Dolittle 2020 | John Cena,Robert Downey, Jr.Tom Holland,Emma Thompson,Selena Gomez,Ralph Fiennes

Dolittle 2020 | John Cena,Robert Downey, Jr.Tom Holland,Emma Thompson,Selena Gomez,Ralph Fiennes

Dolittle 2020 | John Cena,Robert Downey, Jr.Tom Holland,Emma Thompson,Selena Gomez,Ralph Fiennes

Should I give you rice? Where are you lost? I am here. I asked you about food, you didn’t reply. Is everything ok? I am thinking of sending some money to mama and papa. That will help them out a little, after all they are my parents, they have this much right on me. What did you say? What are you thinking? I am sure you mother did some magic on you. Don’t talk nonsense, why will she do magic on me? You think I am talking nonsense, hear me clearly, you will not give a penny to your parents, if you do, you will see my worse side. You are back! You are preparing so much, is everything ok? I understand your mood slowly, so I thought I will make your mood happy. You are getting smart. A little less than you. Now come on. Where? What do you mean, where? We are going out for dinner. Okay, let me change, then we will go. 

What is the need to change, you look perfect. Come on, lets go right now. Why are you arguing like a child, let me change my shoes into something casual. Then I have to see Gul. The real thing is that you want to see Gul, why do you make the excuse of shoes. Yes, that is it. So? So go for dinner with her, I don’t want to go. I wasted my time dressing up, Gul has all the importance. I won’t go meet her. I won’t see her. Now smile. Happy? Dinner? God damn it, we had lentils, then vegetables, then lentils again, it’s the limit, you are really miser. Damn it you are so ill-mannered and greedy. That day Azhar took you out. Yes, you fed me once, now I have to live my life in the memory of that. The pictures I shared on Facebook, I will look at them and become happy. Right? Sister, the pictures reminded me, what is this scene of pictures? What pictures? Hey, don’t you know? No. Hey, your sister in law, Afreen, she has some pictures, your father in law was talking to her about those. I don’t know and you stop going down for investigation, stay upstairs. 

I had asked you to get the maid to clean the house, why didn’t you? If your maid had come, I would have. God has given you these two hands, you should have used them. You wouldn’t have become small. These two hands are not for working, they are for eating and making myself beautiful. I cannot do this work, you do it. Yes, once you get married, I will ask you. You can ask me, I will have servants for everything. Okay my mother, come inside, help me fix the table. Azhar is on his way. I cannot do this work, I am going mad. Mama sent me here and then she is sitting on my head. What nonsense is this? Why are you making noise? Akbari. Akbari. Come when I call you once. Yes sir. Did you give ma’am her medication? Massage her? But sir you asked madam… What is this? I told you to massage Gul, give her, her medication. Did you give her, her medication? Massage her? I did nothing like that. What does that mean? I married you Shahvaiz, not to care for your ill wife. One second. What does this mean? How dare you not listen to my order? Why should I follow your orders? Are you my lord? Or am I your slave? That its my duty to follow your orders? Have you gone mad? I am fine. What do you want? What do you want? You want me be another Gul? No Tamkeen, I won’t let this happen. I should live with you like Gul, she does the right thing with you, she doesn’t give you any importance. 

How dare you… Why? I showed you the mirror you didn’t like it? This mad woman suits you, not me. What are you? What are you? I will drag you out of this house right now. Your family won’t accept you. The woman who can cheat her father, who am I for her? Come on, take your things and get lost. Get lost. I don’t want to live with you. Where you care more for this mad woman, than me, I won’t live there. Your psycho wife hit me on the head. For God’s sake you shut up, you have driven me mad with your noise. Your tea. Your remembered? Yes, I was making it for me, so I made it for you two. Where are you going? I have some work. So will I sit here alone and have tea? You don’t need to have someone with you when you have tea. You need someone or else this tea will get upset. Is this tea or your friend. This is love, that my friend has given me, but my friend doesn’t believe in love nor in friendship, so… You don’t talk to me like this. Who do I talk to then? You decide this. I have decided. Oh wow, you are having tea alone.

 We two are having tea here. Yes, but without me. Here you go, tea. But this is your cup. No problem, I have not taken a sip. Thank you. Raza, how is your day going? It went fine. I Think Raza, you are not alone, Seema is here to give you company. No one gets bored in my company. Come sit. Yes. You know, my friends, they say the same thing, no one gets bored in my company. But I am a little bored in your company. You don’t know me, I am really interesting. Interesting. Good description. Yes, I will tell you another thing, my friends say that entertainment is missing when I am not around. Sorry Seema, an important call. Yes, no problem, you can attend the call here. Thank you Seema. Okay…listen…Raza… damn it. He was talking a lot in front of Afreen. When I came he went away. To hell with this tea, who will have it. The day I came here after the wedding, I have not had a single day of peace. So many restrictions, insults, scolding, but Tamkeen isn’t made for all this. Are you leaving? Yes, I am leaving. Think again Tamkeen, I won’t come to convince you. I am not going with this hope. Fine, as you wish. The driver is downstairs, take the care and go. I am not used to traveling in cars. Okay, so the trip for Europe we were planning, should I cancel it? Up to you. If I tell you I came here just for you, then? Papa kept you here with lots of trust. Don’t worry, I didn’t come here to break his trust, but win it along with my love.

 I wanted a life partner life Afreen, simple, clean and unique, unlike Nighat, who had a loose character. Mama and papa will like my selection, for sure. Yes, Tahira madam. Oh God. What is the matter Tahira? Why are you upset? What happened? Did you see your son? He hasn’t spoken to me properly since he went to Karachi. So what? At least he calls and talks and now see, its his new job, he is busy, he won’t get time, he will take time to settle down. Calm down. I know well why he doesn’t call me. Ok, why does he not call you? The reason he went there for, he is caught up with her. Who? That same, your friend’s daughter. What is wrong Tahira, don’t think wrong. Why shouldn’t I? he broken his engagement with Nighat cause of her. No, there is another reason for that. You know well, he got engaged to Nighat in your pressure, you don’t worry Tahira, whatever your son does, he won’t upset you he will let you know.

 He cares for us. You are mistaken. I am not mistaken, we should be positive. You too think good, its good for health. Come on, see me and smile and me tea. Yes, I will go get it. Its best make 2 cups, we will have it together. I will go see. Who came at this hour? No I will go see. If its Mr. Khan, take the keys from him. Sure papa. Sister? Sister. Yeah. You at this hour? Did you fight? Did you leave home and come? Calm down, let me breath. What happened? Nothing, I came to meet. You are telling the truth? Yes, I am telling the truth. But you said you were going to Europe with Shahvaiz, I mean brother Shahvaiz. There is an issue with my visa, when its sorted we will go. Are mama and papa up or sleeping? They are up. You go meet them. Why is the light for the guest room on? Raza is here. Who Raza? Papa’s friend from Hyderabad, his son, who came in brother Azhar’s wedding too. Okay. I will take it myself. Cunning woman. She knows that she is my weakness, but I have taken out all my frustration on her. I told you to massage Gul, give her, her medication. Why should I listen to you, are you my lord? Am I your slave? How dare you… Why? You didn’t like it when I showed you the mirror? This mad woman suits you, not me. Before I came, he was talking to Afreen, as soon as I came, he made an excuse about his call and left.