Ek Hasina Thi

Can I say something Haris? At times I want to stop everyone and tell them that I love you the most in the world. Come on. What was all this? Mama, I actually brought flowers for Raima… I can see that but this won’t work like this, you are not children, you are grown up.

If someone saw you what would they have said? Aunt, its my fault. I will talk to you later, you go to your room. Your father is saying you two will be married, once Raima gets done with her exams. Mama, what is the hurry. At least let me get set, I will get married after 1 year. You are already set, we don’t have to get her outside the family, she will continue to live here, but don’t give me a chance to complain next time.

Fine, you won’t. But mama, see wedding is a responsibility and I cannot take it. But your father has decided, that the hena will be on her last exam. What is the hurry? Sister Tahira came, she was forcing for Adil’s wedding. Mama, what are you saying? She doesn’t know what we are thinking, your father got upset for no reason. He should get upset, look aunt Tahira doesn’t see me. She doesn’t know our intentions, we didn’t tell anyone. Fine, if you want to announce about the wedding, then do it, get her engaged. Okay? This cannot happen, your father has decided, and he will not listen to anyone.

Fine, as papa wants, but you talk to papa first. Talk to him? I am really happy. Stay happy. God makes the way so well, this issue is solved. Everyone will know along with Saad. You look really happy today. It is something happy. Did you accept Saad’s proposal? You think that is something happy? Look at this? What is this? I got engaged yesterday. So sudden? Yes, it was sudden, I didn’t know myself. Who? Haris. Haris? Why didn’t you tell me about Haris earlier? He didn’t say he liked me earlier, as soon as he told me, my family married me. Give me a treat.

No treat, have sweets, I got a box. Have it. Hello ladies. Hello. What is this for? Raima got engaged. Congratulations. Thanks. Excuse me. Congrats. Thanks. You are going early today. I have a meeting today. The meeting will be in the afternoon. You meet Saad till then. You call him yourself. I have called him enough times. His phone is off. Must be in the university, call him after 2 pm. Thank you for your suggestion, but you can yourself. You surprise me, I have a meeting, before that I have to go to work, meet people. In the evening…not at all, I have an interview at the radio. If I tell you something, you get busy. You surprise me, I have told you the whole schedule for tomorrow, your complains don’t end.

No, you go. You do one thing, you go yourself. I go to his hostel. Yes, or wait at home. Or else go. Even when she knew she didn’t think about me once. She made fun of my emotions. I am in the ground. Come out of her love, think she was never yours. Easy to say, hard to get rid of it. But still…You won’t get it, just let it go. Everyone has a place and position. Some people work hard, while some have a name from the start, Sardar Saifur Rehman is one such person. He is a feudal lord from Cambridge university, along with that an industrialist.

He also does social work and he is also working on social energy. He is the chairman of chamber of commerce, he is a great man. Lets talk to him. Hello Mr. Sardar, is there something you don’t do? Thank you so much. Yes, look, as much as you have praised me, I am not worth it. Thank you so much. Ask us, how much you should be praised. Mr. Sardar, you are a feudal lord, still you take interest in all this, why is that? Raima, Ms. Raima. Yes? On the lands we have workers who work, same in the factory, we have managers, so I wanted that I do something that has my involvement so that is why I came in this direction.

So you are doing this for increase in your income or you think of the common man? Look, thank God, we have a lot of money, we have wealth, land, we get money from the crop, factories. We didn’t have issue of money so the people who work for me in the village, they benefit out of it, I try to give them the best benefit, those in the mills or those who work for me, but then I thought the future of the country, what should I do to them? There is a lot of work on energy saving that is being done, different areas, so I have to bring my youngsters to the technical side.

God has given us such a beautiful sun and what are we doing? Nothing. So I am working on solar energy, this is the last step, there is a lot to do. Yes, sure. Mr. Sardar we have heard that feudal lords are tyrants, they torment their workers and don’t give them their rights. They skin them alive and also get their women kidnapped.

Is this true? That was a rude question, but its true. I won’t say no to this. In the world there are all type of people, I am not a tyrant feudal, I try to ensure that people don’t get hurt cause of me, so, what else should I tell you? You are a famous person, who have made an example for a lot of people, you have made an empire in business, what will you call it? Your hard work or pure luck? both. Without luck hardwork is nothing, and without hard work luck is zero. When you invest in something, God helps you too. I must say, by meeting you my impression of feudal lords has changed. I feel you are just like us.

I am glad to meet an inspiring and forward thinking man like you. Madam Raima, I really liked talking to you. Ok listeners, its time for us to go. You tell us, how did you like our meeting with Mr. Sardar. We will wait for your feedback, this is RJ Raima signing off, take care, bye. Done. Thank you so much Ms. Raima. You are welcome. This is my card, keep it. Why would I need this? A man helps another, what if there is some work tomorrow. Wow, the show was great sir. Its nothing I did. Sir, lets have tea in my room. Sure, I have time. Thank you. You are welcome. Come I will show you the office. Sorry, I just wanted to ask you, if you don’t mind, I can drop you. Thank you, I will go. Hey, no formality, I will drop you.

Its not formality, its about rules, I have this rule I don’t take favors from anyone. Its not about favor, its my happiness, I will like it. I will like it if you let me go like I usually go. Look at times, Ms. Raima, you need to break free from the daily routine. Yes, but I don’t break my rule and you don’t know me yet. You give me way, I… You are moving me out of your way. You are standing here. We can have the same route. No, our route is different. As you wish, I will leave now. We may have different routes, but people who travel get to their destination.

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