Diya Aur Baati Hum

You must have kept them in water so that they died, had you put them in your hair, they would never have died. I have a teacher who asked me to return them, so I did. Who is her teacher? I had heard of cardamom in tea, who eats cardamom with tea? Kalb e Momin. Its sweet, I know you don’t like sugar in your tea, just like me so I got you this. It’s a weird logic. I know its weird, so I am giving it to you so you remember. Do you have to swallow it or chew it. Whatever you do, don’t spit it.

When you laugh, your eyes also laugh. You don’t look at my eyes. Its difficult. The tea is sweet. Yes, mine too. What are you looking at? Nothing. Then eat, you don’t eat anything since you joined the film line. I am playing the role of your and papa’s favorite Husn e Jahan. If I don’t do this, then I will be a sinner. I don’t understand one thing mama, I understand papa, but why did you care so much for her? Her? She needs to be respected. Respect is not limited to titles. Don’t do that. Why? Just don’t do it. I thought you would be happy, I was doing the role of the one you love. Her respect and love one side, but I don’t want to see you like Husn e Jahan.

I want you to have a fate. Husn e Jahan had a good fate. I pray to God no one gets the fate of Husn e Jahan. What did she get? You say no to this film, you won’t do it. Not at all. My heart sinks in your love. My heart sinks in your love. Its good, no? No man, I don’t get the feel. I want..i want your love. I want… Momina, please have a seat, we are working on the title track. Please. Sit. Sit. I want..i want your love. I want… I don’t think you like it. What I want my title track to have, it should explain the theme of the film. You get it? These were the lyrics we have working on. Sure. Sure.

Try this. The ones you made us write earlier. Okay. You are far, and also near, you are a hope inside me. It doesn’t have weight. See, the problem is, it doesn’t have the story of the soul, only words. What I want is the lyrics should talk of the love of God, the connection with God. Connection with God? What connection? Grandpa, what is our relation with God? You would know. Its in the name of God. God and Man’s relation. God. A… it’s a relation like a straight line, on one end is the man, on the other there is God. In the name of God, it talks about the relation between man and God. A. A. A, where on one end there is a man on the other is God.

If its straight, then God is near, There is another one, should I play it? Sure. Alif is not just a word, it’s a great way of greatness. Alif is not just a word, it’s a great way of greatness. Beginning of the world, the answer to all questions. Only Alif. Only Alif. I wrote another line sitting here, do you want me to play it? Yeah. If you understand the reason of your existence, you will be moved to your core. Why does pain have to teach us how to live our life. Consider your pain your medicine, don’t consider it helplessness. Wow. Nice. This is the complete song. I will tell you a link line. Yeah. It goes something life, free my soul, give peace to the body.

Be a saint, who cares if you don’t have wings. Only Alif. Only Alif. Only Alif. In the name of God is the talk of the relation between God and man. A. A. A on one of which is God, and the other is man. If A is straight then God is near. This story starts with a letter box, that a child makes. Through it, he asks God for everything that he wishes for. What did you want to do with a letter box? I want to send a letter. But we send it through the letter box on the street. It doesn’t go from there. Why? You, yourself said God is where no one else is. You want to write a letter to God? Yes. Why? I want a lot from him. What? I want new clothes, shoes, toys, chocolates and a cycle.

Come on, lets make it. Should I do it too? What happened? What if you get hurt? I wont. You wont hit so hard. I will hold it. No. No. What was the need to change the position of the paintings? Putting nails in the wall again. They fell so I thought I would put it up. What happened to the ones before? Why do you always see it lying on the floor. I thought you have once again tried to teach him wood work. Momin, what happened? Papa, mama got hurt cause of me. Its fine, don’t say anything to papa. It hurts too, till now. It still hurts? I am also hurt. Look, I wrote Alif. I cant even write Alif.

My hands are tied. They are not tied, they are open. They are tied. Should I open them? You cannot. You cannot. Wow brother Momin, great story, I am sure the audience will not move till the interval and after the interval, a man will enter, whose name is Sultan, who will ruin the peace of the home. Its that, right? Yes. Alia is a woman who will then cheat both her son and husband. Yes fine, she was tired living a life of poverty, she has come from a glamorous background, she will try to go back. Then Aliyan’s behavior and helplessness.

I have a question. Yes? The woman who couldn’t see her child’s wound, smiles on the pain that she gets at the hand of her son, how did she become so weak that she needs Sultan? The point is valid. Women are weak, specially those in showbiz, they lose their ways. Don’t mind but only good women make a home. No, I have heard this sentence enough times that it doesn’t matter to me. Don’t be embarrassed. If she was a woman she would have lost her way, not a mother. She only gets exploited.

Its possible Alia was also, to fulfill her child’s needs, maybe she wanted to sell something, so she called Sultan. But she has nothing to sell. If she had it, she would have sold it earlier. Maybe she was selling the pictures Aliyan made in her love. The ones for which she was asking Aliyan to set the nail for. Yes, she is right. Aliyan, a calligrapher, made those pictures in her love, would have meant a lot of them. She is willing to sell them for Zain, she went to the market for her child. Mama, why are you taking off these paintings? Just like that, they are getting bad being put on the wall. Should I help. No. You go and change your clothes, uncle is coming.

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