Divya Drishti

Its all my fault. Seema, don’t cry like this, what had to happen, happened. Don’t cry. Seema, my child, stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Seema, stop crying. That’s it. That’s it. Why did your sister Afreen come to the hospital? Shehla, she must have come to ask Seema. That’s it, I know your sister’s cunningness, she came to make fun. Please Shehla, not everyone is like you.

I know Afreen, she is my sister, she will not enjoy on anyone’s pain. She is an angel and I am the devil. Look, I don’t want to argue with you, leave all this and sit. Sit. Please don’t get hyper, your blood pressure will go up, the doctor has said not to get upset. I will stop getting upset when there is peace in my life. I need money. Money? Shehla, I gave you my salary a while back. I am on leave Azhar, I am at a private firm, that too without salary.

Now you have to do it all. I know, I am not saying no, I am just saying, I gave you all my salary, so where did the money go? Mama and Seema needed it so I gave them some money. I need money to shop for your child. Where will I get the money from? Before you gave money to aunty and Seema, you should have thought about it.

Thought what? They are our own, if we don’t help them, who will? Okay, when my family was going through a tough time, why did you stop me from helping them? So now you start crying, I want money for your child’s shopping and your parents are not alone, they have a lot of people to help them. Most of all your angel like sister Afreen. Look, hear this clearly, I am going to shop with mama, you arrange the money I make all the arrangement, I gave her my salary, she spent it, now she doesn’t know where it went. Who are you calling again and again? I am calling home, no one is answering.

You will get news about Gul, you will get an update on that old woman. And me, I stayed with you for 1.5 months, I cared for you, you forgot everything in a second, you are ignoring me. I am not calling Gul, I am calling Akbari, I was telling her to make food, but she is not picking up. You will get food, you are going home, you remember my condition, right? What condition? I came back with you on the condition that either you will drag Gul out or get me another home. Tamkeen, we are going home, we will talk when we get there, what is the hurry.

We cannot talk, what we have to do is to be done right now, I will not live with that Gul for one day even. Why are you driving slow? Speed up! Where were you people? I was calling Akbari, why was she not picking up? I was at home sir. At home? As soon as you leave him these people become lazy. Take out the bags. I am really tired, it was a 12 hour flight, you slept as soon as you sat, we will rest now. Keep it here.

Akbari. Akbari. Where are you? I was calling you all the way, why weren’t you picking up? Sir… Why did you take out this mad woman out of the room? You tell me. You handle this issue yourself, I am going to the room. Yes, go. Mom didn’t take out Akbari from the room, I did. Rehan, my son. When did you come my love? Stay away, the day you went for your honeymoon, that day. Honeymoon? Who went for the honeymoon? I went to Europe for office work.

Maybe you had to get married again cause of office work. Right? You sit. Stay away. What will you tell me? Rehan, I wanted to tell you everything son, but… That is why you took mom and Akbari’s phone. So that no one could tell me about your second marriage. And you are saying you wanted to tell me? You kept on tormenting my mother, threatened to send her to the asylum. You are saying you wanted to tell me? This woman, she misbehaved with my mother.

I didn’t misbehave, in fact this woman… She is lying, she is such a cunning woman, she has misbehaved with me so much that she tried to kill me. Oh my God. You are fine. God thank you. I am happy to see you… Don’t touch me. Good acting Mr. Shahvaiz, good acting, but this acting wont work here. Don’t talk to me like this Rehan. I am not your real but I am your dad. Rehan, how are you talking to me? The parents that fall in their children’s eyes, they are close to dead and you are dead for me.

I cared for you more than my real father. I know I made a big mistake, but have you ever thought of who forced me to do this. No? Its easy to blame your father, but just once, just think once ,why I did all this. Your mother forced me to do all this. Yes. Your mother. Her behavior, what was my position in this home, except for a servant. I had anger, there was a fire in my heart, I made a mistake. I wanted to take revenge from her, yes I am embarrassed, really embarrassed. Look in my eyes, if these are not tears of sadness, then what are they. She? She is the servant of this home. Her position is nothing more than a servant in this home.

The real owner of the home is her, your mother. Tell him/ No matter what you say, it will not solve what you did. So in this home, and in my heart, you have no space, you can go. What is he saying Gul? Tell him, I am your father love. This home is my mother’s and the business is my grandfather’s, you can go right now with your wife. Hammad. Hammad. Pick their things and throw them out. Hey, stop him, he wants to throw away my things. He wants me to leave. I want to live with you Gul, how will I live without you. I love you. I love you. Rehan, wait.

I am not selfish and merciless like your father. If you want to live here, then you can live here, but on one condition. What? What? You will have to divorce this damned woman, right now. But mom… I cannot tolerate her face in this home. The way your father had sympathy on me being your mother, that way I will have sympathy on him today, cause he is my husband. You cannot live here, but she cannot live here.

I divorce you. What are you saying Shahvaiz? I divorce you. Shahvaiz, what are you saying? No. I divorce you Tamkeen. Shahvaiz. What you sow, is exactly what you reaped. With whose permission are you taking all this? Its mine, I got it on my wedding, its my right. But after the divorce all your right ends. Now you can get lost from here, or I will have to drag you out. Don’t you dare touch anything, you came empty handed, you will go that way.

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