Fitoor – Episode 03 22st January 2021 – HAR PAL GEO

Good morning. Wow. Today, Hamza has come for his father early morning. Otherwise, his morning usually happens after 02:00pm. Tell me foreigner man, what should be presented to you? What’s the matter? My son, in front of me, but so silent. Is everything alright? What happened? You were okay last night. Why are you silent today? Actually… I have something important to talk to you people. Then why are you being so serious? Talk and relax. Go ahead. I like a girl. Oho. Wow. Wow. I just thought I should complete studies first then I will talk to you people in detail, and will tell you people. But… But there is an emergency now. There must be a proposal that has come for that girl. And you must want Sadiq Ameen’s son’s proposal to go there. And then they won’t be able to say no. And that matter would be over.

Like always. You always understand what is in my heart. I never have to say anything to you. I love you. But won’t it be weird as his studies are not completed yet? No, what’s weird in this? Studies will continue. Let’s fix the proposal. And the business status is also seen in the people from our class. What does her father do? Her father is not anymore. She lives with her brother. Who is the one in our circle whose father is not anymore? I don’t remember. No, she is not from our circle. But… But father. You know her. I know her? Who is she? Tell him. Dilnasheen. Dilnasheen? Dilnasheen who? Father, she is my best-friend. She was with me last night. What did her father use to do? How would we know what he used to do? Father, her father has died. He was the doctor. And his brother is the aeronautical engineer. Really? Also tell that she used to borrow everything from you in every function. Jewelry, clothes, and even shoes? How does it make the difference? It does make the difference. I am the one who is getting married. Then go. Do it alone.

No one from us will go. What’s wrong with that? There is no goodness, even. What is goodness to you? Family background. Family background or money? Both. Money doesn’t make the difference to me. Big name does matter to us. Her name would rise as well, when her name would be associated to mine. If your name would be associated to her, your name would become small too. What are you talking about? Are you people going or not? No. Father has not answered yet. Why are you silent? Atleast say something. No, no. I am really serious. I am not joking. This is not a temporary feeling.

This is not infatuation. I am really serious. I love her. See. Listen to me. If you people don’t go to her house today, then those people would get her engaged. She won’t be able to handle the pressure. This is a temporary attraction. It will be over. This is not the temporary attraction, mother. How should I make her understand, man? Mama, this is not a temporary attraction. You ask Rida. We have known each other for so long. It has been so long. Poor thing was waiting for me for so long. She said no to so many proposals for me. This time, problem is occurring. She won’t be able to handle the pressure. Please, you people go. The proposal she has been rejecting till now, they must be so ordinary. They must not be of our status. Atleast, I don’t expect this thing from you. Father, she is really helpless this time. What helplessness? There were no helplessness before. Helplessness occurred for your matter? Hamza, try to understand.

She is making a fool out of you. I understand such girls’ mentality very well. Hey, they take the boy to the fairyland first. Father, I am just talking to you. Matter is so simple. I love her a lot. And she equally loves me too. I understand her loving you. But you loving her, I really think about it as attraction. No, man. I guess I am not able to make them understand. It is my mistake. How should I… Do you have any idea? What should I do? Father, I… You please understand what I have to say now.

You don’t want this to happen, right? You go direct to her house from the office. I will bring these people. Please. I am asking something from you. Answer me. We are going, right? I love you. Just say yes. I am sorry. I will not go. Father? I am talking to him. One second. Father? Father, what is wrong with her, man? Listen to me. Father? Mother? Mother, you please understand what I am saying. I… Mother, I… I can’t talk. I am so worried. I am unable to eat anything. I can’t go to sleep. I have been thinking about it since last night. I am so tensed. Please, do something. Please somehow stop this

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