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What are you doing? Do you want something? I am asking you, why are you doing this? You are madam Sarkar, who just orders. if you call a stone a diamond, it doesn’t become one. But you… Leave it, you tell me, did you come here with some work? I came to get water. Where is Shahnaz? She has fever, she must be in her quarter. You are not doing right. Why? What did I do? I don’t like when you act as if you don’t know anything. What you are doing is absolutely wrong. What tone are you using with me? And who are you to tell me what I should I do and what I shouldn’t. What work have you put Raima on? So what is wrong in it? She has not come from 22 families that she cannot work. After all, Shahnaz is unwell, so who will do a work at home? These long line of servants we have at home, why are they there? The chef’s daughter is getting married, he is on leaves. Shahnaz just has fever, she can cook food.

we will also leave. But, but… I have a good news for you.

You care a lot about Raima? Not just Raima, I also care about you, because I know if uncle finds out, you know how much of a scene will be created in this home. You care for me or… You please order food from a good restaurant for you, don’t do this to her. I understand one thing Saad, you are not only sympathetic towards Raima, you also love her and it will stay that way. Mama! You cannot talk loudly and hide the truth. What do you want from me? Stay out of the matter between me and Raima. Bilquis, today the Taj Mahal of your dreams has been sold. I have given it up, everything is sold. Everything has been sold, this home and your small memories in this home, and Haris doesn’t need this old stuff here. Everything is sold, we will also leave. But, but… I have a good news for you. I made Haris promise me, to bury me next to you, so now I am coming. You know, I cannot leave him alone immediately, but don’t worry, it’s a matter of a few days, then I will be with you forever. Where did you go? You stole my sandalwood necklace.

This is a lie. Where did you keep it

What are you saying? You were home, yesterday, right? Yes. Then you surely must have gone to my room. I don’t go to your room till you call me. Look, I am sure you stole my sandalwood necklace, return it or I will teach you a lesson you won’t forget. I didn’t steal any necklace. You didn’t, right? No. Then come on, let me search your room. One minute. What is happening? What nonsense is this. You beloved bride, has stolen our family sandalwood necklace. This is a lie. Where did you keep it? I took it out last night to wear it on madam Jafri’s son’s reception. Abeera said its really heavy so I didn’t wear it and kept it on the dressing table. Fine, then go look there. Its not there.

Yes, I am right, you have lost your place in papa’s heart

I know Raima stole it. Abeera, child, I had kept it on the dress table in front of you, right? See, you have a witness now, lets go to the room, I am telling you, you will find it there. Raima. Raima, what happened? Raima, open your eyes. Raima. Take out the car. Raima. Come here, get up, lets go. I don’t know what is wrong with you mama? You are losing to Raima on every step, and because of these useless actions is making you lose your importance in papa’s heart. Yes, I am right, you have lost your place in papa’s heart. I was never in his heart. You cannot win from, Raima. You know that, right? No child, I will win and also rule again. You still rule, mama. She is restricted to a room. You are talking like Saad. Mama, I am warning you, you leave these useless moves to let down Raima or else you will have no position and I too will be ruined with you.

Nothing will happen. Nothing will happen

Wow child, you only care about yourself and you don’t care about how I got ruined here. I care that is why I am saying it or else why would I say it? When she will take away everything, then you would know. She doesn’t have the courage to take away everything, papa is not that stupid to give her everything like this. You keep on thinking that. How do I tell you how she has fooled your father. That’s not true he also cares for us. I don’t know what will happen now. Nothing will happen. Nothing will happen. Mama, if something happens to Raima, then papa… She is acting, she is an actor. Knowingly, without a reason, she fainted. You will see, she will come walking fine. She has made your father mad after her. I have never fainted like this on small things, these girls of today have these drams. Saad’s phone is also off, I am calling him for so long. Why would he answer your phone? That woman has 2 men mad after her.