Fitoor – Ep 15 – 1st April 2021 – HAR PAL GEO

Hey, wow. Wow. What is all this? Child, you are in the kitchen? You should have asked Babara, she would have made whatever you wanted. I wanted to cook myself today. Wow, it looks great. Then taste it and tell me, are the spices in the right quantity? Oh wow, wow. You have taste in your hands. You liked it? I really liked it. And all this? God bless you. I am going to go pray and thank God, today, after so long the light has returned to my home. What are you cooking? Something he likes. I think you are forgetting. Haider doesn’t like local food at all. He likes continental. I know you people have been good friends, and you knew about his likes and dislikes, but you knew, your information is not updated. Haider’s choice has changed, and along with that, his likes and dislikes too. Excuse me. I will go get ready for Haider.

He must be on his way. I know you people have been good friends, and you knew about his likes and dislikes, but you knew, your information is not updated. Haider’s choice has changed, and along with that, his likes and dislikes too. Haider’s liking can surely change, but not his heart. Laptop. I will keep it. Some things are to be done by a wife. Its not a responsibility. It’s a custom. Its grown old. Some customs look good even when they are old. Go. Haider uncle, chocolate. Hey, how are you? Won’t you take chocolate from uncle? Uncle. Yes? Chocolate. I remembered. Sorry. Here are your chocolates. Say thank you quickly. Thank you uncle. Not like that. There you go, you have another fan of your sweetness. Didn’t you get chocolate for your wife, she too is a child. What sort of stupid joke is this Mehmal? Aunt, what did I say? There is a visible difference in their ages.

There is, but our minds match. Yes, the minds match, the hearts too and now living together their habits will be the same too. You know, today Dilnasheen made your favorite food today. Really? I didn’t know you have an eastern girl hiding in you. Okay, I think this is family time, we should go. Lets go child, come on. Mehmal, you too are part of this family. Let her go to her room, she must have some work. In fact you too go and change, then come. You have come tired. Come on. Yes, mama. May I? Go child, you too go together. Go to the room. What is the deal? I mean, you look different today. I should change, you cannot live your life the same. I didn’t realize that you could be so mature. I don’t know if I was mature earlier, or I have become like this right now. Even I didn’t know. Stay this way, you look good. A young girl, big tasks. I am not younger, I am twenty one years old. Yes, but younger than me, much younger. I know that you are my husband. Look at yourself from my point of view, not from Mehmal’s. Mama, what are you thinking? Yes, I was just thinking about Dilnasheen. I am really scared. What if she ruins her home because of her mistakes. God forbid mama.

Even if our Dilnasheen is childish, but no wife can see her husband be someone else’s. as far as what aunt Bushra said, it makes me feel that she is insecure because of some other girl, so how is it possible that our Dilnasheen didn’t get insecure of that girl? You know, I have full hope that this insecurity will remove all distances between brother Haider and Dilnaheen. May God bless you. I just want that she stays happy in her home. Amen. God willing everything will be fine. Don’t worry, go to sleep now. Smells good. Did she really cook this? She really cooked it. She worked really hard. Wow. It smells good. No, I won’t spoil my appetite, I will have food directly. Okay, start eating, its getting cold. Let Mehmal come, then we will eat. Child, she is with her child, she must be busy… Mama, she is a guest, so it doesn’t look nice. Noorie. Noorie. Yes, madam? Did you tell madam Mehmal that dinner is served? yes madam, I told her. Okay, now go and tell her that everyone is waiting, come quickly. Yes, madam. I will not ruin my appetite, I will have food directly. How are you? Are you hungry? You have not eaten? How are you? Mama. Mama, I am hungry. We will go for dinner soon, child.

You are saying this for so long, when will we go, I am hungry. We will go soon. Sister, madam is calling you for dinner. Is sir there on the table? Yes, and the bride is there too. Come on child, lets go for dinner. Come on. You are going like you are going to a battlefield sister. It’s a battle, and I lost this battle because of my own stupidity. Just think that I left a battle field I had conquered… just wait and watch. Lets go. I am sorry aunt, I was not well, I felt dizzy, I lied down. Mama. Mama. Memal. Its fine. One minute. One minute. Relax. What happened? I feel my foot is broken. Let me see. Please don’t touch it, it really hurts Haider. Listen, I will take her to the hospital, come on, get up child. Oh God. I will take her, there will be some work there too. One minute, be careful. Careful. Don’t put pressure on that leg. Don’t worry child, I am fine. I am with her, you go. Come on. Come. Go. You too go with him. go. What? Come on child, you go. That’s it, mama will be fine. You come with me. come. Relax. I can’t even walk, it hurts a lot. Its okay. Its okay. Don’t put pressure on your foot, I am saying the same thing again and again. Just this far, the car is there. I feel my foot is broken.

Hey, nothing will happen. Careful. I am in a lot of pain, ouch. That’s it. Just two minutes. Put pressure on my hand. Come on. Open the door. Careful here. That’s it. That’s it. Remember, when I slipped washing the stairs in the old home, I fell again in front of the taxi. I remember. Seriously. Okay, come on. Are you okay? Thank you. Relax. What happened? Mama is saying I will come along too. Yes, but I don’t know how much time will it take in the hospital. You stay home, you will worry for no reason. If possible, have food, I will see. And now grandma will feed you food from her hand. Here you go. Well done. Hey we didn’t keep the apron. Here, keep the apron, so that it doesn’t fall and your clothes don’t get dirty. Or else mama will say why did my daughter dirty her clothes. Here you go. She is coming, she will come in a while. Here you go. Why did you come back? He didn’t take me along. You should have forced him. Even if I would have forced him, I wouldn’t have been able to make him agree. This is my weakness. Okay, come on, have food. No, you people eat, I will wait for him.

I won’t be able to wait a lot, I am a sugar patient. Here you go child, a little more, well done. Now mama will be happy that my daughter had food. Well done. She will be here soon, okay? I feel that my foot is fractured. I am completely dependent on you. Don’t worry, the hospital is near, there is unusual rush today. Listen. I am listening. Will you give me pain? What? Will you give me pain? Mehmal, what are you saying? How do you do it? Why do you fight yourself? Don’t you get tired of it? Tired of what? What torture? Fighting yourself. You murder your emotions for this marriage in name. Its really late now. Its not late. Look at me, I am at your home with a daughter. I have accepted, I made a mistake, what else do I do now? What should I do? Get married. Memal, just like you were stubborn and married Ansab, you cannot marry me by being stubborn. I married Ansab out of stubbornness, I want to beg you to marry me. why don’t you understand? I cannot tolerate seeing you with her. I am alive because of the heat of your love. You know what is the time when a woman puts the man in most trouble? When she comes armed along with all her belonging, her way of talking, her style, her beauty.

For God’s sake, don’t put me in any difficulty. Actually, you were never in my fate, and what is in my fate, she is at the home, fulfilling her responsibility and duties has set the whole table and waiting. Talk to her once. Memal, I will not have this poison. In life some poison are such that having them a person doesn’t die, in fact, they start living for life. You too have this poison. I beg you, please Haider. We have reached the hospital. Your missus is in a lot of pain. If you have time, we can give her a pain killer in the drip, this will help relax her. Yes, you give me the painkiller, I am in a lot of pain. Fine, I will send the ward boy. Haider. Yes? You, go home. They must be waiting for you. No, how can I leave you in this condition and go? I knew it. You cannot leave me and go. This is something I do. Madam, you have food. You have been sitting hungry for so long. I will eat food with him. Nothing has changed Haider, you suffering seeing me in pain. Seeing me in pain, you forgetting everything is the same like before. You suffering in my pain is telling me of the depth I have in your heart. I will fall from the stairs as many times as I have to, to hold your hand. For this companionship and for your love, I will knowingly accept all pain and torture.

I accept, I stand thirsty at the same place in the desert of emotions where a drop of your love will remove this thirst. But what can I do, someone else is in this desert, she is standing there with her love, waiting. Even if I like before, but time has changed, Mehmal. Don’t test me. please don’t test me. Madam, little madam is not eating, she is saying she will eat when sir comes. Sir has forgotten about his wife. Okay, you leave. Is it Dilnasheen? Its mama. She will get upset at you. Yes mama? Where are you my dear son? Someone is waiting for you at home? Do you realize this? Yes, I do. Actually Memal is getting a drip, how can I leave Memal in this condition and come? Yes, you cannot leave her anywhere or at any time, she has fulfilled this responsibility of leaving you earlier. I think you have a weak memory that is why you have forgotten.

No, I have not forgotten anything. Once the drip is complete, I will come back. Don’t worry. Ouch. It still hurts a lot. Don’t worry. The doctors have given medication, you will be fine. I made a mistake, we should have taken a wheelchair. Don’t put pressure on it. How will go upstairs? Careful. Don’t put pressure on that foot. Careful. Careful. Careful. Eshal has slept I think. Leave it, with Haider here I don’t need anyone’s support. One minute. Bring food for Memal. I will not eat alone, you too will eat with me. Yes, get my food here too. One minute. A man is so weird, he realizes his loss, after he has faced it. There are some losses in life that can never be recovered. You love can never be a loss for me. Madam, sir has asked for his food. Sir has asked for it? Then take it. Madam, you have food, sir is eating with madam Memal. Then take the food quickly. Don’t make them wait for long. Sure.

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