a father. Thank God that papa is not alive, or he would have died seeing her actions! Yawar, please. What are you saying? Looking at her, does it seem like she is going to be married in a few days? Yes, so I don’t care if it doesn’t look like it. It shouldn’t, Afia. My heart doesn’t agree to forgive her, what do I do? Brother, please forgive me. Please forgive me brother. I made a mistake. Move back Dilnasheen. Move. Please forgive me, I will not leave you. Dilnasheen, I say, move back. Move back. I will not go anywhere brother. Brother please. Please forgive me brother. After papa, you have brought me up, cared for me with so much love, you have cared a lot, please don’t do this with me, don’t get upset with me brother, please. I cannot stay away from you. I cannot see you upset, I will not go anywhere. I will not go anywhere, till you don’t forgive me, I will not go brother. Brother, please forgive me. Please. Dilnasheen. Dilnasheen. Dilnasheen.

Dilnasheen. Dilnasheen. Hamza. Hamza, son how are you? Hamza. Hamza. Dilnasheen. Dilnasheen. Talk to me, Hamza. Dilnasheen. Yes, are you ready? Yes, mother. Let me see. God bless you, may God protect you from the evil eye. Every mother thinks that all the evil eyes of the world affect their child. Hey idiot, you even get an evil eye because of love.00:12:54.06] Today you look really good. For God’s sake mama, girls look good. And in your excitement, don’t forget that we have to get the bride, and not to send me off. Yes, God will bring the day, when my daughter in law will shine like the moon in our home. Hey, Sara is still not ready, she takes too long. I don’t know, she must be getting dressed. She doesn’t think that she should come and see her brother. I will go see her. Yes mama… Sara. How do I look? Like a stranger. That is something you made me a long time back. Anyway, what happened, happened. Now I have decided to step forward to move on, then why should I look back? You didn’t even think about us once, child? Even you didn’t think about me. your decision killed me. Don’t say that son, you are everything for us. My past, present, future, my courage, my spirit, everything. My courage, my spirit, was all because of Dilnasheen’s love. I am nothing without her. Nothing. Fine, then I… I will go to their home and apologize to them. They might forgive you, but I have lost Dilnasheen, forever. Don’t think that, I myself will go and ask Dilnasheen’s brother for your hand. This is the condition they had put, right? And if this doesn’t happen, then I will not let my son’s happiness go in anyone else’s hand. I can do everything forcefully too. Promise me dad. Yes, promise you. Promise me.

She will be your bride. She will be your bride. How is he? Was he saying something? He regained consciousness later, he took Dilnasheen’s name first. this is the girl you devalued, right? The one who made my son’s life difficult. If you had not been stubborn, today our son would have been happy and satisfied. Whatever I did, I did to save our values. To hell with such values that are worth more than my son’s life. I am going get her, I am going to ask for her hand. What are you saying Sadiq? Today is her Henna, she has written someone else’s name on her hand and you will go to ask for her hand? I don’t know anything. I am going to ask for her hand, and I will come back with the proposal, no matter what. Where is Rida? She has gone to get the medicines. I am going to her home. I am taking Rida with me. I think you are forgetting, this your Henna function. Yes? I want to talk to you about something important. Right now, my sister’s function is taking place, the guests are here, you come some other time. I have to talk about something important. Come on, let’s talk inside. Come on. Dilnasheen. Dilnasheen. Dilnasheen, listen to me. Hamza is in the hospital.

If you talk to him once, he will get completely fine. Yes, child. Hello, yes Shumaila, here talk, she is right here. Yes, why not. One minute. Hello. Hello. Dilnasheen. Has dad come to your home? I told you, trust me, everything will be fine. Yes. I am not a flirt, this is not an affair, I love you. Yes. Okay, we will talk about the rest later, bye. My sister is having her Henna today, she is getting married tomorrow and you are coming here today asking for her hand for marriage? What do you think Mr. Sadiq, you will send me to the police station and get insulted whenever you want, whenever you want you will come to my home and beg me for an apology. No Mr. Sadiq, no. Its really late now, my sister will marry the one whose name has been written on that card. We are respectable people and for us our respect is worth more than anything else. That respect, that you and your son have tried a lot to ruin earlier. Thank God, who didn’t let our respect get ruined. I am really embarrassed, one yes from you can give my son a new life. We cannot give him such a life. May God give him health, a long life, we cannot do anything more for him apart from this. But I… It would be better that you leave right now. I cannot leave without a yes. You will have to go Mr. Sadiq, because we will not say yes at any cost.

Whether then your son lives, or commits suicide again. We don’t care about him, nor do we have anything to do with your son’s life. Please, you can leave from here. Please. Sister Anisa. Yes. Your guest didn’t stay, they didn’t participate, why did they leave so early? They are not our relatives, just acquaintances. Fine. You have a seat. Yes, I will. What will you say to Hamza now, dad? Exactly what he wants to hear. But Dilnasheen is getting married tomorrow. Her wedding is tomorrow and if Hamza finds out, he will die today. I can hide the truth and give him false happiness, then why shouldn’t I? This happiness will become his strength and the truth will break whatever spirit is remaining. After all, the doctors have told him to stay happy. The doctors have started to give him antidepressants, once the medicine works, I will tell him everything so that his heart can take this burden. Son, won’t you talk to your mother? Is dad here? Yes, my son, I am here. How are you? What did they say? I feel they will agree. Really dad? Yes, why not? You just get healthy quickly and come home, then we will go to their home and talk. But be careful about one thing, don’t do anything that upsets them. I mean, don’t call or anything, you understand me? Yes, I understand. Well done.

You just come home quickly, then we will get you engaged. No, not engagement, we will directly get married. Of course, why not. We will surely have the wedding. Thank you dad. I will do it. After all, you don’t make a bride work. Mama… Nothing can happen now, Dilnasheen. Nothing. The spell his sister has put in your ears, before it brings hell in this home, take this thought out of your mind. You will marry Haider tomorrow, the groom won’t change, nor the day. Mama, he almost died, if he finds out about my marriage now, he will die. Let him die. Mama, don’t say that, now his father has apologized, and they also asked for the proposal himself, right? He can get an apology on asking, not my daughter. I will not go back on what I said. I said no once, so that is it. And you too think a thousand times, before you talk about this. Mama…. Dilnasheen, spend this last night in this home with respect, and tomorrow take care of your home. Let us live in peace. This son and father think this marriage is a game. When they wanted they insulted us, and one day before the marriage, he got his son’s proposal. Man, take her from here. Dilnasheen, you come with me.

Sister in law, please, I want to talk to brother. I know really well, you came to talk to me in favor of that boy, right? Mama, make her understand properly, what if her funeral takes place a day before the wedding. I don’t care… Her mind has been occupied by love, that is why she is going around banging her head against the wall like Juliet. She doesn’t know she will not get anything but a wound by hitting her head on the wall, Dilnasheen. Sister in law, please make these people understand. You are the one who needs to understand, but you. In emotions you like everything, mama agreeing and Yawar saying no to Haider’s proposal. I don’t know anything, I just know that he truly loves me. That’s it! If you really care so much about his true love, then fine, I will say no to Haider’s family. Yawar. Yawar. Yawar, what are you doing? Move. The decision is in your hands Dilnasheen, do you want that boy’s companionship or your brother’s life? Yawar. Move. I say, you move. Yawar, it would be better that you shoot me, so that I leave this world with you alive. That’s it mama, I am tired. I cannot take more insults. I will kill myself. I will kill myself. I am sorry. I am sorry. Sorry. I will do what you tell me to, I love you, and nothing else. I won’t even take Hamza’s name again. I am ready to marry Haider. She, Dilnasheen, has not left us capable to show our face anywhere.

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