Ek Boond Ishq

Ek Boond Ishq dekho drama tvI will not be able to tolerate all this. What? Second marriage? Why? I think I should die, this should be my end. This is right for me. No, you please don’t do anything like this, you hear me? Now you will understand a lot yourself. I think I should die, this should be my end. This is right for me. Mama, where did you go? I have been calling you for so long, you are not picking up. I went to meet Rida. What did she say? Then why didn’t you tell this to your son? That blaming someone innocent like this can have consequences and punishment. Nothing. If you want to marry Shamila, then, Zeeshan has apologized to Rida, he also came to say that… whatever he did, it was his fault, it was not Rida’s fault, I want Rida to get the same position she had in this home earlier. This is my condition. When everything is clear, then why didn’t Rida forgive Zeeshan, why didn’t she go with him? This is between the husband and wife, I can only talk to Rida, but I cannot force her. Hatim, remember one thing, a mother can never curse a child, but my God also doesn’t like a mother being helpless. Mama, we need your prayers, you are not happy so the peace of the home, the office is going in loss. For us, nothing is more important than your happiness.

If a person makes a mistake, he gets worried. Mistake?

You? You people? What happened? Did I make a mistake? You didn’t make any mistake. We forgive you. Forget all that happened. Forgive Zeeshan too. Forgive Zeeshan. Child, may you always be happy and stay together, nothing else can make me happier. Child, what is the thing? You look worried? If a person makes a mistake, he gets worried. Mistake? Call it a sin son, if you commit a sin, not just the heart, the soul is worried. But my son, He is a forgiving King. The person who has been mistreated, if they don’t forgive you, then still does He forgive you. No, the one who has been mistreated has to forgive you. He will forgive you, then God will forgive you. Even God will not forgive you Zeeshan, till I do it. That is the problem. No problem son, you can only pray that He makes their heart soft and they forgive you. But if a person begs for forgiveness, falls to the ground asking for it, the burden on the heart, that keeps on increasing. What about that? About that, you can ask the King for forgiveness with a clean heart, a clean heart, He will not leave that.

Nowadays the young people, the men, I don’t know what is wrong with them.

The tears of sorrow fall from your eyes, and presented, then, he gives so much peace to the heart that a person realizes that he has been forgiven, his apology has been accepted. If someone by mistake points fingers at a good character woman’s character, that too by mistake, then what is the end result? This is a big sin my son, something that is not liked by God. Its His order to lash that person 80 times. 80 lashes? Nowadays the young people, the men, I don’t know what is wrong with them. That they taint a woman’s character for small things, and they forget what they have been up to. Did you do something like this? Look son, first ask her for forgiveness. Mama, there are a lot of problems in the business, when brother Faham was there we still had problems, but now it feels its hard to survive because we don’t have any wealth. God is great. Mama, there are just 2 ways, we can either put this home as collateral and get a loan or the land we have. This home? No, Hatim, your father made this home with love, I will not let you send it. Yes, but you can sell the land. Mama, but Rida has a share in the land. Yes, Faham named that to Rida in his life. Leave her share of the land, you can sell the rest. Fine, then. Fine mama. Hello. Look Asim, whatever Shamila has been up to, you know that well. She is coming to this home again.

I just want the happiness and peace of this home.

Mama, still… A person’s nature never changes, she will still try to do a lot. You keep your eyes open and keep an eye on her every move. Mama, I don’t get it. I mean, Hatim is really clean at heart, but also very emotional. He will be fooled by Shamila easily, but son you have be stay conscious and decide after hearing and seeing all the facts, you don’t have to be fooled by her. What do I want? I just want the happiness and peace of this home. Fine mama, don’t worry. I hope God helps us. Be strong Zeeshan. This is a test, it will pass. Is test so tough. This is what a test is, when tough times come a person gets caught. He doesn’t get peace if he tries to escape, nor if he finds a shelter. This is exactly how I feel mama. I am caught mama, I have been caught. I don’t understand anything. You pray that God ends this trial. I will do it too. Come on, I will get you something to eat. Hello. Yes, Rushna. I agree my brother made a mistake, but his sin is not that big that he cannot be forgiven. Please save my brother, please. He had a heart attack. Rida is not picking my phone. Please ask her to forgive my brother, I am sure she cursed him, my brother had hurt her. Please have mercy on my brother. Please. It was Rushna, Tauqeer had a heart attack, she was saying, ask Rida to forgive my brother, even God loves the person who forgives. Rida. Are you going somewhere mama? Yes, to Rehana, to fix Hatim and Shamila’s wedding. Think about it once again. Hatim didn’t give me a chance to think. He is becoming really emotional, he can do anything. For example? He threatened me of a court marriage, and I have no other option but to go to Rehana for Shamila’s hand. Fine, as you wish. No my wish. As God wishes Rida. Okay child, I will leave.

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