Fitoor – Episode 08 – HAR PAL GEO

I have no other option but to make you swear on my life. Dilnasheen, for God’s sake, don’t ever let your fiancé find out about your past. We had this boy’s proposal or else those affluent people, the way they insulted us, we were able to tolerate it all because of this proposal, or else I might have died due to this insult. I beg you Dilnasheen. I beg you. Let this engagement turn into a wedding. Mama, brother Haider is here. Child, I will come. You wait for a while and then come. Aunty, I work all day long, nothing else. Yes, that is what I am saying, you are so busy, whatever you had gotten by your choice would have been fine, what was the need to take Dilnasheen? Yes, but its better if she chooses herself. Okay, as you wish. How many spoons of sugar? Yes, no sugar. Afia, go call Dilnasheen. Yes mama. Have some biscuits or something. Something… will you say something? Yes, what? Well… tell me a little about yourself. I am Dilnasheen.

That you are. I meant, my name is Dilnasheen. Yes, but what I meant was also correct, you are really Dilnasheen. Thank you. No, you don’t need to be that formal. Actually, I want to know that are you happy with this marriage? Yes, yes, really happy. Something… something, some hope you have from me? So that I can fulfil your expectations. No, no expectations. You really have no hopes from your fiancé? Look, you are good and I am also happy with the marriage. So, that is the only hope you have from me? Do I need to have hopes? No actually, when you accept a proposal, wishes come up themselves. But when hopes break, it hurts a lot too. Anyway, I can promise you this that whatever hopes you have from me, I won’t disappoint you. Well, I didn’t know you stay this quiet too. I am speaking. No, that day when I met you, when the two of us got locked in a room, you seem to be really different from then. That day, you had a spark in you, today you look lost and quiet. I mean, you are hesitant of me, I think. Look, don’t be hesitant towards me, because you have to tolerate me all your life. I am not lost. Wont you ask, why I chose you? Why? You came across to be really decent. Really careful in terms of your character. I really like girls who are careful about their respect. Anyway, in your future house, there is my mother and me. Sara visits some times and what do I tell you how excited mama is. I just want to have one hope from you, that you really respect my mother.

You won’t have a complaint from her and I just want that she too doesn’t have a complaint from you. And God forbid if something like this happens, we will sit and sort the matter. This designer… Yes? He got an award of the best designer of the year. Great. When you become my bride, I will get your dress made from him. Its really expensive. You are not worth it, you will not be able to buy it. Why do you say that? I agree, if not today, one day I will worth so much, that I will buy his entire shop. What are you doing? Actually you look really pretty. Thank you. Whatever dress you like, as many, get them. What will I do with so many dresses? The one you like wear it, the one you don’t like, give them to someone else later. No, this one is enough. You surprise me, To get designer wear, normally girls do… just one? Yes. Go and change. I will make the payment. I think that’s it. Please serve it fast. So, tell me something about yourself.

Are you going to college? No. Why? Mama has told me to get married. And, what have you said? Get married. Look, you don’t take the pressure from your family. But you know, if you want, I can get your education completed. There is no issue. The final exam is on the next day of the wedding. Okay, lets postpone the wedding then. No. mama has told me to get married, so I have to get married. I don’t want to study. You are an obedient daughter. Why are there tears in your eyes? Please don’t take so much pressure of the marriage. Look, I will not pressurize you for anything. You study as much as you want, till whatever standard, complete your education, I will be happy. Don’t cry, please. In fact, do one thing, prepare for your exams along with your wedding, okay? Thank you. Don’t be sad like this, people… I am sorry I have to take this call, but there is a lot of noise here. Its an important call, a meeting actually, its from abroad. Just two minutes. Hi. Yeah. Hi. Do you have any idea what I am going through? Why have you come here? Leave.

You are marrying him? Huh? What did you think? You will go out with him, have food with him and you think I will sit quietly and watch. What do I do then? Court marriage. Dilnasheen, look there is still time, lets get married in the court, please. You want that because of you I ruin whatever respect of my mother and brother is left. I cannot do this. I will not watch quietly, Dilnasheen. Fine. You do whatever you want to, but I cannot do this. You have fallen in love with him? You used to say that when I am in front of you, you don’t see anything else. You breathe by seeing me, what happened to all that? I had to forget. I had to forget all that because of your family’s behavior. Its not just love Hamza, there are other responsibilities and duties in the world. Go ahead, I am listening. When a girl loves someone, she is not alone, a lot of relations are attached to her, she is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister. She has to fulfil all those responsibilities. I am engaged, I will soon be someone else’s bride, I have to fulfil that responsibility too. You leave from here.

Leave just like when you left when your family called you. Who are you? Time. I was asking the time. Thank you. He came to ask the time? Yes? I think he forgot everything. His car is parked in front, he must not be able to see it. Obviously, its possible, when such a beautiful girl is in front of you, even I would forget. He was still quiet young. Right? Relax. So mister, how was your meeting with your future wife? You are asking like I am eighteen years old and I went on a date for the first time. Yes, you are not eighteen, but sister in law is. Tell me, was she happy? I don’t know. Maybe this was the first time we met. Excuse me. You people met first when you got locked in the room, your second meeting was when you got engaged, so this was your third meeting. I know, but formally our first meeting. Anyway, why do you feel she was not comfortable with you? No, we cannot say that but I don’t know. Yes man, she is a girl, maybe she was hesitant. Maybe. But she was reacting like a child, whatever I said, she agreed to it. She was trying to tell me, that she is ready for the wedding.

Her mother is really short tempered. She is going to have her exams and she says that she will get married. Brother, when she is making you believe that she wants to marry you, then what is the problem? Something is missing. Brother, its been long time since a girl left your life, you don’t know how today’s generation thinks or react, the short story is that she agrees and wants to marry you. So you too get married. Yeah. Tell me, what is the plan for the honeymoon? Have tea. You worrying won’t do anything, nor everything can be fixed in the blink of an eye, so just relax. Did you see his condition, what has he done to yourself, he looks like Romeo to me, and look at his dressing, he looks like a beggar. I cannot see my son anywhere. You will see him once he get out of this love trap. You don’t worry, nowadays, this is the story of every house, this is how they are bringing boys to the right track. No one wants that they get a girl from such a greedy home and ruin their generations. You just sleep now, please. I cannot sleep, if I try, I see Hamza’s eyes complaining to me.

I feel we have not broken his heart, but in fact, we broke him. He has become weird. I am scared that if he scatters it will be hard to gather him. God forbid. But… but mothers are supposed to worry like this and you… Please rest and get some sleep. She is going out with him, going for shopping, going for dinner. Man, how many times will you repeat it? Forget her. No, you don’t understand me. Look, I am saying that how can she forget me so quickly. She must have had to forget you. After all, the class Dilnasheen belongs too, girls there are really helpless, they cannot take a stand like upper class girls. And you too forget her, she is going to get married. Leave her alone. It would be good. I will leave her. Mom is calling you, do one thing, you sleep, its really late. And yes, we will go the gym together, okay? Sleep. Hello. Yes mom. Yes, yes, yes. Go ahead. When a girl loves someone, she is not alone, a lot of relations are attached to her. I am engaged, I will be someone’s wife soon and I have to fulfil that responsibility too. You leave from here. I am engaged, you leave from here. Leave like you left when your family called you. Hamza. Hamza. Hamza. Hamza, what did you do… Hamza, what did you do? Hamza. Hey, Kulsoom. Kulsoom come here, see what Hamza did. What happened? See what he did. Hamza. Hamza. I love you. Take care. On the wedding our color combinations will be the same. Look at this. You like it? How is it? Even if you don’t say anything, your face says everything. Dilnasheen. Yes? You are very innocent.

I love you. Hamza. Yeah? What if we don’t get married. I will give my life. You used to say that when I am in front of you, you cannot see anything. You breathe when you see me. What happened to all that? Hamza. Hamza. Hamza. Hamza, son. Hamza. You please wait here. Please. What is the point of crying now? He has not scattered after being broken, we will be able to gather him. But you. You have always given me false hope. Did you see where your stubbornness got my son. How was I to know he would be so stupid. You are the limit, you are still getting upset on him. If he was being stubborn, we spoke to him, he didn’t agree, then we should have surrendered in front of his will. Its better to choose your son’s life over the choice of an unwanted daughter in law. You remember one thing, if something happens to my son, I will never forgive you.

My son is my earning of all my life. if he burns away in front of your stubbornness and becomes ash, then I too will be ash. Even you didn’t agree earlier. But now, now I agree. See his condition. Dad. Sabir, what happened? Dad. Sabir, what happened to you? Dad, please be strong. Oh God, give my son life. my Lord, give him life, God be kind. God be merciful. He is naïve, have mercy on him. Dad. Dad, Dr. Affan is calling you. Did Hamza regain consciousness? Leave it madam, your existence has already done enough favors on us. You have proved the right of a daughter on us. Mama, are you still upset with me? I am doing everything by your will. Just like you want, just like that. I agree, I made a mistake, but I also suffered the punishment of that mistake. After getting punished, a person gets forgiven, mama. Forgive me mama. Please forgive me. I am burdened with the load of you being upset. How will I stay happy in that home with that burden. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. Mama, forgive me.

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