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Oh God Roshni, stop it! You have been sleeping since evening, wake up now. it’s enough. I am getting up. Your friend is here too, you have to go meet her too. What is the hurry? I will meet her. No, you will not go anywhere tomorrow. Your uncle’s grandson, they have a party for him, you will go with me. Mama, I will not go anywhere tomorrow anyway and what about Maheen, she is there at her mother’s home. What? What do you mean? This means that she wasn’t able to get along with her in-laws and not even her husband. What are you saying, Roshni? God have mercy. God have mercy, mama. Get me something to eat, please. Yes, I will get something.

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Thank you. Hello. How are you Maheen? I am fine sister in law. I don’t find anything fine between you and Umar. What happened that you packed your bag and went to your mother’s home? What can I say sister in law, at time a person has to make decisions that your heart doesn’t agree to, but the mind tells you that it’s okay. Maheen, you don’t make such big decisions alone. You should have talked to me, we are all your well wishers.

In fact, you are like my younger sister, what am I here for? what a lot? A loot didn’t happen, its just that everyone made something so small a big issue. You left your home, you left Umar and you are sitting at your mother’s home, its not something so small, Maheen. Tell me, what is the reason for not liking Umar? There is no reason sister in law. The situation in which we got married… we didn’t have time to understand each other. What do you mean? What more do the two of you want to understand? You did something so weird.

The Hidden Mystery Behind Loans

At least you could have spoken to me, I would have given you the solution for this problem. I would have given you such a solution that the problem would have solved and there was no need to break the relations. Hello? Maheen, are you listening? Yes sister in law, I listen to everyone. You will find out soon sister in law. Hello. Maheen? I kept on waiting for you on the roof all night, I thought you would be really worried, so you will surely come. I go to the roof to get worried in peace in my loneliness, now I am lonely in my room too, so I enjoy my worries there.

Umar. Yes. Umar. Yes papa, I am ready, lets go. No, I will handle the work, you will go to take Maheen and convince her. She has told me not to. You are not so obedient to your wife, that you agree to everything she says. Papa… One minute, she said and you agreed. What she said is your duty. Apart from that you do everything you want, you do what you like. I am surprised, you are laughing brother Mansoor, and papa, you are talking about me doing what I want, if I wanted to do what I wanted… Umar. Umar, listen… Umar.

The Mayans’ Lost Guide To Loans

Papa, have breakfast. I am not in the mood. What are you saying? Whenever Maheen has come, she has always praised her in-laws. Whenever I asked her how Umar and her in-laws are with her, she said that they are really good with her. If they were good, she wouldn’t have here, she tolerated everything as much as she could. After all Zakia, girls say such things to their friends, they don’t bother their mother with it. No secret is hidden from my Roshni. Roshni told me that her in-laws torment her, Umar and his family are really arrogant. She is an orphan, their own blood, they should have cared a little. Okay Zakia, I will go.

I have to go to a function in the evening, I heard Maheen is here, so I couldn’t stop myself. Maheen is just like my Roshni. Zakia, don’t worry, I will go . Hey, are you in your senses Zakia? Your brother gave Maheen the pocket money himself and I forced Umar to take Maheen for shopping and you are saying we were keeping an eye on her expenses. She has never got a dress made for any child apart from those on the religious feasts, and she is talking now! Be careful what you say, Zakia. Call Maheen. Call her. Tell her to say all this in front me, whatever she has told you. There is a limit to lying.

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Hey, she is lying. Complete lies. Maheen is not such a girl that says something wrong, she is the one who likes to fight. Okay, come on now, blame Umar for this too. Hey, Umar has never even talked to Maheen in a loud voice. Hey, you mother and daughter don’t even fear God. Wait. Wait Zakia, I am coming myself, I will teach you I will fix your daughter’s mood. God damn it, we did everything, we gave her so much and she let it go in vain. Do you hear that? God forbid. God damn it. Thankless mother and daughter. Did you see mama, how Maheen is blaming us. Let Fareed come, I will tell him everything. We did everything for her.

The Secret History Of Loans

Mama, these spices! Papa has sent me to convince you. So you came? To convince me. No. You forgot this there. I forgot a lot of things, send those things as well. You are asking for your things? What is wrong with you Maheen? Why are you running so fast? The family is already upset because of you, you just came yesterday and now you are asking about getting your things back. The whole family will be after me. Everyone say that I am naïve.

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