Doctor Strange 2: in the Multiverse of Madness (2021) Marvel Movie – Benedict Cumberbatch,Elizabeth Olsen,Rachel McAdams,Benedict Wong

Doctor Strange 2: in the Multiverse of Madness  (2021) Marvel Movie –  Benedict Cumberbatch,Elizabeth Olsen,Rachel McAdams,Benedict Wong

Doctor Strange 2: in the Multiverse of Madness  (2021) Marvel Movie -  Benedict Cumberbatch,Elizabeth Olsen,Rachel McAdams,Benedict Wong

Why do you argue? Why don’t you leave? Why should I leave? This is my husband’s home. I will die, but not leave from here. Hello, Asad, son. Mama, please don’t cry. What can I tell you, my heart is crying. Mama, be strong and let me talk to Zara, where is she? She is in front of me. Please give her the phone. I will let you talk, but she will misbehave. What do you mean? Meaning, she has really misbehaved with me right now. Mama, I said nothing like that… This has happened, you know I accepted her with my heart, I got her here. This is how she treated us, killed our child? Now she is standing here and misbehaving with your mother, what should I say to you? Okay, don’t worry, I am really worried for you mama, I have never heard you cry like this earlier.

 I know you are really hurt mama, you are so worried so what will Zara be going through. No son, don’t worry, talk to her and tell her to leave from here. I cannot tolerate her. I need time, tell her to go please. Here you talk to her. Asad. Zara. My innocent Zara went through so much pain and I was so far. Asad you please come soon, I really need you. I am coming Zara, you don’t worry, you just take care of yourself. Please go to your mama’s for a few days, it will take some time for the misunderstanding to get cleared. 

No, I will not go to my mama’s I will stay here, you come. Please come. I know what you are going through, but mama too is really worried, I will come and handle it all, she thinks you are wrong. Yes, she is taking me wrong, but you know I have not done anything wrong Asad. I know. I know. That is why I am saying go for a few days, I don’t want you to misbehave with mama in this condition. And Asad, what Nida and mama are doing with me? I told you I am coming really soon, please for me, go to your mother for a few days, please. Asad, I came to this home for you, now you want me to leave. 

I will not leave, I will stay here. Zara, why don’t you try and understand me? I am helpless so far away, trying to handle everything, why don’t you listen to me? When I am telling you leave, why don’t you? Go please. Asad, why do you get so upset? Hello? Hello? Did you hear him? Are you satisfied now? Now you will leave from my home, right? Get out! How is it possible that the report is like this? I don’t understand who can do this. This is driving me mad, how this happened. Mama, they are blaming me, they treated me badly. Papa, you tell me, why would I do all this? And when I told Asad this, he shouted at me and asked me to leave. Child, he is far and alone, all this happened fast, he must not have got it, so he will shout. But papa, why would I do that? Child be strong. 

Time will bring a solution, I will talk to Asad, child. Take her to the room, feed her, look at her condition. Come on, child. Come. Zara, I have been calling you for so long, why didn’t you answer my call. Do you believe my mother? Yes, I do. Now I will happily care for her. She is not getting you to care for her, she will care for you. I am sitting here helpless, trying to handle everything, why don’t you hear me? When I said go to your mother, why don’t you? Please. I did a wrong this scolding Zara, I shouldn’t have done this. I am so tensed, I am so alone. Please Asad, talk to me once, why have you left me alone. Please Asad, pick up my phone, please talk to me. I need to get the courage and call Zara myself, convince her. Why didn’t you pick my call Asad? I got upset with you, that is why I didn’t have the courage to talk to you. Please forgive me. Zara, please. Please don’t cry. 

I know you are going through hell. Mama has increased it for me. You are right, I can understand, but you also understand that mama is also hurt that our child didn’t survive. But I have no fault in this. You are right, it was God’s will. I thought of you and told you to go to your mother but… Yes, I have come, I have come to my mother. You are getting upset again. What should I do? Think about me, I am alone here. Lonely. It was my child too, I am really sad, you have your parents, you can cry to them, but I have no one here, expect for my loneliness and helplessness and the memories of us being together and mentioning our kids. You remember, I said I want a daughter, just like you. 

What are you doing Asad? If you cry like this, I will lose my courage. Okay, listen to me. I felt that you shouted at me then, but you were worried for me, you said it for me. Leave this, you have to take care of yourself for me and you. I will take care of myself but you promise you will not cry like this, never. Fine, if you don’t worry, I will be fine. I am fine Asad, you tell me when are you coming? I am trying, I will come soon.