Fitoor – Episode 02 21st January 2021 – HAR PAL GEO

Asim. Yes, aunty? Child, who is the girl playing with Sara, who is she? Aunty, she is Afia’s sister in law, Dilnasheen.. Okay. What a coincidence, I have never seen her before. So you can see her now. What do I see? The one who has to see, should look. Yes, I will be back in a minute. Okay, this is good fun. Haider got the turmeric. Hey, hey, hey. Where? Where? Where? Brother, actually I have an important call, I have a meeting with the office people. Not a chance, I will not let you go before having food. Brother, let me go, please, I won’t be able to talk here, there is a lot of noise here. Okay, you do one thing, go to the room upstairs, talk there. go. Yes, go upstairs. Shahzeen, hold on. Hold on. I am trying to say one thing to you, there is a wedding at home… can you hear me now? Yes, this is what I am saying.

I am at my sister’s house, there is a wedding here, that is why I couldn’t hear you. Yes, I was finding a spot in the house where I could talk to you. Now calmly, you listen to me. it’s a European company, they don’t understand so easily, I know that they have shown interest in our company, but there are bigger construction companies in Pakistan than us. So we will have to make a proper 3D presentation for them, we will have to show them the models. Absolutely. Yes. That… yes. Yes. Fine, you line up everyone for tomorrow. No, you tell Saqib and Munir to have the whole presentation ready properly. I don’t want a single loophole. Excuse me. Yes? I cannot open the door. Okay. So… Listen. Yes? I cannot open the door, did you lock it? Can I call you back? Why would I lock the door? I went inside to change, and you were standing here, so if you didn’t lock the door, then why is it not opening? May I? Thank you. I think… the lock is not working from the inside. What do you mean its not working on the inside? Will it not open now? No, not from here.

You want to say that you and me are locked alone in this room? Yes. Oh God. How is that possible? Please you try, there are a lot of people downstairs, a scene will be created. Please. Please. Please. No, relax. You relax. Look, this is not 1940s that people will make an issue of something so small, okay? Not for you, but its still 1940s for my mother. You please try it once. Please, please. It’s possible it will open. See, its completely jammed. Excuse me. one minute. Let me call Sara. Why sister in law, Sara? Because this door will be opened from outside. Fine, but tell her to come alone, don’t tell anyone. Okay. The music is so loud, no one will hear it. She is not answering the phone. I will try brother Asim’s number. Brother Asim, please pick up the call. He is not answering the phone. Open up. Someone open the door. Open the door. What are you doing? I have a reputation, if you make noise like this, what will people think about me? A while back when I was saying that what will people think about me. you remembered, 1940s and now its your turn so you forgot 1940s.

Yes, but I was not making noise like this. Look, there is one last hope, let me call my mother, okay? I hope she picks up, she hardly picks up though. Pray. Hello. Yes! Mama. Mama, can you hear me? Hello. Mama. Yes, what are you saying son? We are locked in Sara’s room, please send Sara upstairs. Okay fine, I am sending her. I am sending her. Sara. Sara. Come quick. Yes? He is locked in the room. Haider. Who? Haider went inside and the lock malfunctioned, go quickly. Don’t worry, Sara is sending someone. You have this water and sit calmly. I don’t want to have it. Look, no need to worry like this, I will say the door was locked by me. But a scene will be created for no reason. Look, I am sure they are educated people, they won’t make an issue out of small things. One minute, let me see.

What is the problem with this lock of yours? Brother it was having some problem since morning. Sister in law, Sara. Sister in law, Sara, open the door. I am inside, I am locked inside, I am locked and I feel suffocated. Dilnasheen? What are you doing inside? Instead of doing investigation, go call brother Asim, he will open the lock somehow. Yes, yes, brother I will go. Where are you going? Here? Where will I go? The door is locked. The door… The door will open from the outside. I will open it myself. Asim, come fast, the door is locked, Brother Haider and Dilnasheen are locked. Come fast. Hey. Come fast. Hey. They are locked. Hey, there is a wedding in the home, she must have gone there for some work, the wind must have locked the door. Hey, I forgot to tell Haider, that the lock of the room is not working. Come. Come. Oh God, how did this happen. One minute. I am so sorry, I should have got this fixed. Thank God. Mama, I was changing my clothes in the washroom, he didn’t know I was there, so he locked the door… Your daughter is naïve, she got worried.

Sit child, relax. Hey, you come out, why are you standing? Someone get her water. Sit child, you worried so soon. Girls need to protect their respect themselves. You locked yourself in the room. You know what women were talking about secretly. Mama, you must have read what was going on between them. I got so worried, I can’t even tell you. Yes, you should have been careful. They must be thinking you have an affair with him. Hey, this is something more shameless, did I find that uncle to have an affair. Ill mannered, not an uncle, he is a good looking boy. So this means that my mama is regretting why I don’t have an affair with that boy. Hey, I will slap you. You say what you want to, you speak nonsense.

Mama. What? Usually after coming back from weddings you used to question me. Last night, you didn’t ask me. I have been dreaming this for a long time that my only son would come to me and say to me that mama, I have to talk to you about something important. I have liked a girl and I will only marry her. I want that you come to her house with me, for a proposal. Today your dream is being fulfilled. I want to talk to you about something important. I finally like a girl, I will only marry her and I want that you take my proposal to her home. I hope you are not joking. You know what. Yeah? On the wedding, the color combinations of our clothes will be the same. See this. You like it? How do you like it? No matter if you don’t say anything, your face says it all. Dilnasheen. Yeah? You are very innocent and I love you. Okay so tell me, where will we go for our honeymoon. Give me ideas. What is the need to plan so much into the future. Hey, I don’t know how much I have planned, and thought about. Hamza, please stop it. Hamza. Yeah? What if, we don’t get married.

I will give my life. Eat. Mama, let me go, I am getting late, I will miss my flight. I don’t understand what sort of man are you, you just liked a girl and you are going to Islamabad right now. You know, she was looking really pretty, if you had seen her you wouldn’t have been able to look away. What is the matter? Why are you so quiet? Are you changing your mind? No, I will surely go to their home, I took the time, I cannot step back. I didn’t change my intention, but you think about it once, she is younger than me. She is not that young. You tell me, you really liked her with all your heart, right? She is good, she is pretty, she is simple and most importantly she is naïve. You know, when I used to look at you, I used to go through torture, I used to think that oh God, such a good son of my mine, such a successful son of mine, will he live with this wish in his heart? Without love, without liking someone, will he spend his life celebrating his loneliness. You know, I pray from all my heart that you get her and your liking for her changes into love, and you continue to roam around her.

Think about it. Will you be able to tolerate all this later? Hey, why not? I was dying to see you get married. I used to think that I would sit with my friends and point out the mistakes in my daughter in law. And she in her wish to snatch you from me, love you a lot more, and no matter if you forget me in her love after finding her. But I just want that you stay happy, laugh, smile and forget about Mehmil’s sorrow from your heart, and always be happy. I knew it mama, that you had a big wish in your heart that I make a life and get married, but I didn’t realize that you have such a big wish for all this in your heart. Being a son, whatever my responsibilities are, I have tried my best to fulfill them, give you all the happiness of the world, but today, seeing you, that you got the real happiness today. Not just me, you too got it. You liked Dilnasheen from your heart, or else, you would never have agreed for any girl so quickly. This is what I am confused about, that whether I should have said this or not. What did you say? If we sit and talk like this, the meeting in Islamabad will get canceled. Okay fine, go. Leave. Okay, I will go. Bye. Bye. Did she not tell you why she is coming here, suddenly. I don’t know mama, aunt Bushra said in the wedding that she will come, I didn’t realize she would come right after the reception.

Mama, till when will Dilnasheen come? She will come late today, her friend Rida, her wedding is getting fixed, somewhere, so she went there. Okay. Okay. I think she is here. Hello. Hello child. Come. Hello. Hello. How are you? Fine. As I had told you earlier, you do your investigation about us, for this proposal. You know, your son knows Haider well, right son? Yes, aunt, you are right, but still in these matters, you need to give some time. Look, I came to you with high hopes I will also bring Haider next time. You talk to him and get assured and then think well and let me know, but the answer should be a yes. Hey, no what are saying? This is your own home. You come a hundred times, so can Haider, no need for formalities. But still, we will need some time to think. Surely think about it, but don’t disappoint us. Look, what do I praise my son, but my son is really mature, after his father’s sudden death, he managed his sister’s wedding with responsibility, and nicely.

He really cares for me too. Now someone who cares so much for his mother and sister, he will also care a lot for his wife too. By the will of God, he will keep your daughter really happy. Yes, by the will of God. By God’s will. But I will have to ask my daughter’s liking. Just give me yes as an answer. Rida. Yes, its fine, it looks good. Thank you. Is it fine like this? Yes, it looks nice. Good. Okay, so the guests are here. The guests are here? Hey, I am talking about my guest. For your kind information, your guest is also my guest. You are mistaken my dear sister. I am not mistaken, you are. She is my friend and she is here because I asked her to come. Then ask her yourself. Dilnasheen, tell him, whose invitation have you come here on? Look, speak the truth, don’t be scared because I am with you, forever. Yes, speak the truth. Yes? I came cause aunty invited me. God, she is so boring. Rida, are you ready? Yes mom, I am ready. How do I look? My daughter looks like a princess. This is a bit too much. You shut up. I can’t imagine my daughter grew up so much that her wedding is getting fixed, and she will be married soon. My God, time flies. Please, go quickly. Go. You go. Mom, he always bothers me.

Dilnasheen you look really pretty by the grace of God. Thank you aunty. She is so shy. I am praising her and she is blushing. Okay hurry up, the guests are going to come soon. Okay. Hurry up. Quickly Absolutely. I am ready. Then go. You go. Okay, I think everything is fine, but you need anything else? I want something. Okay, sorry, you carry on, but hurry up. I will go check on the guests. Bye. Hurry up. Bakir, how much work is left? Sir, just need to set the cutlery. You leave, we will do it. Please. Thank you. Okay, so you are trying to impress mama of being a good daughter in law, right? Okay tell me something. Yes? If I talk to mama about us right now, will she agree? How can I tell you this, you can judge this. What if she doesn’t agree? Fine. Then my wedding will be fixed somewhere else. Fair enough. Then I too will do one thing, I will marry the girl mama likes, and I hope you don’t mind, right? Hello. You won’t have a problem, right? I asked you something. If I get married to someone else, you won’t mind, right? I am asking you. Huh? This is what you have to do. I am the mad one who is thinking so much. I was joking. What is wrong with you? You were not joking. You think like this, that is why you say these things again and again as a joke. I never say this, because I don’t think like this either.

If I say it as a joke even, I get scared, I become quiet. But you always say it. Dilnasheen, the two of us will live together in this home forever. I promise you that. And I am sorry, I will not bring a third person between us after today, not even as a joke. Okay? Okay, let me confirm once, show me your hand. See, your hand, wow, you are so lucky. Hamza is written on your hand. See, on my hand, it says Dilnasheen. And for you, I got this. Hamza, I cannot take this. When I go away, start the count down for me to come back. Hamza, please no, if mama and brother see it, then? See. Its really pretty but I cannot take this. If mama and brother see this, then all hell will break loose. What is the problem, say mama gave it to you. Fine. I love you. She is here, I think. Hello. Hello. Oh wow, you people are still up? What do you think? We would miss such a big adventure just like that. What do you mean? Hey, let her sit. Come Dilnasheen, sit. What happened? Did you people win a lottery. Hey, a jackpot. What do you mean? Why are you people creating suspense, tell me, what happened? Sister in law, Sara came with her mother. Okay, so those two brought the amount of the jackpot with them? She got the proposal of her son for you. Whose? Mine. Obviously yours.

Why? We too were shocked like this. Those people are so affluent and look as us. They are so educated, good family and rich people, I couldn’t hide my smile, I tried so much to hide it. That Bushra is good, she sat with me on Afshi’s wedding, she talked about her son that he stays really busy, then I saw her son at the function too, he looked like a good boy. Our fate has changed that we got this proposal at our home. No need to worry, Afia knows them. After all, she praises Sara. Mama, I want to study further. Yes, then study from your home, its your last semester, whether you pass or fail, doesn’t matter. Just get married and go to your home. But mama, I want to study further. There is no chance. You are not doing your PHD that I let such a good proposal go. I have said it. Okay, okay, mama. Give her some time to think. You think calmly. But Dilnasheen remember one thing that it’s a yes from us. The boy is good and I know him really well. He owns a big construction company and my office has been made by that company and he has designed many such office and homes. I love you. But I don’t want to get married, I cannot think about it. I want to study further, it’s a no from me. Dilnasheen. Listen to me. Dilnasheen. Hello. Hello Hamza. Who is it? Its Dilnasheen. Dilnasheen, go ahead. Hamza, a proposal has come for me. What?

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