Fitoor – Ep 16 – 8th April 2021 – HAR PAL GEO

Madam, sir is asking for food. Sir has asked for it? Then take it. Madam, you can have food, sir is eating with madam Mehmal. Then take the food quickly. Don’t make them wait for long. Sure. We will eat in one plate, like we used to eat earlier. They say, it increases love. What will we do by increasing love? Is what is already happening any less? We got a little late. Dilnasheen cooked good food. Yes. She made it with all her heart, that is why. She is so lucky, she can do whatever she wants for you. And me? I cannot do anything out of the aunt’s fear. Or else I really want to cook something for you. Why are you doing all this? For you. Don’t do it. My heart doesn’t agree. Convince your heart. If it still doesn’t agree, then make it understand, like I have. Why should I convince my heart? Mehmal we have no other option apart from this. Since when did you start considering love an option. This was a compulsory topic for you.

Since you have made this compulsion an option, so I have also started considering it an option. Then make my love compulsory for you now. Its not possible, you got really late in coming back. There is nothing like being late in love, Haider. Have food, then you also have to take your medication. A patient of the heart doesn’t need medication, they need love. I myself am a patient of the fate, people who suffer at the hands of fate are in a lot of pain. Someone often rings the bell at their door and leaves and whenever you open the door, no one is outside. So I have come now, the past of your life weighs heavier than your present. The two of us are like a medication for each other, the use of which will not reduce the ailment, but make it progress further. You need medication, take it. Good night. What are you doing here? Waiting for you. So sorry, I didn’t see you while going upstairs. When someone is in your eyes, you cannot see anything around you. Okay, come on, you have food. It’s lost. What? I have lost my appetite. For God’s sake Dilnasheen, don’t look at me like I am being unfaithful to you. You cannot be unfaithful, you need love for that.

No, nothing like that. I mean, you are taking me wrong, you are thinking wrong. You are my wife, my liking. I can be your wife, I can be your liking, but not your love. I don’t want to get into this argument. It can be an argument for you, for me, it’s a question of my life. My love for Mehmal is an old story, and by thinking about that you are getting worried. Your love for Mehmal can be an old story, but her love for you is as new as it is for me. When the fire is one sided, then it can be put out by using words, but if the fire is burning on both sides, then saving yourself is difficult. I have made a decision.

What decision? If you save yourself from the fire of her love and reach me, then I will think that you are mine. One more thing, first you gave me time, now I am giving you time. I will wait for your heart to progress towards me. Come son. Have a seat. When did you come last night? It was midnight. Then, what did you think? About what? About your life. You are sitting there to sacrifice your life after that selfish woman. Mama, nothing like that will happen. This is what it is Haider. I am your mother, you considered your heart like a toy and gave it to Mehmal to play. She can play whenever she wants, she can break it and leave when she wants. Look son, only stupid people test the ones who have already been tested. The woman who rejected your love and left you for money. Now she has come back to you after rejecting that money, then you shouldn’t accept her. You should send her back to her home. I know, you will not be able to do this. That is why, you leave the matters of the home to me and focus on your wife. Who deserves your love and attention.

Mama, I have never taken away Dilnasheen’s right and I will not do it in future. Doing this you will be doing yourself a favor. Because I will never accept a divorcee, unfaithful, a mother of a child as my daughter in law. A selfish and an opportunist woman like Mehmal had no place in this home earlier, nor should there be a place for her in your heart, nor will I let her have a place. This home is my daughter in law’s and you are her husband. Did you get injured? Yes child mama got injured, but mama is absolutely fine. Don’t worry, okay? Oh, breakfast is here. Has Haider left? Yes, sir went to the office a long time back. Did he have breakfast? Yes, he also had breakfast. Okay, you leave. My daughter’s breakfast is here. Come on. Here are your sandwiches. Good. Can I come inside? Sure. You have come inside. I thought I would ask how you are. You fell from such a height, you must be hurt. Haider didn’t let me get hurt. In fact, with Haider there, I can never get hurt.

Then whether its my heart, body or soul. He stands there as a shield with me. You are mistaken, because you don’t have any such relation with him. Yes, you must surely love him, but the world doesn’t believe this relation. Who cares about the world? If not you, but my husband does. This world, this society. The relation this world accepts, I will soon form that relation with Haider. Madam, elder madam is calling you. Okay. You go, I am coming. You too have breakfast, then you will need to take your medication, right? Mama, feed me. Yes, my love, I will feed my daughter breakfast. Here is your sandwich and here is your juice. What is the matter? Is everything fine? Why are you sad? When your husband accepts you with the love of another woman in his heart, then such a woman looks like me. And you? You scared me so much from an affair, you insulted me as well. And here, here my husband’s ex-lover moves around in front of my eyes freely.

That is nothing? You must have a fault in this. When a husband doesn’t get love from his wife, then he looks for other ways. Or else he forgets everything in front of his wife. He would forget, when the wife has some importance in husband’s heart. He already has her in his heart, like she is locked in it. All my knocks come back to me, then what can I do? Mama, he is living up to his love for Mehmal and just a commitment with me. If this commitment is not able to live up in front of that love, what will I do? Babara. Babara. Yes madam? Tell the driver to take out the car, madam Mehmal has to be dropped at her home. What? Did you not hear what I said? Go. Yes, I will just tell him. Did you like the new doll house? What is this? A hair brush. Hey aunt, come inside. Come. Why are you standing there? come. I think you tend to forget things, but my memory is still really strong in this age. Will I have to remind you that this is my son’s house and I don’t need anyone’s permission to come here. I didn’t mean that aunt, you are taking me wrong. I understand what you mean very well.

You fought with your husband and came here, I said nothing. But now, you are becoming the reason of fights between my son and daughter in law. Something I cannot accept at all. What did I do aunt? I was… What you did and what you didn’t do, the thing is that you go home now. The car is outside, it will drop you at the door. You gather the courage to walk further yourself. Aunt, I don’t want to go there. and I don’t want to keep you here. Do you understand? Where will I go? To your husband’s home. A woman’s real shelter, or you can say that her destination is her husband’s home. You are absolutely right aunt. I remember. Mama only left her shelter because after uncle’s death you and Haider were all alone. The one who left her home, her roof, everything for you, today you are telling her daughter to leave your home. If nothing else, give me shelter considering me your husband’s orphan niece. I can give you shelter, but your presence is ruining the peace of my home. What are you saying aunt? Before giving me such a big punishment, at least tell me my crime.

That’s it, don’t dwell in the past. My son spent years in torment, the best time of his life. Did you not realize it then? Now you are on a mission to ruin his well settled home. There is nothing like that aunt. Nothing like that. I am an experienced woman, whatever is happening, I can see it and also understand it. I had put locks on my tongue so that the peace of my home is not ruined, but you are on a mission to ruin this home. No, I cannot do this sympathy, now you go to your home. Aunt, I don’t want to go there, why don’t you understand, that is not a home, its hell. A hell you created yourself. You will not get anything living in this home. Haider has progressed in his life. Calling him out and ruining his way, you should leave yourself. Aunt. Aunt, please, if someone accepts their mistake, you accept them. You finally said what was in your heart.

You accept your own, but you have become a stranger, for me and for Haider. If you have someone who is your own, then that is Ansab. You belong to his house only. return there. Don’t try to turn my son’s life into dust. Aunt. Aunt, listen… Nothing extraordinary happened with you. Every man has a woman in his life. When she cannot become a part of his life, he becomes a story. A story he tells his wife with pride. But he cannot even imagine such a story about his wife, let alone hear the story. Why mama? When a man loves, a woman too has a heart… That’s it! A woman has been ordered to just love her husband, just her husband! If a husband finds out such a story about his wife, then he makes her cry to death. But a wife has to hear her husband’s story with a smile. Rejected women, don’t just fall in the eyes of the husband, but also in the eyes of the society. He is living with it, you too live with it. Whether you live with it happily or by crying. Because you have to live here, don’t repeat Mehmal’s mistake. She is in this home on Haider’s support, and you have no such support.

Mama, I got married for your happiness, by your will. Now I am in a tough situation and you are still not happy with me. You don’t have any words of appreciation or anything to give to me. I am not amongst those mothers, who appreciate their daughters for fighting with their in-laws. I want to have your home fixed, and to fix the home, not just daughters but their mothers too have to be tough. Understand? Remember what I said. Okay then… Hey Anisa, you are leaving? Yes, Afia is alone at home. I will not let you leave without having food. Stay for a while for her happiness. Hey, no sister, thank you so much. I apologize for today, some other day. Okay, you will have to wait a little, the driver has gone for some work.

No, no, no need for that, Yawar has sent the car. Okay. Okay. How is Yawar? Absolutely fine. Mama, where are we going? We are going home, doll. Don’t worry, mama is with you. I don’t remember that I have ever tried to hide Haider’s good and bad habits from your family before marriage. My son has no bad habits, but in his young age, he fell for a torment named Mehmal. But tell me honestly, you don’t have any complaints from my son, right? He didn’t hurt you, right? Tell me. What will you do? I will do what you haven’t been able to do. I can scold him on his mistakes, and if doesn’t agree, I can slap him too. Being a mother, I have a right that I can hit him too, and make him agree to things as well. But for this you too will have to extend your hand. If I extend my hand, he will hold it, but I am scared that when Mehmal calls out to him again, he would run back to him. Get up! What? Get up. Go. Go to Mehmal’s room. Hey, go. Okay. Looking at the hand will not change the lines. But you can change fate. Ansab is not my fate, he is my decision.

Something you cannot change even if you want to. Yes, Mehmal, go ahead. Haider, your love got me on the road. What do you mean? Where are you? Aunt has dragged me out of the house. Okay listen, send me your location pin immediately, I am coming. Okay. Mama, Mehmal is not in her room. Mehmal is not in the home either. Being a mother, I dragged her out of the home, now it is your turn, that you take her out of Haider’s heart. You have to fight a small battle. She is an unfaithful woman. I am Haider’s mother, I am aware of his weakness. Since childhood, this is his habit, that the thing he has, no one else should have it. That is why he is considered an expert in his field. His work has a lot of individuality. One home, one building can never be the same. No one can copy it either. So then, how is it possible that he brings back the wife left by Ansab Jahangir in his life. Oh God, I too am a girl left by Hamza. If ever my past comes in front of Haider, then?

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