Fitoor – Episode 05 29th January 2021 – HAR PAL GEO

If you want to put me in jail, then do it. Please, don’t make fun of our respect like this. Aunty, you have been really formal today, but don’t be like this in future. Hey child, this is not formality, this means that you are our own. Being your own means that I take out things from the kitchen and start to make dishes. Sure. Who has stopped you? Come on. I think Yawar is home. Sister in law Sara is inside, mama has said yes to her for the proposal. You go to your room from the back door, don’t come in front of her. Why? Look at her condition? Is she is in a condition to face her in-laws? Even if a blind man looks at her, they will understand how she has been insulted. Okay, lower your voice, she is sitting inside. You come in. You go from here. Hello sister in law. Hello. You came at the right time. Aunty didn’t come with you? Brother, I just came today, next time mama will also come along. In fact, I was thinking you people come for lunch at our home this Sunday, this way you people will see our home.

No leave this formality of lunch, we will come over, visit you people. Aunty, I am telling you, mama won’t take long in the marriage. Even we don’t want to delay the wedding. You have tea, I will go wash my hands and face. Mama, should I give you something? I will have it. Hamza. What childish behavior is this? Huh? What childish behavior is this? Where did you find him? He was at his friend’s farm house. Okay. We are so worried here, and you are at your friend’s farm house. Are you not ashamed? Go Rida, take your brother inside. Go. Come on. Get lost from here. Get out. Come on, Hamza. Sir, keep an eye on him. what if he disappears again. They were decent people, you sent police to their house for no reason. I will leave. Thank you. Thank you. Okay, relax now, stop it. You will get unwell. Yes, speak up. Hello mama. Mama, those people have said yes. Really? Oh God, this is a really good news. When did they say yes? I came to meet Afia, when you asked me. I am just leaving from their home. Okay did you invite them to our home? Yes, I called them this Sunday.

Okay listen, do one thing, child. Get the measurements of her ring and bangles. When she comes home, we will have to give her something. Mama, I am leaving now, I will call and get it. Hey no, not at all, don’t you dare do that. I have just daughter in law and you have to give her full protocol. Understand? Go and get the measurements immediately. Mama, you are too much. I will go. Okay child. Okay. Bye. Thank God. Barbara. She will not go to college from tomorrow. She will not go… Yawar, what are you doing? You don’t raise your hand on your sisters like this. Yes, even if the sisters ruin your respect, brothers cannot raise their hands. This. This is the root of all evil. This. This. This is the root of all evil. This didn’t have statements, this had melted metal, that will be forced into our ears as punishment on judgment day. But it has been forced in my ears, as a punishment for being her brother. Mama, I would say you drag her out of the house. Right now, drag her out. She can go where ever she wants. We have no relation with her. Get out of here. Yawar. I say get out.

Yawar, leave her, have you gone mad? Why are you making a scene? What further scene will be created, mama? What further scene will be created? Quiet. You go. Sorry, I spoke to mama, she wants a ring and bangle of Dilnasheen’s measurement. Yes, I will get it. You wait, I will get it. Yeah. Mama, sister in law Sara is here, she wants the size of Dilnasheen’s ring and bangle. You and her have the same measurement, you should have given her your ring and bangle. Yes. Keep your voice low. Keep your voice low. Mama, make her arrangement soon. Make an arrangement as soon as possible. You people have no idea how much I have been insulted, she has not let us capable of showing our face anywhere. Brother, forgive me. Dilnasheen has the same measurements as me, here you go. Thank you. I told you mama is really excited. Yes, we are also really happy, we are busy with the preparations. Say hello to her from me. Fine, bye. Bye. You should choke such sisters to death. What are you doing? Mama, you didn’t read her messages.

You didn’t read her messages. Everyone at the police station was laughing at me, and I was ashamed badly. I wanted that the ground opens and swallow me alive. For this day, you gave birth to her, to see this day. To see this day, I had got her admitted into a big college. She ruined our respect. You run away. You run away with your lover. Run away with your lover. We have faced so much insult, we will face this insult too. Get out of here. Get out of here, I say. Brother, stop it, forgive me, I didn’t do anything like that, that you get disrespected. Please forgive me. You are having an affair outside the home and you say you did nothing. You see this girl’s stubbornness. I will kill this girl. Come with me. Yawar, come here, Yawar, come with me.

Hamza, you shouldn’t have done this. What could I do? I didn’t understand anything. Mom and dad went to Dilnasheen’s home, they insulted their parents a lot. What? They went to Dilnasheen’s home? Yes, we went there to show them their place, and to find our son. now see, we got to you with that girl’s mobile. mama, why don’t you understand? I am in love with her. Hamza, relax. Your dad is really angry and I have made him believe that you will not do anything like this again, so please don’t do anything. Now you get fresh, I am sending food for you… I don’t want to eat anything, you go from here. You make him understand. Could you not make them understand? The environment of the home has become weird, like there has been a funeral here. A funeral took place, that too of our respect. What had to happen, happened. You just think of Dilnasheen’s wedding as soon as possible. We will go to their home on Sunday, after all, they are in a hurry more than us. Its even better mama, you just stop her from going to college. College? I will stop her from getting out of the home. How would I have known she was doing this. She used to make excuses often to go to Rida’s home, I didn’t know this was going on. She will go to college, I will break her legs. Sara. Brother is here. Mom.

Brother! Have sweets! Open your mouth. Open your mouth. One minute, what is all this. One minute, move. What? You are fine. Thank God. I am fine, what happened to me? What was all this? You people have any idea, I had to leave an important meeting and come. Hey, the news we have to give you, it is also really important. Brother, your wedding is fixed and you know what? You will be the last groom who will be having the sweets for his wedding being fixed in the end, the whole house has already had sweets. But… Sit down. How did all this happen so suddenly? What suddenly? We sent a proposal, they accepted it. Thank God aunt doesn’t know a religious scholar personally or else he would have been sitting here, and you would be getting married. That’s really bad, don’t make fun of my excitement. Haider, I have ordered for sweets, they will reach your office tomorrow. When I get married, the office staff will have sweets, what is the hurry? Brother, let mama do what she is doing, if it was in her hands, she would have opened a sweet shop at home and make sweets daily. Yes, and I am thinking that instead of inviting those people for dinner on Sunday, why don’t we do the engagement? Mama, should we not go for the engagement right now? Yawar, who is it? Who is it? I don’t know, we will see. Go and see… Afia. Mama, the aunty from the neighbors is here. Why? She came to meet you, I have made her sit inside. You should have refused, Afia you… Come on. Don’t take undue advantage of our friendship.

You know well, I have not encouraged you with regards to your feelings. Your silence, your laughter has never discouraged me either. You are mistaken. You will have to suffer yourself. Mehmal, you don’t understand. Mehmal, I know well, no one apart from me will be able to keep you happy, you won’t be able to stay happy. You are talking about your uncle, he only has worth because he has wealth. After your parents’ death, your uncle never even asked once how you are. Mehmal, don’t do this with me, don’t do it Mehmal. See this, I have goose bumps just thinking that you are going far. Don’t do this Mehmal. Saqib’s father was saying that you should have gone at the moment when the police came, after all the neighbors have a right. No, thank you so much, but nothing to worry about. Actually Dilnasheen saw a robbery, so we told the police. They came to take her to record her statement, then Yawar said he would come along. If this was true, they could have called and asked them to come, why did they have to come to the door. You know sister, this is how it is.

Should I ask Afia to make you tea? Afia. Mehmal, won’t you congratulate me? Congratulations for what? Tell me quickly, congratulations for what? Then we will all come, we won’t let you talk to anyone. This small home suffocates me. I want to have a big home. What would you do alone in such a big home? Why would I be alone? My husband will be with me. You will be alone without me, you will see. Her number is off. Try one more time. Please, try. I told you, it is off. I think we should go to her place. What are you doing, man? Have you gone mad? Why do you want go to her home? Then how will we know if she is fine? She will be fine, absolutely fine. Will her brother torture her? Look, listen to me, you wait till morning, I will go to college and make you talk to her.

I cannot wait, come with me. What are you doing? Why do you want to create a scene all the time? It doesn’t work this way. All that is happening is all because of your haste. Had you not been this hasty, the things would not have gone out of hand. Because of you, mom and dad got a report written with the police, and they went to their home. So everything that is happening is because of you. I couldn’t understand what could I do. You should have been patient, you should have waited. Her family is getting her engaged, they will marry her, and you want me to sit here quietly. You try and understand, her brother went to the police station and that is a huge thing for them. Mom and dad think that only they have egos and everyone else is selfless. You relax, I will talk to mom and dad myself for you, and try to make them understand. I promise you they will agree. And one more thing, don’t do anything else. Because if you do anything else, you will create further problems for Dilnasheen, that is something you shouldn’t do.

right now, at the moment, convince your family, Hamza. Please. Good. Oh God, I don’t know what is the issue. What happened mama? Child, I am calling the jewelers, its been so long, I have been trying, they are not picking up. Its late, the shop must be closed. I am calling on the cell phone, not on the shop, they are not answering. Is there something urgent? Hey, I want to get the design of this changed, I want something similar to what Sara’s sister in law wore. It will be made mama, wait till morning. Till morning? I cannot wait for five minutes, and you are asking me to wait till morning. You know, you are acting like a child, right now. Like they go to new classes, they get excited for new stationary, books, copies, just like that, you are excited too. You are absolutely right, I am really excited, I am so happy, I can’t even tell you. I got this happiness after so long. I realize, I mistreated you for so long, I should have gotten married earlier.

You did mistreat me, but by the will of God, the amends for this mistreatment will be made, when I play with my granddaughter and grandson. I can’t tell you, I cannot wait. I don’t know what is wrong with them. Okay, let me try. Let me try. I would say drag her out of the house. Right this moment, drag her out, she can go where ever she wants. We have no relation with her. Get out of here. Yawar, leave her. Get up, have food. I don’t want to eat sister in law. Okay, get up, have a little. Sister in law, please leave from here. I don’t want to talk to anyone. Dilnasheen its your fault, you shouldn’t have made friends in a home where we are not on the same level. These rich people can give you their daughter’s second hand clothes, but they will not make you their daughter in law with respect. Your affair with that boy… It was not an affair, he loves me. Boys from rich families, don’t love girls from poor families, its just time pass. If it was just time pass, he wouldn’t have spoken in his home for my proposal. What did talking to them do? You and your brother reached the police station.

The neighbors were asking us why the police came to our home? What would we have told them? They came with your proposal? Whatever respect we have left, please save it and get married and go to your home. Sister in law, please, say no to this proposal. I don’t want to get married here. Dilnasheen, do you really want to ruin our respect? We have said yes. Then say no to this proposal. How can I marry someone who I don’t know? My heart won’t accept it. Don’t do this with me. Please. Please. The boy your heart accepted has ruined our respect in public. Right now you are being emotional, you are unable to think. Marrying brother Haider, you will live a life of luxury and relaxation. You know, every woman in our family wanted that their daughter is married to brother Haider, but brother Haider never liked a girl, he only chose you. When a man loves a woman, then he keeps her at his home with respect and luxuries. But I cannot imagine about anyone but Hamza. I am not asking you to imagine, I am asking you to get married and live a practical life. The food is kept there, if you want, you can eat it. Is Hamza sleeping? Yes, he is still sleeping. Did you talk to him about something tomorrow? Dad, he was making me call Dilnasheen again and again, her number was off. Did you not talk to him? Yes, why would you talk to him, its all your fault. Mama, what is my fault in this? Hamza, loves Dilnasheen. He really loves her. He selected her for himself by his will. In this age you fall in love with every second girl. No mom, Hamza is not like that, he has only loved Dilnasheen.

You know what he was telling me yesterday? He was saying that we should go to Dilnasheen’s home right now, and if we had gone and met his brother, what would he have done to Hamza? We will have to do something about him. I think, you take him abroad for a few days, you too go along. He will stay away from here, his attention will get diverted. These rich people can give you their daughter’s second hand clothes, but they will not make you their daughter in law with respect. Wash it properly? You are washing it so badly, see the oil is still here. Mama it is clean. At least clean the dishes as cleanly as you were having an affair outside the home. Mama, what has happened to you? Why do you take everything in that direction. You have stopped me from going out of the home, you stopped me from studying, now what do you want from me? What could me wanting or not wanting do anything? You did what you wanted. Tell me, how did you have this affair? Where did you go out with him? Where did you roam around with that loafer? I didn’t go anywhere, leave my hand. You didn’t go anywhere, then this affair happened sitting at home? Huh? What are you doing? The two of us are going on a trip. What? Surprised, right? I knew it. I am not a kid who will get excited about going abroad. I have grown up. Really? You are grown up? Then give proof that you are grown up

You disappear from the house like that, think, does any mature man do this? I was disturbed and I couldn’t understand anything and I wanted to stay alone. Fine, if you want to go alone, then fine. Dad wanted that I go along with you. I will tell dad to just get your ticket. Mom, what is wrong with you? If you think that I will leave from here, and forget Dilnasheen, then you are mistaken. Hamza, whether you live here or there, you have to forget Dilnasheen at all cost, that is it. Then you will have to forget me… Hamza. Hamza, this is not your age to get married. When am I saying that you get me married? I am just saying that you go to their home, talk to their family, get me engaged and make sure that she will only be mine. Okay? Possible or not possible? No. You go from here, when you stay here, you will have this same question, then we will have one response in the form of refusal. Okay, no problem. Till you don’t agree, I will say the same thing. Hamza, just pack up your bags and go. Never. Hamza. Afia, send food in the room. Leave it brother, you have food, I will eat later. If you want to talk to your office regarding the loan, then do it now. Bushra called, they are asking for a date, I am thinking I will give them a date for next month. The sooner this girl leaves this home, the better. I cannot tolerate her in this home any further. No mama, we won’t have to take a loan, by the will of God it will all be done. You don’t worry. But we will have to do the wedding as per their standard. Afia, just like normal weddings are happening, we will do the same. We cannot book a five star hotel as per their standard. Yes, yes, we will get the marriage done as per our condition. Just let this girl go to her home with respect and safely, I hope we don’t have to face any further disrespect.

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