Enter The Girl Dragon Teaser | RGV | India’s First Martial Arts Film | Pooja Bhalekar

Enter The Girl Dragon Teaser | RGV | India’s First Martial Arts Film | Pooja Bhalekar

Enter The Girl Dragon Teaser | RGV | India's First Martial Arts Film | Pooja Bhalekar

 Yes. Sophia, take sir’s breakfast upstairs and also madams, make fresh juice for her. Hello. Mr. Raza, someone has come outside to meet you. Who came so early in the morning? What is his name? Some Mr. Mohsin, he says he wants to meet you. Make him sit in the drawing room. No, tell him, I don’t want to meet him, he should leave. Please, no harm in meeting him. You have him seated. He ruined my mood so early in the morning. What is wrong Raza, you will have to talk. When you talk, it will get sorted. Ok, have breakfast, then go meet him. Tell me, why have you come? Uncle, I want to meet Soha. Soha will live with me here, you have nothing to do with her. Uncle, please, she is my wife, the mother of my unborn child. Oh, I see, you heard about your child and came. Now you know what children are.

 You fooled my naïve daughter in your love and married her, and then your mother and sisters insulted her and dragged her out? Uncle, you are mistaken, this didn’t happen. Me or my family didn’t drag her out, she left on her own. and you raised your hand, you remember that? I am sorry uncle, I made a mistake, I am not giving any justification, I really did make a mistake but you please give me a chance. I will make sure you have no complaints, I will always keep her happy. Just one last chance. I cannot forgive anyone for mistreating my daughter, no one. She will never go with you, this is not just my decision its Soha’s decision too. You may go now. This is wrong uncle. You are listening to a one sided story. You have no idea about the problems I went through marrying her. 

Uncle, my sister got divorced cause of this wedding. In this situation it was difficult for my family to accept her, still I made sure she doesn’t miss anything, I gave her the same respect and position that she deserves as my wife. Uncle, please let me meet her once, talk to her. Not a chance! She will not go with you at any cost, in fact, she wants to get a separation from you. If that is it, then hear me out. That child is my entrustment on you, you cannot take away my legal right on him, I am the father. Oh shut up. Just shut up and get lost. Get lost from here. Raza, what happened? Why were you shouting? Nothing, I am fine. He dare threaten me, I will ruin his family, I will not leave anyone. 

Okay, you don’t get upset, you will get unwell, I will get you water. Listen to me. Soha shouldn’t know that he came here, do you understand? Yes, I got it, I will make sure I don’t tell her. Ok? You just don’t get upset, in fact, get up, come to the room and rest a little. You get upset for no reason, you could have said this calmly. Soha will stay in this home with me, she has no relation with you. I will not forgive anyone for mistreating my daughter. She will not go with you at any cost. In fact, she wants to get a divorce from you. Doctor, is there something to worry about? Look, I had asked you to stay alert earlier. Anger and stress is not good for him. He has already had an angina attack, if he has another, his life will be in danger. 

Yes, I will take care. Thank you. Welcome. Soha, I don’t believe it, I gave him the good news myself, he didn’t even bother calling you, let alone coming over. I thought he would run to you and apologize. I couldn’t never imagine that the person I suffered for so much will look away like this. I don’t believe in love. Soha, don’t worry, get into some activity, get yourself busy and take care. I don’t feel like doing anything Nazia, I don’t know why I feel that I am a burden. Soha, take care of your nutrition, do something, do it for the baby if not yourself, you know what I mean? Please take care of yourself. 

I will come see you soon. Ok? Bye. Soha. Soha. Okay, sorry. I spoke too much. Sorry. Ok please, fix your mood. Ok, I will fix your mood. How? I will take you on a long drive. No, not right now. Hey, you don’t have to do anything, I will drive, you relax and extend the seat. I already heard so much from mama, she won’t let us go, she will create another issue. You go ask her once, please don’t say no, lets go together and ask her.

 What will you say? I have to go to the doctor. Really? Is this not a lie? I thought you hated lies. Now its for your own good… This is not a lie, we are going out, in fact we will go to the doctor too. A beautiful gift for my beautiful wife. Are you still upset? I am asking you something. If you think giving me roses will fix everything, its not going to happen. Okay, then tell me how. I am extremely sorry. Here you go. In future none of our plans will be ruined, I will take you shopping and for dinner next week and it will just be the two of us and no one else. Who told you to argue with him? You got unwell. I hope you didn’t tell anything to Soha.

 No, you told me not to, so I didn’t, but Raza how long will this go on for? Soha is his wife, he will come for her and their child? That will be his blood, how can someone leave their blood? Why are you taking his side? If you don’t like my daughter living here, I can take her somewhere else. Raza, what is wrong with you? What are you saying? How can I think that? Soha is your daughter, she has more right than me on this home and everything in it. In fact, she has more right on you than me.

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